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LLH Chapter 445 Giant Cat

Within the formation, the battle was about to start.

According to the usual practice, before the fight, you must say a few words, as Orochimaru’s purpose, and persuade him to just give up. What’s more, after seeing the Fourth Kazekage inside the barriers, Sungakure’s ninjas’ heads were about to explode, shouting outside the barriers… they never heard him say he wanted to go in.

However, Orochimaru was never going to explain anything. It’s impossible to explain in this life.

“A sealing formation…” Orochimaru licked his lips and looked around, this thing is really not something that he can break, “Formation of Ten Thousand Snakes!”


In the stands.

“Well…” Masahiko groaned, pretending that he was slowly waking up, “With such a high Genjutsu, even the ancestor might be tricked, thanks for the protection guys!”

Karin: “Haha.”

Haku remained silent, but Kimimaro felt that God must have a deep meaning behind doing this…

It wasn’t peaceful in the stands. The sound squad that got beaten up before was still resisting, except for Kidomaru who got knocked out by Kushina earlier. At this time, they opened their cursed seals, and they were struggling to support themselves under Asuma and the others’ siege, but it was a matter of time before they were captured.

“These four are cannon folders… He doesn’t have time to care about his subordinates, it would be a miracle if he runs away.” Masahiko murmured, “Is the old ancestor being a bit too hard on him… Speaking of which, where’s the other one?”

Just thinking of Orochimaru, Masahiko remembered Jiraiya, who was down at the village gathering materials for his next novel and seems to have finally reached the stadium after he knew that there was such a thing happening.

Even when he bet some much, he could still have the peace of mind to think about his novel while the finals were going on. Writers are really amazing people…

“Elder! Is Orochimaru inside the barriers?”

Orochimaru’s technique didn’t summon a few snakes, it actually summoned ten of thousand, which densely covered all spaces. The people inside couldn’t be seen, only four Susanoo could be seen clearing up the snakes, so Jiraiya had to ask Masahiko for confirmation.

“Well, it’s Orochimaru. He’s currently attacking Konoha, are you going to help?”

Jiraiya frowned slightly, “Elder, then why are you lying here? Did Orochimaru come to Konoha because of… you?”

Masahiko was startled, and immediately shook his head in denial, “No way! Impossible, it’s none of my business. I’m not going because… I’m afraid of snakes! Oh, and I want to protect Natsuki!”

Jiraiya rolled his eyes and turned to the three sound ninjas who were under siege, “Orochimaru… I’ll go and get rid of these three first!”

“Go.” Masahiko sat upright holding the sleepy Natsuk in his hands, then looked around, “Except for the Sunagakure team, all the candidates have left… there are too many comatose villagers, and moving them requires a special squad for mobilization… “


With the addition of Jiraiya, the remaining three were quickly captured, and together with the Kidomaru, they were taken by the Torture specialist, Ibiki, who no longer had scars.

Jiraiya hurriedly came to Minato who was maintaining the barrier, “Minato! Open a gap and let me in!”

Minato hesitated for a moment, “Sense, you should take over for me. After opening the gap, there will a weak point, and we might create an escape route for Orochimaru.”

Inside the barrier, the snakes were finally cleaned up, while Orochimaru and the Fourth Kazekage were surrounded by a group of Konoha S-Ranked ninjas.

It’s true that the sealing formation trapped Orochimaru in, but also restricted Konoha’s squad action. Especially the four Susanoo, which take up a lot of space. They couldn’t act simultaneously and they had to decide who should make a move first. Moreover, Orochimaru took advantage of the situation and managed to open his Sage Mode!

Orochimaru knew he couldn’t just let them act first, so he locked Hiruzen in his eyes, and chose to take the initiative!

The Fourth Kazekage used his gold sand suddenly and blocked everyone’s sight, while also covering for Orochimaru, and the latter quickly rushed to the front where Hiruzen was standing, but suddenly he stopped!

With a flash of golden light, Minato’s figure appeared beside Hiruzen.

“Idiot Jiraiya came and replaced Minato. Sarutobi-Sensei, did you bring Minato’s Kunai with you?” Orochimaru made a seal with both hands, “Sensei, you really made such a good plan to catch me…”

“Sage Art: White Rage Technique!”

The field inside the formation began to vibrate suddenly, causing the bones inside Konoha’s ninjas to rub against each other. This technique cannot be blocked, which left everyone in pain, especially the weakest, Fugaku and Hatsu, they couldn’t even maintain their Susanoo!

However, at this moment, a blue light flashed behind Orochimaru, and the gold dust barrier that the Kazekage put around the broke instantly. Orochimaru had to stop the operation urgently and turned around to defend.




Orochimaru, who flew out, licked his lips, “I’m going to try my best…”


In the stands, Masahiko pursed his lips, “Ouch…”

“God! Should I join them?”

Masahiko pondered then shook his head, “Forget it, Orochimaru is already struggling. Not to mention, that you can’t cooperate properly with Konoha’s ninjas.”

“Then after today, should I stay at Konoha and learn for each other?”

“That’s up to you.”

Kimimaro immediately put on a smile, stared at the Konoha Squad in the barrier, and as if he chose a suitable opponent, he fixed his eyes on Gai, who was emitting blue vapor…

Ninja who only uses Taijutsu are very suitable for his appetite, and that guy seems to be very tough…

Masahiko hesitated, wanting to remind Kimimaro that Gai isn’t easy to play with, but after thinking about it, Gai is indeed the most suitable opponent for Kimimaro…

Inside the barriers, Orochimaru was beaten up continuously, but he wasn’t injured. The Kazekage, however, was far inferior, and Itachi was already adding the last touches to seal him up for good…

“Orochimaru won’t be able to hold on any longer… eh? What’s going on?!” Masahiko turned his head in a daze.

Karin was also stunned, and slumped on the ground trembling: “This, what is this?! This Chakra! How could there be such a huge Chakra?!”

Masahiko’s face darkened and immediately passed Natsuki to Haku, “You three take care of Natsuki. Tell everyone that I will solve things over there.”

A few kilometers away on the westernmost side of Konoha, a giant white cat rose up, more than a hundred meters high, and it was clearly visible even at that distance!

“What happened? That stupid cat didn’t communicate with me for the first time and this is what happened… And… How much food have you been eaten all these years to have a greater Chakra reservoir than me!” Masahiko flashed away.