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LLH Chapter 446 It Has Been A While

Back in time two minutes ago, the residential area of the west side of Konoha.

Fat Cat was covered in black and red Chakra, and its pair of green eyes kept glancing back and forth at the unconscious Tenten in Neji’s arms, as well as the dead and injured Konoha villagers around.

“Meow~ How is Lil’ Tenten?”

Neji opened his Byakugan eyes carefully inspecting Tenten’s condition, “It seems that that the Chakra in Tenten’s body has been drained out by some kind of strange Ninjutsu. Although it’s not life-threatening, I don’t think… that it can be fully recovered.”

“Meow~!” The fat cat roared loudly, then turned his eyes, and fixed them staring coldly at the guy in front of him, “How dare you use Genjutsu on Whitey, and make him kill some many of his own people, and almost kill Whitey’s Tenten! Speak out loudly your last wishes before I kill you!”

The person on the opposite side didn’t answer, and murmured mechanically, “Susanoo!”

The green Susanoo skeleton stretched out around him, and a giant of more than 20 meters tall suddenly stared down at Fat Cat, then moved its hand and tried to slash Fat Cat with his more than ten meters long sword!


Two red tails of dozens of meters long stretched out from behind Fat Cat’s butt and parried that strike. The long sword flew out of Susanoo’s hand instantly, then he stumbled a few steps back.

“You guy is Shisui Uchiha who disappeared a few years ago! The unconscionable old man is still looking for you… What are you trying to do, you bastard!”

“Neji boy, take Lil’ Tenten and run away!”

The ground under Fat Cat cracked instantly, and Neji hurriedly jumped away carrying Tenten in his arms. Even though they were nearly 100 meters apart, Neji was still unable to keep his balance because of the strong wind that was caused by Fat Cat’s pure chakra burst!

Shisui immediately entered the second stage of the Susanoo. The skeleton became plump, and Susanoo, who was more than 50 meters high, made all the surrounding ninjas and villagers, who still didn’t notice the battle going on there, run away with their lives.

However, they couldn’t help but stop again and wonder.

“Is that… a cat?!”

Seconds later, there was a huge white cat with a height of more than 100 meters and a body length of more than 300 meters tearing the Susanoo to shreds with its two claws!

At this time, Masahiko has finally entered the scene, flickering on the top of Fat Cat’s head, “That’s Shisui? Don’t kill him, he’s being controlled by Genjutsu!”

“Meow~ Whitey doesn’t care, he almost made Whitey kill Lil’ Tenten!”

Masahiko frowned slightly, looked at the green Susanoo skeleton reforming, sensed the surroundings for a moment, but couldn’t find Tenten’s Chakra, and his heart sank, “Where’s Tenten?”

“She’s with Neji!”

Masahiko left immediately. The crazy cat isn’t easy to be controlled. Fortunately, there was no one left here, and most of the people were still in a coma inside the stadium… or dead.

“If Shisui is here, then… Naori?” When his figure appeared again, Masahiko had already reached Neji’s side and taken Tenten.

“The Chakra was sucked dry, and even the vitality was damaged? When did the power of the Rinnegan become so domineering?” Medical Ninjutsu was performed at the same time, and the Mind’s Eye of the Kagura was opened to the maximum extent.

“Elder!” Neji then reacted, and hurriedly leaned over.

Masahiko nodded in response, and then he paused for a moment, looking at the direction of the green Susanoo a few miles away with a complex look.

“It’s really here… there are six more people, The Six Paths of Pain? Are you waiting for me?”

The medical treatment was finally finished, and Masahiko handed Tenten back to Neji, “She’s fine, she just needs to rest for a while. What happened exactly?”

Neji paused, “Before, he lady queen…”

“Huh? Queen?”

Neji seemed to roll his eyes, but Masahiko couldn’t be sure because they were so big, “That cat asked Rin and me to call it Lady Queen.”

Masahiko looked back at the giant cat, which played with the green Susanoo as if it were a ball of yarn. If the occasion wasn’t right, he would have certainly laughed his butt out. What did Neji go through to call out a cat ‘Lady Queen’ so naturally?

“My Lady Queen was hit by Uchiha Shisui’s Genjutsu,” Neji continued, “It attacked us, and the villagers were quickly rescued by the companions who came with us… but there were still many casualties.”

Masahiko frowned slightly, “What about Tenten?”

“The situation was very chaotic at the time, I only saw a strange person suddenly rushing out of the crowd and k-kissed… Tenten, then she fell in a coma. Fortunately, Her Lady Queen broke free from the Genjutsu at that moment.”

“Kissed?!” Masahiko’s brows furrowed even tighter, “Is this some kind of special bloodline limit?”

“It seems so. She was also a female ninja.” Neji quickly added.

Masahiko nodded with a smile but not a smile, “So this is the so-called kiss of death? There’s indeed the Nibi’s Chakra in Tenten’s body, but compared to the real deal it’s nothing, just one percent of one of its tails. This was planned!”

This seems to be a planned attack; they can’t attack Naruto because he’s well protected by Minato, so they waited all these years for Tenten to grow up, then when she finally has about one-tenth of the Nibi’s Chakra… This time, it really caught Masahiko by surprise.

Sensing the nearby Chakra fluctuations, Masahiko was slightly stunned, “Rin is here? She’s more than five months pregnant. Naruto is coming too! I need to solve this quickly!”

Stepping on the top of Fat Cat’s head again, Masahiko said, “Are you almost out of anger? Look at how much destruction you caused to the place!”

“Meow~! No way! I’m going to kill this bastard!”

“Tenten is okay!” Masahiko shook his head helplessly, “I’ll give you half of the bets’ profit. It must be worth hundreds of millions, so you can eat whatever you want, and grow even to two hundred meters high, so stop it already!”

“Meow~ Deal!”


The huge paws of the fat cat suddenly pressed down, and the green Susanoo shattered layer after layer. By the time the cat’s claws were removed, Shisui had fallen into a coma in tattered clothes.

“Shisui has been delayed for the past few years, and his strength hasn’t been improved at all. Itachi and Hatsu have surpassed him.” Masahiko sighed, “But it’s good that he’s alive, Kagami must be happy!”

The giant cat under his feet slowly shrank, and Masahiko looked down at him and instructed, “You go and take care of Tenten, and keep your eyes on Shisui. That trouble maker Naruto will come over after a while, you must stop him too. As for the rest… listen to Rin’s orders.

“Meow~ No, the deal has changed, I want 60%!”

Masahiko pouted; this stupid cat!

“There are still many enemies waiting for me in the front. I assume that they’re preparing a surprise for me. If I die there you can have all the profit to yourself, okay?”

“Meow~ You immortal will die?”

Masahiko laughed and flashed away.

Not far from Konoha, Masahiko finally stopped when he reached the new Six Paths of Pain.

“Uzumaki Masahiko, you came slower than what I have expected.” The Deva Path spoke slowly.

Masahiko was silent for a moment, then completely ignored him, and looked straight at the dark blue long-haired ninja behind.

“Uchiha Naori, it’s really been a long time, it’s almost… 117 years!