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M. I. H. G Chapter 138: Addicted to alcohol

Xiao Hei listened with great interest, but Frank was frightened.

There was no reason for him. Xiao Hei thought that Li Yunlong had participated in a counterattack against Vietnam, and when Li Yunlong was speaking, he was a little devil.

These monkeys and ghosts are two kinds of creatures.

However, Frank observed for a long time and found nothing wrong with Xiao Hei’s face. He barely opened the sight of Athena for a few seconds and found Xiao Hei really listened with interest and no doubt.

Something the matter.

Frank turns on his mobile phone, clicks on the recorder and records a speech passage by Li Yunlong. Then he puts his mobile phone in his pocket and will listen to the recording just later.

As expected, the shielding of Dixie is very powerful this time. All the unreasonable things Li Yunlong said will be detected.

Therefore, Li Yunlong clearly told Xiao Hei about the anti-Japanese battlefield But when Xiao Hei heard it, it was all about the counterattack against Vietnam.

Well, it’s all a foreign war anyway.

The three people went to a restaurant. Because they are only three people, so they didn’t need a private room, so they sat down in the hall.

After ordering a few dishes casually, Li Yunlong secretly turned around and asked Frank: “how much worse is our living standard, is it worth than living standard to those countries in the United States?”

“Several major cities along the southeast coast are not much different, and some are basically no different. There is still a big gap between the central and western regions. Our country is too big. No matter what is considered as an average, it is not as good as others.”

“Steel production is concerned that it is not too low.” Xiao Hei heard the words of Frank and Li Yunlong intervened and asked.

“In terms of per capita crude steel output, we have a lot of difference from developed countries. But that gadget has overcapacity now, and we are no better than that.” Frank said while saying, “It seems that only per capita carbon emissions are more than one vote of European countries. Yes, but we don’t talk about per capita in that area, we talk about historical per capita.”

“Is our steel output still inferior to that of Europe and the United States?” Li Yunlong said with a sigh. “In five or eight years, the slogan we shouted was the output of crude steel would catch up with Britain in fifteen years and catch up with the United States in fifty years. It cannot be done.”

“Father, we are talking about per capita, not total.” Xiao Hei said to Li Yunlong: “In 1973, our crude steel output equaled that of Britain. It was just 15 years, and it surpassed the United States in 1993. It took 35 years. The goal you said, we have already achieved it.”

“Now.” Li Yunlong asked.

“The data for one or six years seems to be, and we seem to be ten times that of the United States.” Frank thought for a moment and said, “How about overcapacity, crude steel production has caught up, and there is still a gap in high-grade steel.”

“Catch up slowly, what’s the matter.” At this time, the dish was served, and Xiao Hei put what is served in front of Li Yunlong and asked the elderly to move the chopsticks first: “Without steelmaking, there is no seamless steel pipe, and without seamless steel pipe. There is no Synthetic ammonia and synthetic ammonia have been figured out. Good fertilizers and explosives have been produced, and other metallurgical industries can be driven, step by step. It’s the same reason to eat fat first and then lose weight. ”

Frank helped Li Yunlong tear open the paper packaging on the hotel chopsticks, and jokingly said to Li Yunlong, “Grandpa Li, what kind of wine do you want to drink, will you get half the catty of sweet potato?”

“It’s such a hot day now, what kind of sweet potato to burn.” Li Yunlong glared, then said: “Let them have the best wine, and your boy can’t pit Lao Tseu.”

“Hello,” Frank snapped his fingers, called the waiter, and said, “brings each of your most expensive wines here.”

“Sir, the most expensive wine here is red wine. Do you want it?”

“White wine.” Frank looked at the waiter with a look that made him funny, and the waiter knew immediately he had said something wrong.

Today’s meal is to entertain the old man who is sitting in the middle of the restaurant. Such an old man would not drink red wine.

After a while, the wine came up. Frank originally wanted to open it for Li Yunlong, but although Li Yunlong had not seen the wine bottle in modern packaging, he could understand how to do it at a glance and opened it in a few clicks, and then smelled sip.

“Good wine, where is sweet potato roast better?”

“Isn’t sweet potato just roasted sweet potatoes?” Xiao Hei asked, “How does it compare to wine?”

“Haha, who said to you that sweet potato roast is roasted sweet potatoes.” Li Yunlong looked at Xiao Hei and said, “The sweet potato roast over our side is talking about sweet potato wine. Because this wine makes the spicy throat, it is called sweet potato.”

“I always thought it was roasted sweet potatoes.” Xiao Hei said: “When I saw the bright sword, Li Yunlong asked the pillar to blow up the enemy’s headquarters, and then I rewarded half a barrel of sweet potatoes liqueur.”

Brother, brother.

Could you say less?

Frank glanced at Li Yunlong as usual, knowing that this sentence should not be blocked, so he was relieved.

Li Yunlong takes his glass, fills it with wine for himself first, and then pours another for Xiao Hei. When it’s Frank’s turn to pour him, Frank quickly blocked it.

“I cannot drink wine,” Frank said.

“Anyone who doesn’t drink?”

“Because for a little accident when I was a kid, I couldn’t drink:” Frank said and took out the sprite that the waiter had brought before and filled up his glass for himself. “This color is the same as white wine. I drink this.”

“This guy doesn’t drink or smoke, you don’t care about him. He is a medical student, and won’t use entertainment in the future.” Xiao Hei said with a toast and looked at Li Yunlong, “Let’s go together.”

“Take one.” Li Yunlong and Xiao Hei accidentally co-shoot, and Frank also found that Xiao Hei also seems to have a little military temperament, as if he had received military training.

However, Frank didn’t matter. He had taken Sprite instead of wine and ate food with others, and had never known how many times. The advantage is that you will not get drunk. The disadvantage is that you drink too much and your stomach will rise.

When the three of them ate and drank, it was evening. Xiao Hei had no problem to drink confidently and lay down an old man in his fifties, but he was facing Li Yunlong, who was addicted to alcohol.

After two bottles of white wine, Xiao Hei was KO.

“You boy, you are far worse than me.” Li Yunlong patted Xiao Hei lying drunk on the table proudly, and then said to Frank: “Now he’s pretty good at night, cool and cold, Let’s go for a walk on the street.”

“No, let’s go home first, these days are time waves.” Frank was afraid of something, so he called the waiter to settle the bill.

“Can you still go?” Fang Ze looked at Li Yunlong and wondered if he needed to call help, and the two of them helped each other upstairs.

“You help him. I’m fine, this wine is nothing to Lao Tseu.” Li Yunlong said as he picked up two bottles of wine that he has not yet drunk and put it under his armpit, humming a small song and started to go out.