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M. I. H. G Chapter 135: Old Driver’s Science Class

Frank worked with Xiao Tianzhen for a day and a half. When it was Saturday afternoon, Frank and Xiao Tianzhen jointly completed the subtitle production of a drama. Xiao Tianzhen announced that Frank had a good talent and he is a master. Later he can be picked up by himself some of their own small drama tasks to subtitle alone.

However, because the recent season of the big fire of the US drama has not started broadcasting, the entire subtitle group is not busy. Frank has no tasks for a while, so he has to blow water and play farts in the group.

“Well, I’m really tired of earning extra money recently.” O’Neil began to complain in the crowd, “Never pick up the home list again.”

“I’m still tired. Shouldn’t I be too happy?” Rainbow makes an expression to tease O’Neil.

“What is it?” Frank asked a little curiously.

“Subtitle the latest Don Juan hot movie and sell it to the website.” O’Neil is actually telling the truth.


Frank almost has sprayed the salt soda on the computer screen.

“Is it true?” Frank typed and asked.

“I cannot lie to you.” O’neil sent a very clear screenshot, which is the latest work of a famous love action movie star, and it seems that the subtitles of O’neil have been half done.

This guy is really giving these Don Juan hot subtitles.

Frank just wanted to ask, and then he saw the news of “one day’s banning of O’neil” by the administrator of the group.

Calcium oxide: “don’t drive into the group, don’t drive into the group, don’t you understand that?”

“Well, what’s the difference between the penguin group and the salted fish group that does not drive?” Rainbow raised a serious protest.

‘Rainbow was banned by the administrator for ten minutes.’

Calcium oxide sent a message to all the members of the group, and then again, “all the new and old people have listened well. This is a poisonous dish group. No different opinions and voices are allowed. Do not dare to raise objections to the group leader and the administrator. All are banned.”

“Yeah, is our RBQ beginning to rule the group with poisonous vegetables again at this time of the day?” Xiao Tianzhen said.

“I will give you three seconds to reorganize the language.”

“I mean you’re our little cute. Where do you want to go? Don’t use your dirty brain to understand every word you see.”

“I am stupid enough to believe you are saying ‘cannot afford’. Calcium oxide gave a slightly tongue-like expression, and then lifted the on O’neil and Rainbow.

“Since you don’t want to drive, why do the group names be the smugglers’ concentration camp?” O’neil’s work on his own work photos, banned by calcium oxide is not convincing.

“You have subtitles for a small movie. You cannot do anything but watch it, so our group name is for you only, but it did not let you drive.”

A few people were squashing, and Frank was curious about it. He asked O’neil: “Say, you really have a subtitle for Don Juan hot movie, can I interview you about how you feel.”

“What can I feel?” O’neil back to Frank, “I will have a good time first, then I will enter the sage mode and finish all the work as soon as possible. Fortunately, there is not much talk in this kind of films. The axis of the card can be used as a machine card, and three or four films can be made in one time. It will be hard again.”

“It’s hard.” Frank said to O’neil.

“Serve the people.” O’neil returned back.

“Right, brother, do you want a freshly baked film? O’neil said to Frank. “Just with the good source is *** . The source of the European and American movies, all without code.”

“Isn’t it all a yard for small movies that code is make?” Is it because the decoder is used?”

“No,” said O’neil. “The small movies sold locally in abroad are all code-based because of the relevant regulations. But when you export to Europe and the United States, you don’t have to code, so the titles of the films you see have on the head only the word FBI. Both are European and American sources. ”

“Thanks to the old driver of science.” Frank is also the first to understand these, to solve the doubts that have been plagued in his heart for many years: how to make a small movie with Neon, there will be a warning of FBI at the beginning.

“I already have enough money to go to abroad to study.” O’neil said proudly in the group, “I am going to save the group of teenagers from abroad who have not seen based on the code movies, without their own country’s code.”

“You don’t know.” O’neil made a speech because it was too slow to type. Listening to the sound is quite magnetic. “Our school has an international student abroad. Once we saw we were watching a small movie with no code, our eyes fell. Please ask us to share resources with them. They basically can’t see the codeless in China.”

“Hey.” Rainbow suddenly interjected, “Old Europe is handsome and sound is also good, but unfortunately people have a change.”

“Where did they change?” O’neil said that he was not convinced.

“Where to change. Where the state points? When you point there, you are changing.” Xiao Tianzhen also made a voice, and then typed against O’neill. “You can go to the abroad, and you can do it, abroad.” The law is not a joke. Don’t illegally spread the codeless small movies. When the person gets caught. When the news is reported, the whole country knows your as an international hacker.”

“Yeah, Old Oh. Here to say it can, abroad before but caught the Hanhua group of people ah, if you are also trapped in, we can not find you out. Rainbow said, too.

“Yeah, Old Oh. I can say it can. Before the abroad, but the people who have captured the Chinese group. If you are also trapped in, we have no way to get you out.” Rainbow also said.

“I know, I just want to talk.” O’neil said that he was also joking.

The few people talked for a while. Frank learned that the small movie translated by O’neil was sold to others at a low price. As for where to use it, he did not know it. It was a gray money-making field. Not to be studied.

Of course, it is estimated that no one will report him, think about it. When the report of the fast-paced Le TV. By how many netizens smashed a bloody head dog.

After all, good people are safe in their lives, who dare to make good people not safe, others will dare to let them also follow the peace.

On Sunday, Frank still had no work here. After Frank had come in, he discovered that he came to a subtitle group of salted fish, which is usually just a translation of some of their favorite works.

The American drama of the fire, the animation works because there are other subtitles group translation, so the filth subtitles group does not fight for that.

However, calcium oxide gave Frank a pile of more potential dramas, let him choose one to try to translate. These dramas are good, but because there is no Chinese version, there is no visibility in China.

Frank flipped it over and found there was actually a TV series from the fighting nation Russia.

This is a TV drama that the Russians themselves spit out. The literal translation should be called ‘How did I become a Russian?’

Frank has the talent of a language master. In Russian, he also greeted the calcium oxide and picked up the drama.