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LLH Chapter 447 Time Wheel

Even in the Land of Fire, which is springy all year round, the air in July was still a little hot and uneasy.

Masahiko greeted Naori, and then he realized something. After a while, he frowned and muttered, “No, she’s long gone…”

“Uzumaki Masahiko, you’ve really lived until this era. I didn’t dare to believe it until I finally met you here face to face.” The gentle female voice came out, stunning Masahiko in place.

“Naori, you…” He really didn’t expect that guy to dare and give Naori her consciousness.

“Uzumaki Masahiko, I have never manipulated Naori. She did everything voluntarily. It’s not surprising, after all, she’s, like me, has a deep hatred for you!”

Masahiko pursed his lips and really wanted to say, “You hate the wrong person,” But this thing… how should he explain it?

“The old ancestor has been blamed countless times in his lifetime, this isn’t surprising!” Masahiko said to himself, but he really didn’t want to bear the other blame, “Naori, what kind of hatred do you have? What happened? Why don’t I know about this before?”

“You don’t know? The hatred I have for you isn’t small.” Naori put her hands behind her back, tied up her long dark blue hair that was loose, then suddenly her right and only Sharingan eye, rotated at high speed, and transformed into three hollow circles while rotating and connecting together.

“Sure enough, you’ve awakened your Mongekyou Sharingan? This shape… is quite special.” Masahiko murmured, with a thoughtful look on his face, “Hatred, huh? Hehehe…”

Masahiko’s two squinted eyes opened instantly, and ordinary Rinnegan and Rinnesharingan eyes were simultaneously revealed in front of people for the first time.

“The hatred can be solved. I will take care of the younger generation first, and then we will talk slowly.”

“Uzumaki Masahiko, you won’t have that chance.” A female ninja from the Six Paths of Pain said.

Masahiko glanced at her and felt that she was quite familiar. She was a character who appeared in one of the movies…

“It seems that she can absorb Chakra through kissing. By the way, I remember that little playboy troublemaker ended up kissing her too!” Masahiko saw a post on the internet about Naruto’s Waifus in his previous life. Before Hinata, there were actually four or five beautiful girls who had kissed Naruto, and the single dog Masahiko has actually felt a bit jealous, “Tenten’s Chakra was absorbed by her…”

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko shook his head gently, “If you really have the confidence to keep me here, then why don’t you come here personally, why did you hide from my perception? Stop talking nonsense! If you have any means, use them quickly, is it Naori’s Mongekyou Sharingan ability?”

Pain’s Six Paths quickly cleared the way from left and right, then Naori’s gentle and beautiful face was facing Masahiko. Naori smiled locking Masahiko with her Mongekyou Sharingan eye, “Aren’t you going to hide? Uzumaki’s greatest genius.”

Masahiko smirked, “I haven’t been called a genius for many years…”

“Wheel Of Time!”

The scene around Masahiko suddenly changed, and the mountains and forest were replaced by wasteland.

This was a familiar battlefield, and in front of him is a familiar person, the 11-year-old Naori!

And Masahiko… is also 11 years old!

“You actually managed to pull me into you Genjutsu, that’s quite amazing! Can you produce the scene of our confrontation? This is quite nostalgic.” Masahiko smiled, “There are opportunities to reminisce, but this one isn’t suitable.”


Naori pulled out her long sword, “Don’t be impatient, Uzumaki Masahiko. No matter how long of time we spend here, the time outside will not change.”

Noari said then charged forward with her sword, “In that battle, we didn’t actually decide the winner, let’s finish it here!”

Masahiko paused, nodded slightly, took out a kunai from his ninja bag that he hadn’t worn for many years, then greeted her.

Clang! Clang!! Clang!!!

When the two blades finally clashed for the last time and started pushing each other, Masahiko forced his Kunai closer to Naori’s neck for a moment, then pulled back.

“I haven’t experienced many a battle in the past 100 years, but I have made some progress. Now that I can live this event again, if I still can’t defeat you, then it will all really be in vain. Speaking of which, do… you really hate me?” Masahiko asked in a low voice.

Noari paused, sighed then took a few steps back, “It’s no longer clear who was right and who was wrong. But I’m already dead, and this grudge should be gone too. I refuse to be fooled by people with ulterior motives. That guy’s body is on a barren mountain more than 20 kilometers northwest of where we are fighting.”

Masahiko laughed, “I knew it, I knew it was like this, your character, I… I learned a lot from the past. The barren mountain more than 20 kilometers away is a bit wide, but it’s better than nothing.”

Naori raised her long blade again and pointed it at Masahiko, “One more fight, kill me in this space, and you can go out.”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, it was amazing that Naori managed to pull him inside her Genjutsu while he have an LV10 Yin attribute. However, he could break free whenever he wanted.

But looking at Naori’s face while charging at him again he couldn’t do that to her, so he greeted her with his Kunai.

At the moment when the two weapons clashed, Masahiko suddenly pulled away from his Kunai, and let Naori’s long sword slash him without hindrance.

“You…” Naori was shocked.

“I don’t care whether who was wrong or right. You were the one who suffered. And I feel that I need to make amends.” Masahiko’s body slowly dissipated.

“This is my Genjutsu…”

“It’s alright, you forgot that I’m the greatest genius of the Uzumaki Clan. You can’t imagine how strong I’m after living for more than a hundred years.” Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “I want you to get rid of your hatred with this last strike, other things don’t matter… We will talk about it later, we will have all the time in the world!”

Naori’s long hair fluttered, then a complicated expression appeared on her face, “Uzumaki Masahiko, why are you still so stupid after living for more than a hundred years!”

Masahiko: “???”

His body collapsed, and the space created by the Genjutsu also slowly shattered. Masahiko’s consciousness returned to his body, and the position of the Six Paths of Pain in the front of him didn’t change, proving that what happened in the Genjutsu was indeed only a moment.

Masahiko frowned and looked around, but didn’t understand why Naori called him stupid, which he absolutely refused to admit…

“Naori, I see that you’ve succeeded.” The Deva Path said.

Naori was stunned, and with evident helplessness, she said, “Yes. Uzumaki Masahiko is like always… unexpected!”

Following these words, her Mongekyou Sharingan quickly dimmed, turning into a gray-white eye like her left one, and she has gone completely blind!

“It’s actually a Genjutsu at the cost of all pupil power?” Masahiko frowned slightly, realizing that things weren’t as simple as he thought…

At this moment, Masahiko suddenly noticed that the others in his field of vision were slowly getting taller, no, he was getting shorter!

Name: Uzumaki Masahiko

Age: 11 (+)

“The time wheel, the time wheel! It’s such a time wheel? This is really… awesome!”