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M. I. H. G Chapter 134: Caption Group

“You look down on people now, don’t you?” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin, half-joking and half-serious, and said to him: “maybe some gods see me as smart and cute, which makes me look like this.”

“Oh, you don’t want to fantasize. If you become like this, you might be anal when you go out.”

“Puff.” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin, who was suddenly racing and said: “why don’t you play according to the routine? You shouldn’t say that I am so handsome. Maybe the person who pursues me will have a strengthening group. I’m so worried.”

“Well, I’ll take care of the number of people chasing you, and you are always mine.” Lin Xiaoxin then comforted Frank and said: “But even if you are not so handsome, don’t be discouraged. Think about it, even if such one was a handsome person, he will don’t have me as a girlfriend. So, if you think about it, do you think you are very happy?”

“Happiness is happiness, but when can I have a sexual blessing.”

“When you are not dirty for a day.” Lin Xiaoxin turned her eyes and changed the topic. “By the way, you just said that I did not play according to the routine, and who else does not play according to the routine?”

“The fat cat of our family.” Frank said the truth.

“If you can talk, I will grow up as high as Yao Ming.” Lin Xiaoxin said she had a sidestroke.

Sure enough, God chose to make it easier to talk to Dixie and let Lin Xiaoxin become as tall as Yao Ming.

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin gossiped a few words for a few minutes, then they hung up the video, Frank thinks they have nothing to do recently, he adds the group of subtitles that he applied for before.

The crooked group and the penguin group were both placed on the application, and soon both groups are connected.

Frank found that the crooked meeting group that was only used to inform the meeting, no one chat. Therefore, Frank directly shut down the crooked meeting group and sent a good expression package for everyone in the penguin group.

“Hey, there is a new addition to the group.” A group member quickly responded to Frank. “This is the new member who has been talking about calcium oxide for a long time. We think that you have been ungrouped for so long. Fill it up.”

Frank has a look at the ID of the group member, which is called “O’Neil”, so he said: “O’Neil the sauce is good, please take care of more later.”

“It can be.” O’Neil immediately responded. “First take a photo and look at it. After seeing the photo, I will decide if I need taking care of it.”

Frank saw this sentence and immediately took the picture left by Dixie, and then the PS imaging was a self-portrait and sent it to him.

“Looking good.” The group member named O’Neill immediately surprised him and asked Frank again. “This kind of color, care is a must. Hurry and send your address, I will come to you immediately. Take care of you personally.”

“So cute, it must be a boy.” Another group member called Rainbow said in a message: “maybe I am bigger than you. Take it easy, old ou. You are a little more careful, but if you go carefully.”

“Is it better than me, isn’t that better?” O’Neil returned.

Well, this group’s operation value seems to be the same as the group name of the subtitle group. It’s the pollution division camp.

Frank and the group broke up for a while, and the group leader of calcium oxide poked at Frank’s window and then said to Frank: “I’ll get someone to train you. Have you known about the work of subtitle group before?”

“No.” Frank replied, “But my translation ability is very strong, it should not be too difficult to get started.”

“You speak very well, but the translation of the subtitles group must be grounded, and you must be familiar with the relevant stalks and culture, so even if the English is good, there will still be some uncomfortable when you start making subtitles.”

“I will try overcoming it.”

“Well, that’s good.” Calcium oxide went on to say; “I will emphasize it with you again.”

Although this is not purely unpaid, the subtitle group can get very little reward by doing subtitles. It is basically used to pay for the broadband fee for one year. If there is any extra, it will send some cups to the group members. Pendant and other gadgets. Basically, it is voluntary work. So, if you want to join us, you can persist for a long time. Otherwise, we will be very troublesome to find someone again.”

“I have always thought that the subtitles group is free of charge. I am holding the heart of serving the people. I did not expect that there were still small gifts. It is already an unexpected surprise.”

“Most of them are unpaid, but sometimes there are some profitable activities.” Calcium oxide back to Frank: “We are originally in the gray field. So the profitability is basically not much, it can be counted as unpaid.”

Calcium oxide said he sent a penguin number to Frank. After Frank added her, she found she was still a very nice girl.

After the girl added Frank, she and Frank opened the voice and she taught Frank some skills to make subtitles.

The subtitle group is a subtitle group with high-quality output. So, there was rarely new. This time, Frank also smashed into the vacancy where someone just quit and then he joined in.

Because there are fewer new people and fewer people, the wizard subtitle group is not like some large subtitle groups. It is divided into groups, timeline groups, proofreading groups, etc. and basically, one person contract the drama or several dramas do all the work.

Such a small number of people, organizational efficiency is high and the quality will be guaranteed.

The most important and troublesome job of subtitles is actually not the translation, but subtitles that are generally responsible for the timeline group.

To add the results, you have translated into the video, and you need a timeline.

At present, there are two methods for the card timeline. One is the manual card timeline, and the manual card counting is a traditional method. Nowadays, a large number of subtitle groups are used to catch up with the time of the machine card, and a set of TV dramas or animations can be done in a few minutes.

But the little innocence tells Frank, because some of the timelines of the machine card will be very blunt, and it will feel awkward when you look at it. So, until now, the subtitle group is using the traditional manual card timeline method to the card.

Of course, if Frank is too lazy to take the timeline, he can do a pure translation and let others come to the timeline.

The time for an episode of American drama is about forty minutes, and the person basically skilled in the manual card axis is only a twenty-minute episode. The average novice is thirty minutes to forty minutes, basically watching and watching. The time is almost the same.

However, Frank readily agreed that he would use the manual card axis method to make subtitles. After all, he basically did not spend much time in translating the work.

“Right, there is.” Xiao Tianzhen said to Frank: “Although we do subtitles for free, everyone who enters the subtitle group is because they love this. So, they are willing to contribute their own time to donate.” But the unpaid does not mean low quality, but it is really because it is unpaid, so it is better to do it. For example, it’s good for you to do it for free, and it’s so demanding.’ You can’t have it.”

Ps: Generally speaking, the more mature subtitle group. Such as the Chinese group, the subdivision will be more professional. The training time of the newcomer is also very long, and there will be various assessments.

And because of the time and other reasons, the workload of the subtitle group is actually very large, and the time is tight.

To match the plot, the text was revised.

Therefore, please cherish every member of the subtitles group you know. They are all good people who are selfless and dedicated.