My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter 140: Woman accident.

“Why do you buy seeds?” Frank asked curiously.

“The village I went to this time, I feel that the natural conditions are actually good, and I can grow something, so I can buy some seeds to see if they can be planted. If they germinated, it would be a good economic source.”

“Are you in short of money? Frank said, “I have some spare money here. Send me an account number, and I’ll call you.”

“You still have free money?” Li Xiaojie said, “Chi Chi spent so much money in the United States because his family gave him a broken suggestion for that he was forced to come back. I heard all his free money was given to others, and there was an extra donation to me.”

“I called him a few days ago to give him 30,000 Yuan. I felt it will take a while. The money I will give you was an unexpected fortune.”

“Okay, I’ll send you the account number later.” Li Xiaojie thought for a while and then said, “Although it’s old talk, I still want to talk about it, if you can persuade him to come back, it’s best to persuade him back. If he is in the United States alone, if something really happens, no one can help it. Although the two brothers sides of the sentence although long, he can clear up the relationship and do more work. After a few years, he can apply for medical treatment outside the country.”

“I knew he had a bank account number. He didn’t have a fixed residence there, and his phone number kept changing. I couldn’t reach him. Besides, you don’t have any idea about him. You’re not better than me.”

“Well, your brother’s own business should be measured by himself, and I won’t worry much about it.” Li Xiaojie and Frank talked a few more words, then hurriedly hung up the phone.

After breakfast, Li Yunlong wondered how Frank didn’t even have a TV at home. Frank had to say that the house he rented didn’t have a TV, but there was a computer that could be used as a TV.

Then Frank carefully turned on the TV site, and then searched the CCTV web page. He opened the most-watched TV show in history, and the show was too long, and the never-ending news webcast let Li Yunlong watch it carefully.

Sure enough, the news network broadcast this kind of program. Although young people like Frank can basically be used as background music. It is very suitable for Li Yunlong’s appetite, so he is sitting in a chair and looking at these seriously News of the day was hooked up.

Frank took Yibolu’s watch and went downstairs to knock on the door of Xiao Hei’s house. After a few knocks, Xiao Hei came out and opened the door for Frank in pajamas.

“I remember I didn’t change clothes last night. What happened to you? I woke up in the middle of the night and changed myself.”

Xiao Hei motioned for Frank to enter the room to speak.

“The old man of your family can really drink, and it’s the first time I’ve let down by a person.”

“Nonsense, you two drank two and a half bottles yesterday. It’s strange if you don’t get drunk. Fortunately, it’s me, or I’m sure you’ll wake up today with a pain in your stomach. ”

“So, what are you doing here for me, and I dare not drink with that old man any more?”

“Why, you are scared.” Frank looked at Xiao Hei and asked.

“That’s not true, mainly because I had a bad dream last night, I’m afraid it would be unlucky to go out today.”

“What dream?” Frank asked.

“I dreamed I played a game and was reported, so I dare not go out today for fear of accidents.”

“Um, you played a game and were reported, and it has nothing to do with you dare not go out.” Frank did not understand Xiao Hei’s brain circuit for a moment.

“You think.” Xiao Hei patted Frank’s shoulder and said, “Dream is the opposite.”

When Xiao Hei said this, Frank immediately understood, and nodded, saying, “For security reasons, you really shouldn’t go out.”

Xiao Hei asked Frank about his intention. Frank took out the watch and let Xiao Hei help with it.

“Yu Yancai’s kid’s watch.” Xiao Hei smiled twice and said, “I didn’t expect this kid to put in his watch in order to frame-up people, and it’s deserved.”

The two were talking, and Xiao Hei’s door rang again. Opening the door and seeing it was the old man.

“Why did you come here in the morning?”

Xiao Hei said with a smile.

Lao Bo came in and saw Frank, and said, “Exactly, I wanted to go to Frank with you, but now I save trouble.”

“What’s wrong?” Frank asked.

“I heard you took Yu Yancai’s watch which cost tens of thousands of Yuan and you did not want to return it to him.” Lao Bo looked at Frank and asked.

“If you don’t have something to do, you will listen to him make it up.” Xiao Hei’s reaction suddenly came back. For fear that it was Yu Yancai who could not get the watch by himself, he found Lao Bo to be the middleman.

“What Yu Yancai said in front of me was very sincere. He said that he had saved long-time money to buy the watch, and tens of thousands of Yuan is not a small amount for others, so I thought, if it’s not vengeance, you will give it back to him.”

“He lied to you.” Frank patted Lao Bo’s shoulder and said, “Do you not know who I am? If I take other people’s things, I will definitely give it back to them.”

Lao Bo looked down at Frank, and took a look at Xiao Hei, and saw that Xiao Hei held out the hand to Frank. So Frank just gave to Xiao Hei the Yibolu watch.

Xiao Hei noticed the old eyes, and naturally put the watch on his wrist, saying casually, “I’m getting ready to go out.”

“All right, you say there’s no such thing as that.” Lao Bo looked at Frank and said: “But you should be careful recently. This Yu Yancai, he is dangerous. Maybe he will retaliate against you.”

“Everything is good, just a fight.” Frank shrugged, saying it didn’t matter.

Frank finished and swinging his hands upstairs and Lao Bo also returned. Recently, he was addicted to making videos and couldn’t help himself. It is said that even the raised fish was ready to be given away.

Frank accompanies Li Yunlong out for a long time walking around the area in the morning. Li Yunlong has not been to Haiping, and it is very innovative to see everything.

After lunch at noon, when the two waited to return to the community, it was already more than four in the afternoon.

Frank and Li Yunlong walked while chatting, but they didn’t notice, Yu Yancai was talking to a well-dressed woman on the street corner.

When Frank and Li Yunlong walked to the gate of the community, the woman suddenly walked towards Li Yunlong and Frank.


When the woman walked in front of Frank and Li Yunlong, she fell down.

When Li Yunlong saw someone had fallen, he hurried over to check the situation. Frank felt something wrong. He just wanted to reach out and hold Li Yunlong, but he didn’t hold it.

Li Yunlong has quickly walked over to help this grandmother. “Old woman, you are all right?”

“You have something!” The woman yelled with anger, then grabbed Li Yunlong’s arm, “You hit me, so hurry to take me to the hospital. If I have any shortcomings, you have to take responsibility.”

Li Yunlong thought the old woman was confused and quickly said, “Old woman, I didn’t hit you. You fell down. I’m afraid it’s something wrong. Let’s go to the hospital first.”