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M. I. H. G Chapter 142: Old Chief

“Comrade police.” Frank looked at the policeman with a smile and said: “who questions? Who gives evidence? You should understand the basic principle. Since she said she had was hit by someone, let her show the evidence of being hit. She cannot say she was hit when she was not hit. I said she hit me yesterday.”

“Don’t worry, young man.” The older policeman looked at Frank and said, “you don’t have evidence to prove that you didn’t hit people, and the other side can’t show evidence that they hit people. Why don’t we all step back and mediate this?”

“Don’t be anxious, young man.” The older policeman looked at Frank and said: “You see that you can’t show any evidence that you didn’t hit anyone, and the other side cannot show any evidence that she was hit by someone. Why don’t we all step back? Is it okay to mediate this?”

“What mediation?” Li Yunlong asked, looking at the older policeman.

“Isn’t she asking you to pay a thousand, so you might as well pay her five hundred?”

“I didn’t hit anyone, why should I lose money?” Li Yunlong asked, staring at the older policeman.

“Did you say everything?” The older policeman was a little upset, and was about to say something and saw Li Yunlong hit a punch on the office table, and the whole room was shaking.

For a moment, the policemen in the entire office looked up.

“Do you call it mediation?” Li Yunlong called out: “you are called harmony mud.” This is what the police should do. This is what the woman of the neighborhood committee will do.”

“In terms of your solution to the problem, it is more suitable for any police officer to remove all lice from the neighborhood committee!” Li Yunlong looked at the older policeman who had been stunned by him for a while, and shouted at his nose: “Call me your leader, and I say what the people under him do!”

“What’s wrong?” A slightly younger voice sounded beside him. Frank turned his head and looked at it. A young policeman in the hands of a twenty-seven was holding a thermos bottle in his hand and came over, a little bit confused that something had happened here. “What’s the matter.”

“Deputy Hu.” The older policeman saw the young man, screamed, and then pointed at Li Yunlong. “He made trouble in the crowd.”

“I made trouble out of no reason?” Li Yunlong looked at the vice deputy and said: “You are their leader, don’t you. Come here to comment and judge, how are these people under your authority?”

“Please speak softly, old man. If you have any suggestions, please don’t get angry with yourself.” Although Deputy Hu is a young man, to be fair, the leaders of the basic level police station are not competent for ordinary people, especially for the police station. As long as you are not old enough to be managed by others. The leaders at the basic level should manage everything from handling cases, receiving and handling police, mediating conflicts and disputes, dealing with emergencies, and managing teams.

Those who can be so young as a Deputy must have their ability, otherwise, they would have been upset by the people below.

“I have an opinion, a great opinion!” Li Yunlong looked at Hu’s deputy, then he pointed around and shouted: “the common people give you rights. It’s for you to hold justice for the common people, not for you to make peace. Yes, if they are like you, it’s enough for the woman to have a relative in the police station! If she wants any help.”

Speaking of Qi, Li Yunlong smashed the table again, then shouted: “It’s a loss that you are not my soldiers, or I will send you to the military court. On the battlefield, you are called fearful.” Call deserter! ”

A lot of words of Li Yunlong were actually just listening by many policemen present. After all, after a long time at the grass-roots level, no one has heard many complaints. Some of the reasons are not understandable, but they are not easy to deal with in practice. People and the law are problems.

But when a group of people heard Li Yunlong’s last words, they were all stunned. What ‘are you my men? ‘Their feelings are, is this man, an old chief in the army?’

Especially the vice deputy, his eyes suddenly changed, and he became serious in an instant and looked at the old man wearing a Zhongshan suit.

Listening to this tone, looking at the momentum, It seems that he is really an old chief with a high position.

Vice-President Hu had been standing at that time, and carefully asked Li Yunlong, “Can I ask you? you old man, which army?”

Li Yunlong squinted at Vice President Hu, and found that the serious Vice President Hu could not help standing up, and asked: “I think you have also been a soldier, which army do you belong to.”

“Hu Chengming, a soldier of the reconnaissance company of a certain group army of the former Southeast Military Region.” Deputy Hu immediately stood and introduced himself.

Li Yunlong was happy to hear the person’s self-introduction on the spot. Wasn’t that the army he managed at the time.

There really was a surname Hu in his army that year.

So he tried to ask, “Who is Hu Jinyuan?”

Li Yunlong asked Hu Chengming on the spot because Hu Jinyuan was his grandpa.

“When Hu Jinyuan was the squad leader, one of his soldiers was not guarding seriously. Do you know what he said?” Li Yunlong asked.

This Hu Chengming knows too well. His father taught him what he used to do with his grandfather, so he immediately said: “If you don’t do things seriously, you might as well go home and sell sweet potatoes.”

“Then what do you think is the difference between what you are doing now and selling sweet potatoes at home?” Li Yunlong looked at Hu Chengming with a smile.

“Old Chief, we know we are wrong, and we will take this matter seriously.” Hu Chengming salutes and says respectfully.

When his grandfather was a soldier, he was all about five or more years. Later, his grandfather worked to the rank of commander.

By the time of his father and his generation, both father and son had joined the army. But both had just caught up with the big layoffs, so they changed jobs.

You know the most important thing in the army is seniority and seniority. Since he dares to call on his grandfather’s name directly in front of him, his rank and seniority must be far higher than his grandfather’s.

Hu Chengming immediately said respectfully, “Old Chief, please sit down first and we will solve the problem for you immediately.”

“It wasn’t for me to solve the problem; it was for the common people.” Li Yunlong patted the table a few times and called out.

At this moment, the police in a room knew everything. At this moment, they have met an old chief who was more true to love and had been in the army.

Although it can’t be said to be absolutely clean in the army, compared to society. There are too few broken things, and most of the people inside are relatively straight.

There is a relationship, but the premise of a relationship is that your ability can be seen in the past. If you make a careless package, you will have a relationship again. What you can do on the top is to make a better transition for you. Otherwise, where you are sent, the people below will not be convinced of you first.

Hu Chengming immediately came over and helped Li Yunlong to sit down, then pointed at the mother and son of the uncle, and said to the other policemen: “Detain these two people first!”