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M. I. H. G Chapter 136: Li Yunlong.

This TV series is about an American journalist of Russian descent who was sent to the Russian branch by the leader of the newspaper because he offended people at home. And then gradually became a real Russian in Russia because of a series of things.

This is a comedy film, and the various plots of the drama are wide open, so that Frank, who is used to the domestic routines, can enjoy watching even if the culture is different.

Frank himself watched it first, and then spent the whole morning doing three episodes of subtitles. The whole afternoon he used the time axis to make finished products.

However, Frank was surprised to find that the powerful insight of his own Athena’s vision can make Frank’s card precise when he manually cards the chronology of time.

Although Athena’s vision of Frank can only be opened for less than two hours at a time. It is enough for Frank to finish the subtitles of the three episodes of TV series.

Fang Ze sent the finished product to the mailbox of calcium oxide and asked him to check it. Then he was going out to have a meal. He went to the living room and looked up at his watch. It was almost five o’clock.

Frank sent the finished product to the mailbox to calcium oxide and asked him to check it again, and then was planning to go out to eat a meal. He went to the living room and looked up at his watch. It was almost five o’clock.

The guest should be coming here.

Frank was thinking that someone knocks on the door.

It seems that Caesar is here.

Frank quickly walked towards the door, looked at the Peephole Viewer vaguely, and found that he was a slightly older looking old man.

Because the voice of the other party knocking on the door is crisp and powerful, it seems that it should be a person with a slow personality.
Frank did not dare to delay for too long and opened the door directly.

Frank opened the door and had not had time to speak. The old man outside the door directly reached out and said to Frank. “Hello, I am Li Yunlong. I have to stay here for a few days in these days, will it cause you trouble?”

“No trouble, no trouble.” Frank said quickly, while directly opening the door completely, reaching out to signal Li Yunlong to enter.

Li Yunlong stepped into Frank’s bedroom, and Frank reached out and closed his door, patted his chest and suppressed his inner surprise.

This is a big cat.

The keyword suggests an Italian, Frank thought it was a guest from Italy, but did not think it was Li Yunlong!

The second battalion commander. F***ing mother. The Italian guns!

This classic version of the words, Frank must know this classic sentence, but who can think of the big hint of Italy turned out to be Italian guns.

When Frank shut the door into the house, Li Yunlong had already sat on the sofa. Although it was already two white hairs, he could still read the smell of fire and blood from his body.

This is rarely seen by people in peacetime.

By the time Frank closed the door and entered the room, Li Yunlong had been sitting on the sofa. Although he had white hair on his temples, he could still read the smell of fire and blood from his body.

After all, the war of that year can really be counted as a sea of blood.

Frank looked at Li Yunlong and estimated he should be in his fifties. In the original time and space, he is now the commander of a military on the southeast coast, and it would not long before the tragedy occurred.

Frank finally knows what happened when Dixie said that shielding is difficult to debug.

Because every guest that big meow sends will not see any information about himself in this world and will not know his destiny.

Therefore, Dixie should not only shield Li Yunlong from having a memory about him, but also shielded a lot of relevant history.

“Grandpa Li.” Frank looked at Li Yunlong and didn’t know what to call. So he called him a grandfather, and then asked, “If you want to drink tea, I will give you some tea.”

“I don’t want to cause much trouble.” Li Yunlong waved and said, “just give me some water.”

Fang Ze took a look at the water fountain and said, “there is no hot water. I’ll give you this time to play it.” “”

Frank took a look at the water dispenser and said, “No hot water, I will give you later.”

“The cold water is also good, not paying attention.” Li Yunlong just finished, suddenly looked at Frank and asked: “Since there is no hot water, how did you say to pour me tea just now?”

“It’s ready-made, but it’s also cold.” Frank took out two bottles of tea π with different tastes from the paper box beside the refrigerator “Drink,” said to Li Yunlong.

“It’s ready-made, but it is also cool. Frank took out two bottles of different flavors of tea π from the paper box next to the refrigerator, “Drink,” speaking to Li Yunlong.

“Hey, it seems that we are developing very well now, We even have this kind of tea here.” Li Yunlong looked at the tea π interested and said, “I will take a bottle and see.”

Frank handed a bottle of tea to Li Yunlong. Li Yunlong took a look at his hand and said, “How is the name of this tea called a coffee table? This is really strange.”


Frank looked at Li Yunlong and said, “Grandpa Li, this is called tea π.”

“What?” Li Yunlong looked up at Frank.

“Tea π, π, is the pi in mathematics, which is the seven of the decimal points calculated by our ancestors.”

“Pi. The circumference rate.” “Li Yunlong was too high in tone, and then fell heavily down and said, “I have heard it.” “

“The Pi means the PI, why do you say π? Which makes me shocked.” Li Yunlong said that, and he opened the drink bottle and took a sip.

“The taste is good, the tea is too light.”

“Maybe this is more suitable for young people.” Frank said, “The tea at home has been finished recently, and I have not gone out to buy.”

“It’s okay, it’s the same.” Li Yunlong drank a few mouthfuls and then screwed the lid back.

“It is a few years now.” Li Yunlong looked at Frank.

“One or seven years.” Frank rushed to answer.

Li Yunlong may be preparing to ask Frank some questions about the development of the country now. But if he does not export, he will see his brow wrinkled. As if he is enduring any pain.

“What’s happened to you?” Frank hurriedly asked.

“It’s okay, it’s a headache. It seems that something can’t be asked.” Li Yunlong waved his hand and stood up and said to Frank.”Since people don’t let me, ask, then if you go with me, you can’t ask, I’ll take a look at the head office.”

Frank looked at the watch, more than five o’clock.

So he said to Li Yunlong: “Yes, I just want to go out to dinner.”

Li Yunlong is wearing an old-fashioned Zhongshan dress, although the dress style to get now is a bit old fashioned, but also to see what you wear.

Li Yunlong is wearing an old-fashioned tunic suit. Although the style of the clothes is now old-fashioned, it is necessary to see what you wear.

Some people dressed like old people from the countryside, and Li Yunlong’s clothes were the style of the above-mentioned big leaders to inspect.

Because of the recent rain, the weather was a little damp, and Frank wore a coat.

Li Yunlong saw Frank’s coat and reached out and touched it. Then he said, “Your clothes are of good quality.”

“Generally, they are all produced in the factory,” Frank said.

“how much is this shirt.”

“Eighty Yuan, the per capita disposable income of our city this year is 45,000 Yuan.” Frank because he did not know how to explain to Li Yunlong the level of 80 Yuan to Li Yunlong. So, he directly said the per capita disposable income of Haiping this year.