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M. I. H. G Chapter 133: Italy.

The goddess of wisdom Athena has given Diana two abilities, and one is superior wisdom, the other is Athena’s vision.

Before the effect of Athena’s vision, Diana also showed that it is basically equivalent to a high-level lie detector. This lie detector may not be of much use to some well-trained agents, but this agent Frank estimates there are few in this life.

Since the change of appearance is only responsible for the change of face and cannot let Frank explain to the outside how this face came, so this option was removed.

In the animal language, he is proficient in this ability.

Listening is very arrogant and cool, but it is actually applied.

There are only two words.

For example, the chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins and other intelligent animals of the earth, even though their intelligence quotient is quite high among the animals, the conversion of adult intelligence only concerns children five or six years old and seven or eight years.

And it is also limited by the structure of their bodies. Even if Frank is training again, it can’t be high. It is impossible to raise a bunch of chimpanzees for cleaning at home.

If you can train your own cat to write a novel, your own monkey can cook for yourself, and your dog can play games for you. It must be beautiful. You must choose this ability, but you can not do it.

Unless Frank’s goal is to open the world’s largest circus in the future. Training a variety of animal performances, then the ability to choose this is still useful.

Dixie saw Frank determined the choice, so he pressed his own claws to Frank’s forehead and let Frank get the ability of Athena.

Frank’s original black eyes gradually radiated some golden light, and then these light slowly settled into Frank’s pupils.

Although the golden light is gone, if you look closely, you can still see a touch of gold.

Golden pupils.

Frank took out the mirror and looked at the eyes in it.

“After you are a weak human body, the ability of Athena’s vision is slightly weakened.” Dixie said to Frank: “Athena’s vision has two functions. One is to strengthen insight and can quickly Perceive changes in the mood of others.”

This ability of Athena’s vision is an important reason why Diana can easily find out if others are lying.

Because when people lie, emotions must change, and once Diana discovers this change, Diana can tell if you are lying.

“This ability is logically a passive ability, but because your body can’t load this ability to continue to work, it has changed to active. When you want to use your own insight, this ability will work. The time of one opening is related to your physical fitness. According to the quality of your current body, you can open it for about two to three hours each time.” Dixie said.

“Not bad.” What a pity for this single Frank, I think it is better than before.

After all, everyone is filled with all kinds of lies. Some lies are kind, some of them simply don’t want to tell you. Only a small part is malicious deception.

Once Frank is like Diana, he can know every word that others say, what is true and what is false, then Frank estimates that he will be crazy first.

Wonder Woman Diana seems to have been disappointed with humans once she entered human society on the island. She did not appear again for a long time. I don’t know if it was because of Athena’s vision.

“The Athena’s vision has another role, which is to gain the ability to resist attacks on the mind. So that most illusions and mental manipulations are ineffective for you. This ability is also passive, but it is a protective feature that does not load the human body. Big, still passive, you don’t have to deliberately open him.”

“Well, I know,” Frank said he took the initiative to open his own Athena view, the golden color hidden in the eyes. The color of the light was slightly brighter.

“Dixie, ask a question.” Frank asked Dixie, “Who is my next guest?”

The big meow yelled at its own paws and looked at Frank like an idiot. Then he said, “You have the right to ask, and I have the right not to answer. Are you stupid?”

“Give a hint,” Frank said to the big meow.

Next Tuesday night, he will go to the school to attend the party to the senior interns. If it is difficult to get some guests. iI is not necessary to prepare the rope in advance and bundle the guests into the trunk and put them in the car.

“Keywords, Italy,” Dixie said, and then instantly changed to a beggar, became silly, looking at Frank.

The wisdom soul of Dixie left.


Frank scratched his head and thought about it. Then he took out his mobile phone and checked what famous people in Italy.

To be honest, he really does not know much about Italy, a country with European China. In addition to Mussolini’s stinking character,
The only familiar is the only inside of the King of Fighters, the most powerful tiger.

Well, people can’t forget the thin waist and long legs, but unfortunately, it is a man.

Of course, if the characters in the novel are counted, Caesar is from the Italian Dragon Slayer family in the Dragons.
These two people are still decent, and they are all from the big family, but they can join the party together to force them.

However, it is a little easy for others to think about it when the party takes the man in.

Frank looked down at the photo on the table. This is what Dixie had seen before Frank, and Frank received the gift from the girl of love and beauty.

Frank sent a video request to Lin Xiaoxin, so Lin Xiaoxin, who had half a chicken wing in his mouth, appeared in front of Frank.

“I dine, how do you suddenly think of sending me a video.” Lin Xiaoxin carefully eats chicken wing meat, prevents a greasy rubbing to the mouth, and asks Frank.

“What do you think of this man as a boyfriend?” Frank said to show the photo to Lin Xiaoxin through the camera.

“It’s so handsome.” Seeing this picture, Lin Xiaoxin immediately put down the chicken wings from her hand, and then looked at Frank and said: “This is the recent debut of the fresh meat, which company, will sing or dance? Give me an address to look around.”

“If I tell you, this face is actually what I look after the plastic surgery. Do you believe it or not?”

“The face is different; I believe in a ghost.” Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank and then looked at the man in the photo: “Your face, no matter how complete, there is no way to become him.”