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LLH Chapter 450 Tenji

Inside Konoha Village.

Masahiko followed Hiruzen and Jiraiya, and slowly stepped into a building near the Hokage Building, then went underground after they took a hidden passage.

“I’ve never been here before.”

“Elder…” Jiraiya paused, then shook his head with a smile, “It’s too awkward to call you Elder now. You said that Orochimaru… isn’t dead?”

“You two should know him best. Do you think it’s possible that he was accidentally torched to death by the Sealing Array?”

“We found it weird too. So we didn’t break the seal and checked carefully before finally verifying that he indeed died. Uzumaki Karin has also confirmed that his Chakra disappeared at the same exact moment he hit the Sealing Array, if he’s not dead… then how did he escape?”

Masahiko pondered for a moment, “…Maybe he turned into a fly?”

Jiraiya: “…”

Masahiko was seriously thinking deep inside, but he had no clue… It’s a pity that he wasn’t there at that time.

“It’s really possible that he turned into a fly and flew out… wait, even if he turns into a fly using the Transformation technique, he can’t actually fly… So maybe he really died in such a bizarre way?”

Before the stairs had reached the end, the three encountered, Ibiki and Yamanaka Inoichi.

“Third Hokage, Jiraiya-Sama!” The two of them bowed their head to greet them, while secretly looking at Masahiko.

Masahiko felt helpless, then with a bang, he turned back to his original appearance, “It’s me.”

“Elder!” The two looked strangely at him, wondering why would he change his appearance into a child…

“Has the information been successfully obtained?” Hiruzen asked.

The two looked at each other, then nodded and said, “They are ninjas from Otogakure, and it’s a village established by Orochimaru.”

“A village established by Orochimaru?” Hiruzen and Jiraiya looked at each in surprise.

“The four of them are high-level executives of Otogakure, and there are only three people above them. One is a Crystal Release user named, Guren, the other is a… monk, called Hidan. And there’s another one, a spy hid in Konoha, and he released the previous large-scale Genjutsu.”

“There’s a spy in Konoha?” Hiruzen frowned slightly, “Who is this person?”

Ibiki shook his head and said, “They don’t know him.”

Masahiko hesitated slightly, then decided to not tell them about Kabuto. Orochimaru has suffered enough this time, and Masahiko felt that he would be embarrassed for him if he gets into trouble again…

“Also, the purpose of Orochimaru’s sudden attack was to assassinate you, Third Hokage-Sama.”

“Is that so?” Hiruzen looked complicated.

Masahiko coughed lightly and interrupted the reminiscence of the past, “Do you have any way to confirm Orochimaru’s death? You can send someone to Otogakure, as long as Hidan and Guren are not there, and everyone else is, it can basically prove that Orochimaru isn’t dead.”

Jiraiya nodded, according to Orochimaru‘s way of doing things, he would indeed do this… People who aren’t important will be discarded.

“I’ll lead the team, and I will take Itachi and Hatsu with me.”

Hiruzen paused and turned to Masahiko, “Elder, what do you think?”

“Go ahead… But if you meet that guy named Hidan, be careful not to fall into his technique. He’s one of the religious guys.”

“The one from the Jashin Sect?” Jiraiya looked surprised, “I will!”

Jiraiya left instantly, then Hiruzen faced Masahiko with a complicated expression, which made Masahiko laugh deep inside.

“You want to ask why I know so much? Or do you want to know whether Orochimaru’s sudden attack on Konoha has anything to do with me?” Masahiko shook his head, “I can’t tell you the specifics. You just need to know that Orochimaru didn’t actually want to kill you, and the previous destruction of the residential area on the west die of Konoha was caused by the fight between the stupid cat and Shisui, which I will compensate, with the money won in the Chunin Exam.”

Hiruzen was stunned and suddenly had a bold guess. Masahiko asked Orochimaru to make trouble in Konoha so he can interrupt the lottery…

However, he only dared to think about it and not say it… It’s not good for everyone.

“I see, Elder.” Hiruzen nodded, “Shisui, who has been missing for a long time, returned. Obito knows that he has suffered so much, and I’m afraid that he might lose his position… I must go now.”


The four were kept imprisoned, waiting for Jiraiya to return from Otogakure before deciding what they were going to do with them. It was either to lure Orochimaru into the bait… or to continue to detain.

Since the establishment of the village, Konoha hasn’t executed several “death sentences,” and these four might not be as lucky as the others.

At that time, the cute little girl, then he decided to leave it be, Orochimaru’s subordinates are always loyal.

These four also reminded Masahko that he should let Kimimaro and the others form their own teams.

But for now, Masahiko put everything aside, went straight to Kushina’s house, lay down on Naruto’s bed, then transferred his consciousness into the spiritual space…

Spiritual space, in a tea house.

Except for Hashira who went to reminisce with the untamed beast behind the walls, the others all surrounded Naomi with a smile, listening to her stories of the past, while the eldest nephew from time to time added a few details.

Masahiko’s figure slowly condensed, and when he opened his eyes he first looked at his body…

“The soul hasn’t changed? Well, this should be right. If that Genjutsu can also reduce the age of my soul, then it would be truly terrifying.”

“Second Grandpa!” Tobirama noticed his arrival, and the others greeted him one after another, with… let’s say, weird expressions.

Masahiko sighed, it seems that the ancestor has lost his majesty, anyway, it didn’t seem to have been there before…

“Naomi, are you satisfied with your new home?”

“It’s okay. Uzumaki Masahiko, have you caught the original body?”

Masahiko looked at her gray eyes, frowned, his mental power surged, then it stopped after a bit.

“I can’t do it? I have to think of another way to restore her vision.”

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko shook his head and said, “I didn’t catch him, he ran away. Only one turtle was caught… have you been in his hiding place in the past few years?”

Naomi shook her head, “He’s very cautious. He didn’t fully trust me, even in the very end. All I know is that his name is Tenshi.”

“Tenshi? Emperor?” Masahiko laughed, the name was really cringey, “Huh? Wait for Tenshi? It sounds like… Tenji, Kaguya’s husband, the emperor of the motherland or something…”

His memory was a little fuzzy, but Masahiko could still recall the general plot.

“Tenji, it turned out to be him, no wonder he wants to resurrect Kaguya!” Masahiko blinked, “He hates the other me so much, why is that? No way is it because… what?! Hehehehe, well done!”

“Second grandpa, what’s wrong with you?”

Masahiko quickly put away his smile, looked at the people in front of him, and then at Naomi…

“It’s alright. Noami doesn’t know much about my past. Since you’re curious, let me tell you about my old days myself!”

Masahiko decided to tell them about the great glorious moments of his youth, not the ‘wrong misleading version’ of Naomi…