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LLH Chapter 442 Seek Less Guidance In The Future

“Hinata is going to break his heart on television?? Hahhaha…”

Masahiko’s face blackened, and he glanced at Kushina and Karin who were laughing wildly beside him.

“Sister Karin, Mom, what are you laughing at?”



Masahiko pursed his lips, “Karin, Kushina can laugh, but how can you laugh? Don’t you feel that you and Toneri have the same issue?”

Karin was stunned, it seemed to make sense… I’m heartbroken, Great Elder.

In the center of the venue, Toneri and Hinata stood facing each other.

Hinata blushed and bowed, “Toneri-San, please take good care of me!”

“Ah? Ah!” Toneri hurriedly returned the salute, scratched his head a little distressed. It’s okay if he faced anyone else, but how can he go against her?

This is when off-site guidance is required.

Masahiko’s voice sounded in Toneri’s ears, “You can go easy on her, but don’t lose. Little Hinata’s surface is soft and cute, but her heart is firm. If you let her win, it will have the opposite effect.”

Toneri was startled, then nodded as if he understood.

Masahiko in the sand heaved a sigh of relief, but fortunately, this kid is so naïve, otherwise, it would have been troublesome.

Up to now, two of the predicted top eight candidates have been eliminated; Neji and Rock Lee. Although the tenth round hasn’t started yet, Rock Lee probably won’t be able to beat Gaara, and it’s okay to say that he’s already eliminated. If Toneri loses this round, Masahiko can pack up and escape to the Land of Whirlpools…

“Toneri can go up to Hinata, it’s going to be okay.” Masahiko frowned, then turned around and looked at Obito, who was chattering with Fourth Kazekage naturally…

“Huh?” Masahiko frowned. Sakumo seemed to be looking weirdly at the Fourth Kazekage, “You can see with your eyes through the Transformation Technique? What the hell Sakumo even a Mongekyou Sharingan can’t tell the difference, is your intuition that sharp? Orochimaru is in trouble, Hahaha!”

“Old Ancestor, you’re laughing so stupidly.”

Masahiko pursed his lips and pinched Natsuki’s cheeks on both sides.

In the center of the arena, the slapping duel started. Both Toneri and Hinata used the Gentle Fists technique with murderous intentions.

But all that the others saw is Toneri trying to slap Hinata and the latter trying to slap him back… the dissatisfied expressions once again appeared in the venue.

There were people who were more dissatisfied with Toneri though. On the west side of the stand, Naruto’s loud howls could be heard from every side, “Hinata! Come on! Didn’t you say you wanted to beat up that scumbag?”

Toneri was distracted and was almost slapped by Hinata. The latter quickly took a few steps back and said, “Toneri-San, I didn’t say that.”

“I know. Naruto that bastard, I hope I can meet him next!” Toneri nodded.

Hinata was startled, “Toneri-San, I’m gonna get serious, Kai!”

Masahiko could roughly hear this conversation between the two, and couldn’t help but cover his forehead. You said that you hoped to meet Naruto next, in front of your current opponent… This is emotional damage! No wonder you couldn’t catch Hinata even after chasing after her for six years.


Time passed slowly, and in the end, the duel between Toneri and Hinata successfully stunned the audience and was ended by Hinata’s lack of physical strength.

The battle lasted for nearly half an hour, and many spectators had to leave the arena early for lunch.

There was no need for a draw for the final duel. Lee jumped directly to the center of the field with a 1234-degree flip, then gave a thumbs up to the remaining audience, “Oh!”

Another wave of exits followed that…

It was obviously the most intense duel today, but there were less than a thousand spectators left in the stadium.

Lee, who can open the fifth gate, is unmatched in this group, even Sasuke and Naruto cannot be his opponents, but unfortunately, he has encountered Gaara, the greatest defense.

Although the sand cannot keep up with Lee’s speed, and he managed to break his sand armor in the original, Lee’s endurance, unfortunately, isn’t enough, and he won’t be able to keep up after opening the fifth gate, one punch, and one kick, and his muscles and bones will break. The end is going to be ugly.

Masahiko pondered and looked back, and found that Obito, Hiruzen, and the others were accompanying the Fourth Kazekage to exit.

“Didn’t he find a chance? Or did he get afraid?” Masahiko frowned slightly, “Or… Maybe he’s waiting for my orders?”

“Elder, that green kid with thick eyebrows doesn’t seem to be in a good condition,” Karin whispered beside him.

Masahiko nodded and smiled, “His bones are broken, and there isn’t a place in his body that is in place, and it’s very likely that he already lost the ability to be a ninja. But it doesn’t matter isn’t it to you? Go and let him take a bite!”

“No way!”

“Really cruel.” Masahiko sighed.

Kushina took Natsuki, “Grandpa, you should go quickly. I really can’t stand watching that guy Gai crying…”

Masahiko shook his head with a smile.

“No problem! The Uzumaki Doctor can cure all diseases!”

At the LV9 of Medical Ninjutsu, Masahiko can cure almost everything, and the effect is extremely fast.

Masahiko thinks that once he adds more points to it and reached LVMAX his basic healing techniques will have the same effect as biting the chest, face, and butt. As long as he’s not already dead, he can be saved.

However, he’s not going to add points to his medical skill for the time being. After the Chunin Exam, there are too few events left to gain witness points…

Kushina’s wish to see Gai stop crying wasn’t fulfilled. After Masahiko treated Lee’s injuries, he cried even more… Fortunately, Lee fell into a coma, and this is didn’t turn into a stage of cry between the master and his disciple.

“Hey! Ancestor, I’m gonna win today!” Naruto said.

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t you watch the last duel, don’t you feel some pressure?”

“… Thick-Eyebrows is really powerful, Gaara is also very strong, but I’m still the strongest!”

Masahiko laughed, “Why are you calling him that? Do you envy his eyebrows?”

Naruto’s face collapsed, and his resentful eyes locked Haku in. His eyebrows have only grown by a little, and they are still very light…


The first day of the competition came to an end, but things in Konoha were a bit more complicated now.

A letter was sent to Masahiko: There seems to be something wrong with the Fourth Kazekage, please pay more attention to it tomorrow.

“Sakumo really found out about Orochimaru, I don’t know how many people have received this same letter.” Masahiko laughed and shook his head.

All he knew was that Minato also received a similar letter, and he and Kushina alone were enough to make Orochimaru eat dirt…

“You came to Konoha voluntarily, the ancestor didn’t force you… You better seek less guidance from destiny in the future, Orochimaru!”