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M. I. H. G Chapter 130: The Field of Mom

Before arriving at the police station, Fang Cheng had already greeted the police there, so the fake policeman incident was also gently regelated at time.

However, in the police station, Frank met with Li Cheng the leader of Fang Cheng. Director Li was half-joking and told on Frank that he would ask him to find a relationship now and let him simply come to the police.

“Can I be a policeman when I study medicine?” Frank asked Li Cheng.

“The police in the field of integrated management are not restricted to the specialty. You can transfer it to you when you come in.” The leader Li Cheng saw Frank’s intention and came into its spirit and said to him:

“although the salaries of our police are definitely not comparable to that of doctors, we have better stability and people like you who will be recruited, promote quickly.”

What is a person like me who was recruit attracts attention every two days?

Frank was not happy at that time.

He is not Conan, and he does not carry the god of death with him. Besides, how many things did he resolve, and soon a Qingya school sister case, a smuggling drug case, an accident escape case plus the current kidnapping case?

That’s the average week together.

This is an average week together.

And many more.

Together, the frequency does seem to be a little higher.

But this is not the point. The point is that it is all about finding him, and that is not what he is looking for.

However, it seems that Conan is also looking for him, and he has never seen Conan take the initiative to find something.

Even if it was a few confrontations with the men in black. It was the trouble of Qinji, who was forced to bring a group of twenty-five people to Conan.


Frank’s own memories, he couldn’t help thinking about it, is it really that he has a field similar to Conan’s god of death?

Hey, what is the mother, is the field of salvation and justice.

Frank looked at the prospective leader Li Cheng and resolutely refused the invitation of the leader Li Cheng.

On this day, he can meet something from time to time. If he enters the police station, it is not a murder every day. For the happy life of the people of Haiping City, Frank can’t be a policeman.

From the police station, Frank took Diana back to the place just because the car was still there.

Frank could have asked the police to help him drive the car back.
But if you think about it, he has to explain the matter of refitting the car, he might as well bother himself.

When Frank got into the car, he called Li Ge and asked him which hospital Chen Hao and the old grandmother had gone to, and then drove over.

Although they don’t know each other, Diana is a little worried about her friend Chen Hao, so Frank simply drove the car unconsciously to the hospital to see the little Chen Hao and the grandmother.

Into the ward, the doctor has checked and processed the wound on the old grandmother. At this time, the grandmother is lying in the hospital bed, next to her Chen Hao.

Frank put the fruit basket bought at the hospital entrance on the bed, then turned to ask Li Ge. “They haven’t come yet.”

“I’ve called, and they said they would be there soon. I guess it will be fast.” Li Ge answered.

“Young man thank you.” Grandma saw Frank coming over and thanked Frank with her hands.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, old woman, you should lie down quickly, it’s not good to speak, they must stop the bleeding.” Frank hurriedly let the grandmother re-lay in the hospital bed.

“I am not going to die; I can do anything. Just if something happened, I would be almost as dead or dead.” The grandmother said and tears left.

“Grandma, don’t cry.” Chen Hao walked over and said to the grandmother, “When I grow up, I must establish an association to protect Li Grandma to protect you.”

Well, what is this little girl doing in the life?

Frank is a bit curious, and it is a bit strange to establish a protection association to protect his grandmother.

Diana accompanied Chen Hao to comfort her, Frank and Li Ge chat for a while, watching time is not early.

Frank was ready to go back, but then two acquaintances rushed into the ward.

“Chen Jian, Chen Hao?” Frank looked at the two people who came in and shouted a little unexpectedly.

Chen Hao, who had appear very strong, saw Chen Jian, and the tears could no longer be stopped, and then she rushed to Chen Jian’s body and shouted to his brother and cried.

Chen Jian raised his hand and Frank said hello and did not have time to talk to Chen Jian who was holding Chen Hao to comfort this little girl.

Chen Hao came over and wanted to talk to Frank. The grandmother once again tried to get up and talk to Chen Hao.

“Ma Li, lie down first.” Chen Hao hurriedly went over to the old grandmother and said, “We are fine. If you have nothing to do. Why to go back to talk about?”

“I almost didn’t see you when I was…” The grandmother was facing Chen Hao and didn’t know what to say.

“It’s nothing.”
Chen Hao patted Grandma Li and assured her to lie down first, then turned to look at Frank and said,:
“It seems that we are still destined for each other, and we’re sure to see you again.”

Frank now looked at Chen Hao holding Chen Jian crying, and remembered that Chen Jian seemed to have said that he had a younger sister. Is it this little Loli?

So, Frank looked at Chen Jian and Chen Hao and asks, “You two?”

“I am Jian’s sister.” Chen Hao said.

“Oh, that’s really a coincidence.” Frank said, thinking about it, is it really a coincidence?

A few days ago, a condemned prisoner to death escaped and took pictures of Chen Hao. Today, in the street, another gang of kidnappers started to kidnapped Chen Jian’s sister.

Is it so coincidental?

Frank looked at Chen Jian and Chen Jian holding Chen Hao made a discreet gesture to frank telling him not to tell Chen Hao anything.

Frank suddenly understood that Chen Hao was listed as the target last time. Chen Jian did not tell Chen Hao, so Chen Hao thought that this incident was an accident.

After Chen Hao and Chen Jian came, several small officials and responsables in the hospital quickly came over. It seems that they are already aware of the Chen family who came into the accident.

For Li’s grandmother, she changed in a single room. Chen Hao accompanied the doctors in the hospital to talk. Frank asked Diana who had a lot of peace of mind to chat with Chen Hao, and then he went to a corner with Chen Jian.

“Your family has recently offended anyone.” Frank looked at Chen Jian.

“Why do I know who is behind the ghosts? Chen Jian took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket impatiently, opened himself and lit one and handed Frank one. Frank took the cigarette and just got it into his pocket.

“The last time that the death penalty prisoner escaped it was from a prison in the near city, it was not easy to investigate. This time it’s different. There were so many people around taking pictures and videos that it was estimated that those people could not run away. You can ask after you catch it. Don’t worry. Fang Ze patted Chen Jian on the shoulder to comfort him.

“The last time the prisoner was sentenced to jailbreak is in the city next door. It is not easy to check. This time is different. So many people around the scene took pictures and videos and it was estimated that few people could run. The police can ask clearly after they catch them, don’t worry.” Frank patted Chen Jian’s shoulder and comforted it.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” Chen Jian thought gloomily as he smoked. “The other side’s way is too evil. Even if we have offended people, we should not stare at my aunt and my sister. I can understand that there are two ways to do things in black and white, to report to the Discipline Inspection Commission, or to directly hit someone. I can’t understand what the other party is trying to do now.”