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LLH Chapter 448 Alice In Wonderland

Masahiko jumped, stretched his arms and legs, and even pulled out a small mirror from nowhere to look at his young face.

“11-year-old me, so handsome, the genius young genius, suave…” Masahiko was intoxicated for himself

A person’s attitude can affect his appearance. Masahiko felt that he hadn’t adjusted his mentality after he was 12 years old, he would have definitely grown into Uzumaki Minato… At 11 years old, he’s so handsome!

“If God gives me another chance, I will definitely apply Vaseline cream on my face every day.” Masahiko laughed, “Now is the chance!”

“Uzumaki Masahiko, does returning to your youthful appearance make you so happy?” Deva Path said, “Even if you are about to die?”

Masahiko was stunned, carefully scanned the attribute column, and determined that in addition to his physical skills, his strength hasn’t changed because of his age. Then what does this guy mean…?!

At this moment, Uchiha Naomi, who was blind, suddenly attacked, and instantly killed one of the Paths, and then turned and slashed another.

“Bansho Tenin!”

Deva Path extended his right hand, and the gravitational force was released. Naomi’s blade stopped right before cutting off the second body’s neck, then her body flew straight to the Deva Path’s hand uncontrollably.

“Naomi… why?”

“Uzumaki Masahiko, run.” Even though she was flying in mid-air, Naomi’s voice was still calm.

Masahiko was also very calm, thanks to his full-level Yin Release, his brain works at a high speed, which helped him calculate the best ‘solution.’ He rushed towards the Deva Path quickly and pushed Naomi, who was about to be stabbed by the iron rod, away…


Deva Path’s iron rod pierced his chest.

“Naom, you… have to… live well!” Masahiko slowly lowered his head.

Naomi: ???

Deva Path: ???

Masahiko, who bowed his head, grinned, gave himself 10/10 for his heroic act, then focused his Chakra inside the wound.

“Yonbi, Rokubi, Nanabi, and a small amount of the Nibi’s Chakra? It wasn’t sealed inside the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, they sealed the Chakra inside their own bodies. Is it to increase the amount of Chakra to control the Six Paths of Pain further? Well, it’s not far enough! The location of the main body is 27 Km away in the southwest as Naomi said!”

Masahiko raised his head with a smile, and the Deva Path’s face suddenly changed color, “Shinra Tensei…”

“Ultra-Focused-Shinra-TENSEI!” Masahiko shouted, and suddenly the remaining five Paths were all turned into scrap metal!

Masahiko grinned, then turned to look at Naomi, who was sitting on the ground, wondering what’s going on since she couldn’t see anymore, then he sighed, “It’s a bit sad that you couldn’t see such a handsome scene.”

Naomi was stunned upon hearing that, then untied her long dark blue hair and doped it over her shoulders, and with a soft smile, she said, “Uzumaki Masahiko, send me back to the other world, and take him out. Also… this time as an ancestor of the Uchiha Clan, I truly apologize for…”

Halfway through her words, Masahiko appeared behind her instantly, then pressed his right hand on the top of her head, “Save it for later, I still have things to tell you!”

His Rinnegan eye moved, and Naomi’s soul was raw out by him, then sent back into his spiritual space, while her body slowly drifted away.

“Twenty-seven kilometers, hehe, boy, you won’t run away this time!” Masahiko flickered and disappeared.

In the spiritual space.

Hashirama held the dice cup in his hand, “Tobirama, Kagami, Kenji, what are your bets, is it small or big this time?”

Tobirama helplessly said, “Big brother, you guess first!”

Hashirama pondered for a moment, “Big!”

“Let’s guess small!” The three of them said in unison.

Hashirama scratched his head, feeling that he was despised, “This time it must be… eh?”

The ground in the spiritual space suddenly trembled, and the fog northwest quickly dissipated, and a villa slowly rose.

“A newcomer?” Hashirama smiled and opened the dice cup in his hand, “Hahaha, big!”

Tobirama shook his head, “Brother, the ground shook his now, and the dice cup in your hand must have also shaken, you can’t count this one!”

“Yes, it doesn’t count!” The other two agreed.

Hashirama: “…”

On the other side, Mito, Nanako, Yuriko, and the eldest nephew approached the newly built villa.

The villa door slowly opened, and a dark blue long-haired young ninja, who was blind, appeared in front of them.

The four looked at each other, then shook their head, none of them knew her.

“She must be a Junior?”

In the distance, Kagami jumped out of his place, “That’s Uchiha Naomi-Senpai! Shisui… is he okay?”


On the barren mountain thirty kilometers southwest of Konoha, Masahiko’s figure flickered.

At this time, he has put on his Sage coat. Fortunately, this dress is based on his current form, otherwise, he would have needed to find a tailor fist to fix it…

The 11-year-old Masahiko isn’t short, he was about six centimeters taller than Naruto, and a bit taller than Sasuke too…

“The height is about the same, but the ancestor is more handsome than him!” Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “It was this mountain that I sensed before!”

Masahiko was about to active his Mind’s Eye of the Kagura when a blue barrier suddenly rose around the mountain.

With a slight frown, two truth-seeking balls emerged from his chest and smashed into the barrier, crashing it. When Masahiko was about to step in, his feet shone with red light.


Like a volcanic eruption, the fire soared into the sky.

“Huh?! Buried bombs?” Masahiko’s mouth twitched, and the repulsive force burst out of his body, suppressing the fire.

The field got shattered, and the strong blast turned the top of the barren mountain into powder!

“A last little trick to delay me…” His right hand performed a seal, “Mind’s Eye of the Kagura!”

Masahiko’s perception spread throughout the place, then his head slightly turned to the north, “Is it there? Huh? No!”

Masahiko flashed forward twenty meters, throwing a punch!


The punch that should have destroyed an entire mountain, has actually made a three-meter-deep crack.

“A sealing technique?” Masahiko was stunned, then he couldn’t help but grin, “Hahahaha! It’s really yours, this ancestor guessed it right! The most dangerous place is actually the safest, huh? So this is where that special White Zetsu hides!”

“Orochimaru was caught by Hiruzen and the others. They got their catch, but I didn’t expect the ancestor to get a catch too, today!”

The repulsive force spread out, and a large lump of three cubic meters of soil broke out from the ground, with a sealing technique implemented on it.

Masahiko smiled, and tapped the pimple with his finger, “Hey! Come out, the ancestor is calling you!”

After a while, Masahiko shook his head helplessly, tapped it with his right palm, and the seal begin to break a layer by later.


The lump burst from the inside, and a domineering face was revealed, saying, “A Child? Where did you come from?”

Masahiko was stunned, wondering how he ended up finding a turtle while running behind a rabbit! What is this… Alice in wonderland?