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LLH Chapter 441 Shady Act

The champion to be Tenten defeated Temari from Sunagakure with lightning speed, making the atmosphere in the stadium chaotic.

However, when there are too many people, it’s easy to get noisy, and the little Natsuki, sitting in Masahiko’s lap, found this a little unbearable, so she covered her ears. Masahiko raised his eyebrows slightly and added a soundproof barrier around her. A few moments later, little Natsuki lifted her hands away hesitantly, and looked around in panic, she could see everyone opening their mouths, but she couldn’t hear any sounds…

“Old Ancestor! Uwuaah… I’m deaf!” Natsuki turned her head and started crying.

The corner of Masahiko’s mouth twitched, looking at the concerned eyes from Kushina and Minato next to him while pondering how he should explain… He really didn’t mean to scare Natsuki.

“Ah, youth! Tenten!”

Natsuki, who was frightened turned to look at the source of the sound that restored her hearing, but Masahiko covered his eyes.

“Don’t look at them, it will only give you scary nightmares.”

In the first row of the stand on the west side of the stadium, Gai and Lee stepped on their seats, neatly gesturing their thumbs while uncovering their big white teeth.

The people around were trying to avoid them and hid far away, only Neji was left there, but his eyes seemed to have turned whiter…

As for that stupid cat, when Tenten wasn’t around, he actually felt more comfortable staying with Hoshino. Probably because Hoshino has been in more contact with Masahiko recently, she smells a bit like him…

Hoshino, who had to carry Fat Cat on her back, finally couldn’t stand on her tiptoes anymore.

“Hahaha, Gai still has that annoying character.” Minato scratched his head and broke the silence, but his smile was a bit awkward.

“That guy is so scary!” Karin couldn’t help but say, then looked at Kimimaro beside her, who seemed to have gone blind.


In the stadium, the heated atmosphere for the first game has completely cooled, Teten was clearly the winner, but in the end, both Tenten and Temari received the same sympathetic glances from the audience…

“Fat Cat, help me beat Lee up!” Tenten was calm enough to not consider killing her teacher…

The west stand got chaotic, but no one cared because the big screen had already begun to scroll again.

“Nara Shikamaru VS Dosu Kinuta!”

Seeing this, Masahiko whispered, “Shikamaru should be able to win against this mummy. It’s fine. If he wants to enter the quarterfinals, he has to win another round. Don’t get lazy on me now.”

Shikamaru was still lazy, and Asuma has to push and shove him before he slowly walked to the center of the arena… However, the opponent was slower than him and didn’t appear.

Masahiko was startled, turned to look at the Fourth Kazekage, and he nodded to greet Masahiko…

“Damn! I told Orochimaru not to attack the village, what is he planning to do?!” Masahiko rubbed Natsuki’s little head angrily.

However, the fact that Shikamaru won caused many cheers from the audience… There were many people who put their bets on him.

Masahiko secretly cursed, “It’s just shady!”

Dosu was absent, and his teammates and leader Jonin didn’t show up; They better do something about the draws or Masahiko might call the police.

“In this way, there are only ten winners in this round, and ten people and ten people will reach the top eight…” Masahiko calculated at a high speed.

The big-screen scrolled again.

“Uzumaki Naruto Vs Kiba Inuzuka!”

Masahiko let out a sigh of relief, “Very good, a wave of wretched developments!”

“It’s my brother!” Natsuki got a bit excited, “Ancestor, can idiot brother win?”

“You said it, he’s an idiot, so he will definitely win!” Masahiko responded with a smile.

Natsuki blinked her big eyes, felt puzzled for a moment, then turned around ignoring Masahiko…

When Naruto came on stage, he waved to Masahiko carelessly, but only Minato gave him a warm smile, and everyone else responded dully… because Kiba was too weak.

The Inuzuka Clan techniques are quite unique, however, it completely depends on the strength of their dogs.

Naruto didn’t even need to use his Shadow Clone, and only used his fists and kicks to directly surpass Akamaru and Kiba.

Pop, pop!

“The winner of the third round, Naruto Uzumaki!”

“That stinky brat is making progress quite fast.” Karin whispered, “But he’s far worse than me!”

Masahiko glanced at her with a smile, Karin isn’t a Taijutsu type ninja, in another two years, I’m afraid she will have to rely on her bombs to defeat him…

The big-screen scrolled again.

“Haruno Sakura VS Yamanaka Ino!”

“Good, good, another character development battle.”

After all, Sakura got Masahiko’s secret book, which made her much stronger than the original. The two girls didn’t turn against each other because of Sasuke; however, the battle was very boring… but in the end, Sakura was slightly better

The big-screen scrolled again.

“Akimichi Choji VS Uchiha Hoshino!”

“Tsk! The situation isn’t very good.”

The chubby boy got bullied.

The big-screen scrolled again.

“Shino! VS Kankuro!”

Masahiko pursed his lips, “These two… isn’t it too authentic that I want Kankuro to win? Forget it, it’s better for me if Shino wins.”

The Aburame clansmen are very mysterious people even in the eyes of the Konoha residents. They wrap themselves tightly all day long and rarely take action.

However, due to their unique abilities, no one actually wanted to see them in action…

As soon as the overwhelming insects appeared, Masahiko covered Natsuki’s eyes.

“Ancestor, is there something I shouldn’t see?”

“Ah…” Masahiko responded.


“The winner of the sixth round, Aburame Shino!”

There were loud cheers everyone, which indicated that many people bet on Shino.

The big-screen scrolled again.

“Uchiha Sasuke Vs Hyuga Neji!”

Masahiko’s face changed, “Shady!”

The fight between these two made him uncomfortable, but the audience at the scene was looking forward to it. The genius of the Hyuga Clan against the Genius of the Uchiha Clan was the most interesting duel so far.

The battle was also really exciting. Sasuke was much stronger than the original and because of the pressure brought by Tenten, Neji was also much stronger. The unique physical skills of the Hyuga almost suppressed Sasuke, but in the end, the latter was slightly better.

Out of helplessness, he exposed his trump card, the three-tomoe Sharingan eyes, in advance, which attracted a lot of exclamations.

Masahiko sighed slightly, “It’s okay, it’s still under control!”

Kushina suddenly turned her head and said, “Grandpa, didn’t you notice who is left?”

Masahiko was stunned when he heard these words, and after a little pondering, his face suddenly changed… Hinata and the three she will be fighting, Toneri, Gaara, Lee!

“What is happening here?”

The big screen rolled again, and then stopped, and with it Masahiko’s heart…

“Otsutsuki Toneri Vs Hyuga Hinata!”

“Fuck, it’s definitely a shady act!”