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LLH Chapter 451 The Ancestor Is Hitting Puberty Again

In spiritual space.

Masahiko rambled on and on for an afternoon, and everyone listened quietly for… an afternoon.

“Eldest nephew, do you now know how powerful your second uncle is? Don’t listen to your other uncle and father’s nonsense. They’re just jealous because I beat them up when they were kids!” Masahiko frowned.

The eldest nephew laughed and said, “I was ignorant when I was young, I didn’t respect you very much later!”

Masahiko squinted at him, “You’re not as good as Mito in this regard, she treated me well when she was a child.”

Mito smiled gently, “When I was a child, my grandfather told me that the night I was born, you cried a lot in excitement…”

Masahiko’s face turned black; it was his life’s regret that he didn’t have the chance to beat his eldest brother in the end…

The eldest nephew thought, “Is there such a thing? I remember when Mito was born, you hugged her for two seconds, then turned around and left. I thought you were disappointed because I give birth to a girl.”

“That’s excitement, that how I get I excited…” Masahiko sighed, “Let’s not talk about those old sesame seeds, let’s talk about something happy. Hmmm… Looking forward to a better tomorrow?”

Tobirama shook his head, “It’s still interesting to hear some stories from the past. You haven’t told us what happened after you fought Naomi-Senpai, and why did you fell silent. Did you start practicing some techniques?”

“I did. Have you forgotten about my Special Shuriken technique? As for why I stopped caring for a while…” Masahiko raised his eyebrows and smiled, “I was just a boy and 11-year-old kid who was in adolescence and has just met a beautiful girl and missed his chance. Son, they were exciting days. But the Uchiha clan was too strong, so I had to practice a few techniques. Unfortunately, learning those techniques wasn’t as easy as I thought, and when I finally mastered them, Naomi was no longer there.

Tobirama and Mito looked at each other in surprise. They had already figured out everything, but they didn’t expect him to say it so calmly.

Masahiko shook his head secretly, he was over a hundred years old, and such topics are no longer embarrassing to him, it was actually quite annoying to hide it anymore…

However, Masahiko wasn’t completely calm, because he was eager to see Naomi’s reaction, so he turned and looked at her.

Naomi’s expression was still calm, and after a while, and smiled, “Uzumaki Masahiko, you’re now an 11-year-old boy again.”

Masahiko was stunned, and he didn’t know what to say. Moreover, he was getting some very serious information from the outside world…

“Naomi, Uchiha Madara who came after you is the son Uchiha Tajima. And the latter was born before you died.”

Naomi nodded, “Tajima was born when I was sixteen, and I held him in my arms. So Uchiha Madara turned out to be his son…”

“You go to him and tell him that you’re his second grandmother, and then ask him if he has a way to transmit his eyes power. If not, I will find another way!”

“I actually…”

Masahiko waved his hand and interrupted, “Let’s as first. I need to go out now. If I don’t something bad might happen.”


Time goes back to two minutes ago.

Kushina’s house.

The trouble maker Naruto took the Chunin Exam in the morning and went to the west residential area to clean up the rubble in the afternoon. He was exhausted.

After finally returning home, he shouted, “I’m back.” Then when straight to his room and flew towards his bed.

When he was in the air, Naruto was horrified to find that there was a boy on his bed, who seemed to be asleep.

It was too late to stop the fall, Naruto could only control his body so that the tragic event between him and Sasuke doesn’t occur again.

Just as he was about to crush on him, the sleepy boy lifted his right leg, and kicked him… Naruto hit the wall hard.

After finally recovering, Naruto was that the boy was still pretending to be asleep, and was so angry that he almost used his Shadow Clone technique to kick his ass…

Fortunately, Kushina rushed in a hurry and prevented any further accidents.

“Naruto! That’s Grandpa!”

Naruto was stunned, “What?”

Kushina’s gaze lingered on Masahiko’s tender face for a while, then sighed, “You heard it right, that’s my Grandpa! Your ancestor!”

“Old ancestor?!” Naruto put his face close, “How did he…”


Sensing that something was approaching, Masahiko kicked again.

Naruto was ready for it this time and blocked it with his arms, but Masahiko seemed to be aware of it, and increased the force, sending him flying again…

“… This technique, this indeed the old ancestor.” Naruto muttered, “But how did he become like this?”

Kushina shook her head, “God knows how! Oh, I want to go back too, I don’t need to be 11, just 21…”

“11 years old?” Naruto was stunned, then he smiled evilly, “You’re younger than me now, you’re going to call me big… don’t kick!”

“Huh… Every time the ancestor sleeps like he’s awake, he can sense every little movement near him. But this time, he slept so soundly that he’s not opening his eyes when he attacks me.”

Kushina was startled, “Are you sure?”

Naruto nodded.

“Grandpa, wake up, it’s dinner time!” Kushina shouted, “Hmm, it seems it happened again.” She said then rolled up Masahiko’s trousers…

“No hair leg? That’s right, he’s 11-year-olds now, and hair hasn’t started growing on his legs yet…” Kushina muttered, then her eyes slowly moved upwards.

“No, it’s too dangerous to do this, in case Grandpa wakes up… and armpit hair doesn’t necessarily grow at that age too… Forget it.”

But Naruto didn’t want to forget it. He recalled the dark history when he couldn’t even pluck out a single hair from Masahiko…

Naruto hesitated for a long time, then stretched out his sinful little hand to… Masahiko’s eyebrows.


“Ah! Why is it okay for a mother to touch you, I…” Naruto shouted angrily.

Masahiko suddenly sat up with a smile, then looked at the embarrassed expression on Kushina’s face, “Because when I sleep at your house, the only person I subconsciously guard against is you, little brat. Kushina, you betrayed my trust in you. Humph, do you still want to knit two more gloves for Natsuki?”

“Gloves?” Naruto blinked.

Kushina shook her head again and again, “I wouldn’t dare!”

At this time, Minato’s voice came from the kitchen, “Kushina! Natsuki is awake!”

Kushina didn’t waste that chance, and hurriedly left while saying, “Grandpa, I need to check on Natsuki.”

Masahiko pursed his lips, “I’ll go too, now I’m more like her big brother than Naruto.”

Naruto: “…”


It was easy to explain to a child, and Natsuki quickly accepted that the ancestor became her ‘brother,’ and was happy with it.

Thinking about it, she must have always felt that Naruto as a brother, isn’t very reliable…

It’s a bit awkward for Masahiko to hold Natsuki now, the height isn’t suitable, there’s also a bit of unnaturalness in his heart.

“Development period, I know what Naomi meant when she said I’m 11-year-old again.” Masahiko sighed secretly, “Natsuki is fine, but you have to pay attention to other beautiful girls, developing boys…”

“Even if the ancestor is hitting puberty again, he must not lose his integrity…”