My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter 139: Yibolu watch.

Frank half-supporting Xiao Hei, just entered the family building and crossed the face of Yu Yancai.

This person seems to have just been released from the police station, and the whole person is much thinner than before.

Frank originally wanted to avoid him but did not expect Yu Yancai to come over on his own initiative and stopped him.

“What’s with you?”

“That one.” Yu Yancai didn’t want to pull down the prestige in front of Frank, but because of the weakness of the last time when facing Frank, the whole person looked like a group of soft mollusks.

“The last time I let a watch at your house on the table, I wonder if it could be returned to me.”

“On the table?”

After Yu Yancai’s reminder, Frank remembers he found a Yibolu watch in his home after Yan just made such a fuss.

Frank also wore this watch. This watch was placed at home by Frank, and he usually wore the watch-type anesthesia gun that Conan sent him to help him in his defense.

“I haven’t seen it.” Even after knowing who the watch was, Frank was too lazy to return it to him. He thought for a moment and knew how the watch has appeared in his home.

“Friend.” Yu Yancai’s face became a little ugly, but he was still reluctant to put a soft word on his face. He said to Frank, “It’s not good to take someone else’s things in their hands and not return them.”

“Go left and take a taxi to the police station to call the police.” Frank said to Yu Yancai, “you have lost the watch on your own, and you can find it on your own. Why do you want me to find it for you?”

Yu Yancai’s face became extremely livid. At this time, Li Yunlong, who was holding two bottles of white wine, came over and looked at them. Then he asked Fang Ze, “How? You owe someone else things at home?”

“No,” Frank replied decisively. “I’ll go back to you in detail about him Grandpa Li.”

“I do not believe you are the one who owes the other people’s things casually.”

Li Yunlong looked at Yu Yancai and said: “If he really owes you something, you come up with the evidence, you must return it if you can’t get the evidence. Just say someone else took your things. What is the difference between you and bandits and rogues? ”

“But I really put the watch in his house.” Yu Yancai said.

“Then I ask you, how did your watch stay in his house?”

“Um.” Yu Yancai was embarrassed to answer this question. After Li Yunlong saw it, he knew that this man must have done something unseen, and was afraid, to tell the truth.

“Let’s go.” Li Yunlong shook his head and walked in front, motioning Frank to keep up their way. Yu Yancai could only watch the two men leave him, the palms of his hands became fists, but quickly released.

Frank walked on the road and told Li Yunlong what happened last time. Li Yunlong poked his lips and said, “This kind of person who can’t get a fart on three feet, dare to do small moves behind their back. If it was that year, would it be early transformed by education? ”

Frank helped Xiao Hei to hold down to the door of his house, then took out his key, opened the door and helped him to sleep in the bed. Then he returned home with Li Yunlong.

When the two entered the bedroom, Frank and Li Yunlong talked about the use of various household appliances, and then Li Yunlong saw the Yibolu watch on the table and said to Frank, “Although this watch is not returned to the other man, It’s not good to hold it in your own hands. It’s better to donate. ”

“Yes,” Frank said: “I’ll ask Xiao Hei to find a way to deal with this watch in a few days, and then ask a friend to ask if there is anyone who needs help.”

“You don’t need to bother to find someone. Isn’t it nice to donate to a charitable foundation?”

“This.” Frank froze, scratched his head, wondering how to answer.

Li Yunlong seemed to see Frank’s dilemma and said to him: “Why, isn’t this reliable?”

“Actually.” Frank said vaguely.

“It’s just there have been official scandals, and folks are not very reliable.”

“Regardless of the official one, since this civilian dares to do it. There will definitely be government supervision, so how can it be unreliable.” Li Yunlong then asked.

“In fact, there are some people who are reliable, but there are too many now. I don’t know which one to donate.” Frank sat down and said to Li Yunlong, “The charity in our country is all managed under the civil affairs department.”

“But you also know that this charity is not only a matter of donating money, it must also be managed. So, management costs will be incurred. According to relevant regulations, this management fee can only be up to 30% of the donation. ”

“Thirty percent is not much. After all, the loss of the horse and the chariot is quite a lot.”Li Yunlong thought for a moment and said, “you can’t let people work for nothing.”

“Ahem.” Frank pressed Li Yunlong’s shoulder with one hand, afraid he would get angry and stood up, and then said: “The family allows 30% deduction. When you go to another house, you can deduct another 30%, so, what? ”

The rest of Frank didn’t say it, but Li Yunlong could understand the twists and turns.

Frank was not embarrassed to say it, but Li Yunlong naturally understood the twists and turns.

Li Yunlong’s eyes glaring, the anger seemed to be vented from his eyes. But after only a few seconds, he suddenly remembered.

In this world, he was just a passerby, so he waved his hand and motioned Frank to do what he wanted.

The next day, Frank got up in the morning and made breakfast. Then he called Li Xiaojie, a girl he had known before, who used to study pre-school education. Later, during her internship, she went to the mountain area to teach.

This branch of education has basically been rooted in the mountains since then. It has traveled to major poverty-stricken areas all year round to support teaching, help local people solve problems, and raise materials.

Of course, she belongs to a small group of several volunteer resources. She never raises funds publicly because it is illegal.

Most of their funding sources are from their own money, and a small part is like Frank, knowing that they really do work, resources donate money to them, donate materials or whatever.

They never raise money online; at most, they promote it among their friends.

“Hey, Frank, why do you remember to call your sister today?” Li Xiaojie’s voice came from the receiver.

“Care and care.” Frank and Li Xiaojie are also very familiar, so the hippie smiled jokingly: “I just want to try if you can get through this phone or if I can get through, it proves that I am lucky today, and I will be at ease.”

“Yes, you’re lucky today.” Li Xiaojie’s mouth seemed to be talking while chewing cookies.