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M. I. H. G Chapter 137: Cycling Pants

As a military commander, Li Yunlong naturally knew the per capita disposable income of 45 thousand Yuan and the concept of 180 Yuan for a piece of clothing.

It means that most Chinese people will not worry about an article of new clothing.

So, Li Yunlong nodded, his face showing joy. Seeing this, of course, Frank also did not tell Li Yulong with interest. How much the local house price in Haiping was flat.

Too magical, he was afraid the old man won’t accept it.

Frank goes out with Li Yunlong and enters the elevator. Although modern elevators are much taller than before, China installed the first elevator SH “Super High” as early as 1901.

In 51 years, T.J. Maxx received a central order from Qingsheng Motor Factory to install an elevator made in China on Tiananmen Square.

So Li Yunlong wasn’t particularly surprised that this elevator didn’t matter, and Frank took the time to introduce him to his mobile phone.

Li Yunlong took Frank’s mobile phone and looked at it carefully, and said: “If we had such gadgets before, how much can be saved by fighting. The number of correspondents can be reduced.”

“Grandpa Li, this is for civilian use. It can’t be used on the battlefield. Now we have other methods on the battlefield. May I introduce it to you?”

“No need.” Li Yunlong waved his hand and said, “Even if I listen to it, I can’t make it even if I go back to make it. There is no place to rob it, and it is better not to listen.”

Uh, there’s nowhere to grab it. . . . . .

It seems that even after retiring from the battlefield for so many years, the idea of this person is still the same as that year.

If you want to know his own point; if the enemy has something better than yourself, you will take it from the enemy.

Frank and Li Yunlong came out of the elevator. As soon as he looked up, Frank heard Li Yunlong pointing at a young man in front of him and said: “Why does that person seem to be wearing tight pants that women only wear to dance?”

Although it is said that the current popular dress is more and more incomprehensible. He has not reached the point of view of why men wear tight pants to the street.

So, Frank also looked forward.

Standing in front of him was Xiao Hei, who just didn’t know where to take a mountain bike ride. In order to make himself look professional, Xiao Hei always wears riding pants when going out for a mountain bike.

So, Frank had to give Li Yunlong a popular science about what is riding pants.

“There are so many pockets in a pair of pants.” Li Yunlong scratched his head, then looked around. Knowing that even though he had been here for decades after this age, it has turned upside down.

This strong sense of contrast made Li Yunlong familiar from the time when he had not eaten enough food and had a hungry war to the time when the Chinese people stood up.

When he tried to tell his sons how miserable he was as a child, his sons couldn’t understand why the country was so backward.

An era has passed, and all people in the past era have either adapted to the new era or have been abandoned by the era.

He came to this place from a time that people thought was past because of coincidence, and everything here made him extremely strange.

This is not his time.

Li Yunlong sighed, then shook his head.

“What’s wrong with Grandpa Li?” Frank asked, looking at Li Yunlong.


“Frank.” Xiao Hei, wearing cycling pants, came over, greeted Frank, and looked at Li Yunlong and asked: “This is the elder in your family.”

“Uh, yeah,” Frank said to Xiao Hei: “Faraway grandfather comes to see me.”

“Hello, grandpa.” Xiao Hei greeted Li Yunlong respectfully.

“Well, the boy is good.” Li Yunlong patted Xiao Hei on the shoulder and said, “It looks good, I saw you from a long distance. It’s hard to keep your pants out of people’s eyes.

“Others often misunderstand my trousers.” Xiao Hei took a look at his trousers and asked Frank and Li Yunlong, “At this point? Are you going to eat?”


“Let’s go together.” Xiao Hei hurriedly said, “I am almost starved to death just after I came back from the ride.”

“You guys, you can eat together.” Li Yunlong looked at Xiao Hei and said, “But I have to ask first, can I drink?”

“Drinking a bottle of the white blow does not become drunk.” Xiao Hei started to blow.

“Then you can, you guys are very good.” Li Yunlong waved his hands happily. “Let’s go, eat and drink together.”

Because there are restaurants nearby, the three did not drive and came out of the community to prepare for a walk.

Of course, even in the second and third-tier cities like Haiping, not many people, have seen cycling pants, and they do n’t understand the difference between these pants and tights, so Xiao Hei attracted a lot of people’s attention along the way.

While walking, Li Yunlong looked at the high-rise buildings on both sides of the street. The crowded traffic on the street was huge, dressed in various clothes, holding a mobile phone in his hand, holding a puppy, or carrying a gorgeous bag.

The bright colors and modern fashion elements everywhere caused a violent mental shock to Li Yunlong, which made him unable to react for a moment. He reached out and grabbed Frank’s arm.

Frank turned to look at Li Yunlong, thinking something was wrong with his body. Li Yunlong was embarrassed to tell Frank that he had not adapted to the environment for a while, so he made an excuse.

“I’m dizzy looking at this building,” Li Yunlong said to Frank. “If such a building dropped, the consequences would be serious.”

“Father sees what you say.” Xiao Hei on the side thought that Li Yunlong was very interesting to speak, so he said: “Dare to build such a high building, and you have the technology to dare not break him unless the sponsor asks for his money, what are you afraid of?”

“This is also it.” Li Yunlong laughed a few times, glanced at the office building on the street with twenty or thirty stories and said: “The enemy’s bombs on the battlefield flew over, and I didn’t blink. It’s scary to see a few tall buildings.”

“Father participated in the battle before!” Xiao Hei blinked when he heard it.

“The star on my shoulder, what do you say.”

“Great, old man.” Xiao Hei thought that Li Yunlong was participating in a counterattack against Vietnam. After all, it seems that Li Yunlong, a man in his fifties. He is not in a position to fight back against India.

As for the earlier Korean war and the Anti-Japanese War, it is even more unnecessary to think about it.

Speaking of war, he finally returned to the field that Li Yunlong was familiar with. He took the opportunity to talk to Frank and Xiao Hei about his war experience.

Because of the realistic experience, Xiao Hei was very interested to listen to it. After all, the Chinese of today, regardless of the population of more than one billion persons, have gone to the real battlefield of the dead, afraid that a roster will be able to point out.