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LLH Chapter 444 I Can Only Help You So Far

Ever since the words Sasuke VS Hoshino appeared on the big screen, the cheers from the audience haven’t stopped.

The genius of the Senju Clan faces the genius from the Uchiha clan. Those who knew Sasuke’s identity were looking forward to this match.

In Masahiko’s arms, Natsuki tightly covered her ears to reduce the noises. After confirming that she wasn’t deafened, she breathed a sigh of relief and plugged her ears again. There was nothing special about that, but Masahiko pinched her cheeks anyway…

In the center of the venue, Sasuke and Hoshinos stood facing each other. Sasuke obviously hadn’t paid much attention to the girl in his class, who was almost as handsome as him, but noticed how she was standing on her tiptoes with a little doubt on his face.

Hoshino nodded politely to Sasuke, but she kept moving her body using her toes up and down.

“Your feet…”

“Battle begins!”

Genma’s voice ringed throughout the field interrupting what Sasuke was about to say. He frowned slightly and looked at Hoshino’s toes again. After realizing that her heels were slowly falling to the ground, she suddenly raised her head with evident confidence.

Hoshino’s figure disappeared the moment her feet landed!

The strong wind came from behind Sasuke made him subconsciously raise his hand to block his right rib, but failed to. After receiving a hit, the girl behind him rotated at a high speed and rushed toward him again.

Sasuke hurriedly opened his Sharingan eyes to capture Hoshino’s movements, but in the end, he only had time to tilt his head slightly to the right, but his left shoulder got caught up by Hoshino’s tiptoes.

This slight touch made Sasuke stagger, but Hoshino moved her right leg again, and hit Sasuke in the face… Sasuke rolled and flew out.

It all happened within two seconds of the battle, and there was an instant silence in the stands.

Sasuke-Kun!” Sakura exclaimed in the stands.

Naruto was stunned, “Hey, you’re kidding me right?! What was that just now?”

Sasuke isn’t easy to rush to the street. The moment he was hit, he deflected his head and flew out to relieve his force, but this couldn’t hide his inner grievance.

Shaking and standing up, Sasuke’s eyes were locked on Hoshino’s toes again, “What’s wrong with this guy’s feet?”

In the stands.

“Wow! Big brother Sasuke got beat up! Big brother Naruto should feel distressed!”

Masahiko pursed his lips, pinched Natsuki’s cheeks hard, and said, “Natsuki, remember, Naruto likes Sakura. A few months ago, it was a slip of the tongue. Your brother was happy when Sasuke was sent flying.”

“Is that so? Then why is my brother looks so worried?” Natsuki rolled her eyes.

Masahiko pondered for a moment, “Well… He and Sasuke are teammates, and he must show a worried expression at this time.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Masahiko nodded, “Yes, just like you’re pretending to be ignorant on the surface, but you’re secretly laughing at the ancestor in your heart.”


“Little brat, die! Take this and this and this!”

“Hahahahahaha… Ancestor, I was wrong!! Hahahahaha….”

After cleaning up the little girl, Masahiko looked at the two in the center of the field fighting with a smile. Sasuke gradually got used to Hoshino’s unique ‘tiptoe technique,’ but compared to Hoshino who practiced with ‘not sitting’ and ‘not standing’ all year round, he has a certain gap in physical strength.

Especially Hoshino’s slender legs which were constantly flipping and kicking Sasuke.

Sasuke had to distance himself, then used Fire Ball, but Hoshino also used the Fire Ball to block his technique, and the air in the stadium immediately became hot.

Masahiko raised his eyebrows and turned to look at Haku. The latter consciously began to relieve the heat for everyone…

“Hoshino’s Chakra volume is a lot worse than Sasuke’s. If he keeps using Fire Balls, he will definitely end up using Chidori.”

“Huh? Old Ancestor, why does it seem like… it’s snowing?” Natsuki murmured.

Masahiko was stunned, “Don’t talk nonsense, it never snows in July… Eh? Feather?!”

Masahiko turned his eyes sharply, and his eyes immediately caught the Kabuto, the caster, dressed like an Anbu!

“Grandpa, this is a Genjutsu!”

“Something is happening, Kushina, Great Elder!”

The audience fell asleep one by one, and the other ninjas knew that something is wrong…

“Sure enough Kabuto is working under Orochimaru, but why did Orochimaru dare to attack? What should I do to him now?” Masahiko was a little confused.

“God! Are we under attack?”

“Ancestor, I’m so sleepy…” Natsuki’s resistance to Genjutsu was limited, and she fell asleep in Masahiko’s arms.

Masahiko pondered for a while, turned his head to look at the chaotic stadium, then again at Minato and Kushina, who was looking at him inquiringly, “Oh, no, the ancestor also fell into the Genjutsu.”

Kushina: “…”

Minato: “…”


Sasuke and Hoshino, who were fighting fiercely, realized that something was wrong and pulled away from each other. At this moment, a figure suddenly flashed between the two as the Fourth Kazekage above was holding a Kunai to Hiruen’s back.

“What happened?” Sasuke murmured, and suddenly the familiar hand of his big brother pat his shoulder, “Brother?”

“Follow me first, Sasuke!”

On the other side, Hoshino was also taken away by Hatsu.

“Hiruzen was still captured?” Masahiko opened his eyes slightly, met Kushina’s gaze, and quickly closed them again.

Kushina: “…”

At this time, four more people rushed down from the stand and stood at the four corners of the venue, “Four Violet Flames Formation…”

Kushina and Minato didn’t care about Masahiko, who was inexplicably acting as he got affected by the Genjutsu. One by one, two of the four sound Shinobi were knocked down, and the other two were getting rid of by Michiyama and Nawaki, and the four of them occupied the four corners of the venue.

Hiruzen, who was captured by the Fourth Kazekage, suddenly shouted, “Isolate the venue as planned!”

The four of them looked at each other and formed a seal at the same time, “Red Sun Formation!!” The crimson barrier enveloped Hiruzen and the Fourth Kazekage.

“Orochimaru didn’t think you would actually make such a low-level mistake!” Hiruzen took a deep breath and said loudly.

“So you’ve figured it out?” Orochimaru tore off his mask as he talked, then stabbed Hiruzen with the Kunai in his hand, but Hiruzen slowly turned into mud.

“Earth Clone?” Orochimaru smiled and licked his lips, without showing any signs of panic, then looked at the red barrier around him, and said, “As expected of Sarutobi-Sensei, you have already arranged to trap me?”

Outside the formation, many Konoha Shinobi had surrounded the barrier, and the ones standing in front were Obito and Hiyashi. The other Chunin and Jonin who were still awake, under the command of Sakumo, moved the comatose people out and settled them one by one.

“Hey, what’s the situation?” On the stand, Karin murmured, and turned to Masahiko who was in ‘a coma’, “Elder! Hurry up!”

“What happened to the Elder?” Sakumo noticed the situation.

Karin pouted, “Elder, he has been caught by the Genjutsu, and is unconscious.”

“Is that so?” Sakumo nodded thoughtfully, “Then you can take care of him.”

“Orochimaru, I can only help you get here…” Masahiko muttered in his heart.

Outside the formation, Obito got a reply from Sakumo, he pondered for a moment, then the space around him distorted, no matter why Masahiko is doing this, he would bring a group of Konoha S-ranked ninjas to Orochimaru to catch him!

The battle was going to take place inside the formation. Although it means that they will lose four S-Class Shinobi, it will prevent any damage from reaching Konoha, and more importantly, it means that the crowd in the stadium will stay safe.

Orochimaru licked his lips, “The Elder’s commission has been fulfilled, now I should think of escaping… Edo Tensei!”

Three coffins rose slowly, and Hiruzen shouted eagerly, “Obito, hurry up!”

Obito hurriedly replied, “I also want to hurry, but the strength of the sealing formation is too high, which affects the speed of my teleportation!”

When Obito finally brought all the S-Ranked Shinobi inside the barriers, the three coffins in front of Orochimaru had completely raised and were slowly opening.

The one at the front is the Fourth Kazekage, but the two at the back are…empty?

Orochimaru was stunned; he looked at Fourth Kazekage at his own side, then at the opposite side where Hiruzen, Obito, Itachi, Hatsu, Fugaku, Kakashi, Gai, etc…

“What’s going on? Why did the summoning of the First and Second Hokage fail?! Interesting! It seems that I really have to run for my life this time…”

In the stands, Masahiko opened his eyes slightly, “I’m sorry, Hashirama and Tobirama are out of the service area.”

“Orochimaru, this is all that I can do to you, I hope you can survive, sincerely…”