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M. I. H. G Chapter 141: This White Hair

During the day, I was given white hair, which is not only the pass when I was in line for filling up. But also, the epitaph for the person who wants to give me his seat. Either I am humble, or I am the ancestor of the wrong person.

This is a period of deafening speech. This is also the motto of those godlike women and men who appear on the streets, buses, squares, gates and other places.

It’s not these women are humble, but for these women, everyone here is scum.

When the woman saw that Li Yunlong was willing to take her to the hospital, she immediately said, “You don’t need to send me there. You give me the money; I will go by myself.”

“How can this be done?” Li Yunlong said, “what if something goes wrong with you?”

Just at the moment where the woman talked to Li Yunlong, there was already a circle of people around, and soon a young man came in. When he saw the woman, he immediately ran and cried and said to her, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? ”

“I was hit by him.” As soon as the woman saw the young man coming, she pointed at Li Yunlong with confidence.

The onlookers looked the same as the woman, knowing that it was slapstick. But they do not know-how.

Save a thief from the gallows, and he will cut your throat.

Li Yunlong kindly explained a few words, but the eldest mother was determined to be the one hit by Li Yunlong. Then the young man suddenly without saying nothing seized Li Yunlong and said, “my mother has diabetes, you just have hit this disease woman seriously, you must pay money!”

Frank really couldn’t stand it anymore. He walked over and said to the little young man, “What’s the matter, your diabetes mother, can her sugar increase by bumping her? “

“What do you know?” Xiao Young looked at Frank fiercely, and then said to Li Yunlong: “Take out a thousand yuan first, I will buy insulin for my mother, and we will finish the rest.”

“I didn’t hit anyone.” Li Yunlong then reacted: “This was blackmail.”

With the birth of human civilization, this kind of thing spreads in every country, with different methods in different countries.

However, the Tatar armies of other countries are mainly young people, and the methods are relatively high-end, all are drilling for legal loopholes.

After entering the modern era, the old people of our country have opened a new chapter in this aspect.

You really do not even need to talk about the truth: “You old man, you fell me down and you must give me money.”

Li Yunlong also did not expect the old man would catch himself, and then he came over and looked at Frank and said: “Alarm.”

Frank just dialed 110, and when the young man over there saw that Li Yunlong was not eating the set, he waved over and shouted: “I do not let you hit my mother.”

However, the young man did not expect he was not an ordinary person. He is the twenty-one veteran who had come down from the battlefield and current general.

Li Yunlong reached out and grabbed the young man’s wrist, and then twisted it. The young man suddenly turned over in pain.

Then Li Yunlong stretched his foot and kicked the young man’s calf, and the young man immediately fell to his knees.

“Why did you hit me and hit someone else?” The woman saw that her child had let it go and was immediately anxious. She grabbed Li Yunlong and shouted as if she was playing a drama.

The voice is loud and clear, and it is a good seed, but it is a pity. Frank looked at the surrounding crowd, and they felt the same.

Within minutes of Frank’s phone call, a police patrol car next to it just drove up.

The two policemen got out of the car and came over and asked, “What’s going on.”

“Comrades in the police, they are stingy,” Li Yunlong said.

“You let the person go first.” A policeman pointed at the young man who was pressed to the ground by Li Yunlong.

“Okay.” Li Yunlong said and let go of the person, and then the young cricket fell face down on the ground.

“Policemen, this is the man who hit me and hit my son. The woman said at Li Yunlong.

The leader of the police is about forty years old. Looking at the appearance of this woman, he also knows this is a puppet.

He looked up and found a camera on the gate of the cell, so he pointed at the camera and asked, “This is the cell camera. Who will take me to the cell guard’s duty room, and I will adjust the video.”

“Comrade Police, I’m sorry.” As soon as the middle-aged policeman’s voice came to an end, a person wearing a security uniform crowded over.

Frank recognized this man as a security guard in the community.

I only saw the security guard comes over and say, “I also saw something here just came here. The camera at our door is broken these days, and it hasn’t been repaired yet.”

The security guard of this community finished talking and turned to see Frank.

He did recognize Frank, so he walked forward to him, pointed at Li Yunlong and said: “This is your elder?”

“Yeah.” Frank nodded.

“These two people have been corrupting people in this area for a long time, and they are most likely to throw their weight around and play tricks. Your elder generation really tells the truth. They are holding people in the street from any age, and the others will pay hundreds of yuan to let them go.”

“These two people have been embarrassing in this area for a long time, and they are the most pro to robbery. Your elder has really true. You have helped people on the street at any age, and you will lose hundreds of Yuan.”

Frank did want to pay a few hundred Yuan to pass, but he knew Li Yunlong’s temper.

If you lose money here, the first person to look down on you is Li Yunlong.

Frank called Fang Cheng, but couldn’t get through. It might be in a meeting or a task.

The police there have already started mediation because there is no video.

Of course, there will be video evidence to mediate.

Several good-hearted people stood up and thought that Li Yunlong had proved that he did not hit anyone.

But as soon as she saw someone willing to come out and prove. The woman lying on the ground rolled hissing all over the ground, crying and crying, saying everyone bullied her. The police pulled the frame or something.

Frank bet that she didn’t work so hard when she gave birth.

The two policemen tried to drive the crowd on the sidelines. But they could not disperse them, so they said to several people: “Let’s go with the police to the police station first, and then solve it.”

Li Yunlong and the woman got into the police car first. Frank took note of the calls left by a few good passers-by, and they said that they could be witnesses if needed. Then he got in the car.

While in the car, Frank made another call to Fang Cheng. But still couldn’t get through, neither was Brother Li.

At the police station, several people went in, and then the older policeman said to Li Yunlong, “You said you didn’t hit anyone, can you come up with evidence?”

“I just didn’t hit people, and so many people are willing to testify, you can’t see?” Li Yunlong was angry at this moment.

“Don’t be Lao Tseu when you are so old.” The older policeman looked at Li Yunlong and said: “those who are willing to testify don’t have to see whether they actually saw it or not, and can’t prove that they really saw it, do you think so?”