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M. I. H. G Chapter 143: Relevant Regulations

“What happened to the old chief?” Hu Chengming looked at Li Yunlong and asked.

“Why do you hold them back?”

“These two are wicked people.” Hu Chengming said for granted.

“Then how do you know it’s them who are wronged, not me to them?”

When Hu Chengming heard this, he knew that Li Yunlong was really a real man and had done something wrong.

So he immediately said: “old chief I know, we will immediately follow the procedures, and we must investigate this matter clearly”

“That’s right.” When Li Yunlong saw Hu Chengming’s action, he said: “I don’t want to be a privilege either. You just have to follow the rules, not everyone, is good.”

“Yes, yes.” Hu Chengming said that quickly, then Frank walked over and said the phone numbers of several people willing to testify. So, Hu Chengming was ready to crack down on preparing to handle the matter in accordance with regulations.

At this time, the woman who hadn’t talked for a long time since Li Yunlong got angry stood up and said, “So what, misunderstanding, misunderstanding.”

The woman looked at the situation like this now, knowing that things were in trouble, and she estimated that she could not get any money. So, she said to Hu Chengming: “Dear Policeman, I remember. This man did not hit me, I fell down by myself. Yes, it’s a misunderstanding. I remember it now.”

Li Yunlong looked at the woman.

“I’m old and confused.” The woman patted her knees, and stood up like everyone else, and said: “Then I won’t bother you, I will go first.”

“Go.” Hu Chengming looked at the woman and said: “If one day, someone let us know that you often do this, I must catch you in and sentence.”

“I dare not dare.” The woman said and took her son away.

Li Yunlong looked at the woman and her son who were leaving, and asked: “You just let them go? There is no punishment for the people, no need to go to jail?”

Hu Chengming looked at Li Yunlong embarrassed and said: “Head, don’t you say you should act according to regulations, and the relevant regulations are like this.”

What else does Li Yunlong have to say? Frank pulls Li Yunlong and explains: “Grandpa Li, this is what it looks like.”

“The crime of extortion must meet these conditions before it can be judged. First, is that the person must be 16 years of age, have the corresponding criminal responsibility ability, and be mentally normal. Second, is that the person must have the purpose of illegally extorting the property of others. Third, is This person used threats, intimidation, intimidation, and other methods to force the victim to surrender his property. Fourth, extortion of public and private property must also be a large amount or multiple extortions. Before it could constitute a crime.”

“Yes, my old chief, this guy is right, we are not good at it.” Hu Chengming looked at Li Yunlong and said: “First of all, this old lady didn’t want to embarrass you, she didn’t intimidate. She didn’t force you to pay, only but it is compensation. Moreover, the most troublesome thing is the amount is large, or it has been done many times before conviction. This old lady does not meet this, so according to regulations, on our side is at most criticized and educated. ”

“That’s a bullshit regulation.” Li Yunlong heard that, and he was angry. “Today, she wronged me. Tomorrow, if she wronged a timid one, or if there was something urgent at once, will she be successful?”

“Grandpa Li, you calm down.” Frank patted Li Yunlong’s back and said: “The law is the most important thing in the country. Penalties are to maintain the bottom line of morality. If one day you need to rely on penalties to maintain the morality of a country’s ideas and promote values, then this country is afraid that it will soon be over. ”

“Old chief, now the keynote is to pass penalties for violations of the law, so we will not use penalties. We also want to manage some things, but the penalties cannot be imposed, and violations of laws are not punished according to regulations, and we have no choice.”

“What shit.” Li Yunlong was still a little bit puzzled. “I want to say that as long as he catches the puppet, he will be sentenced to squatting in prison for a few months, and next time I do not think it will dare to poke others.”

“If we catch a recidivist, we will definitely do so, the old chief will rest assured.”

Hu Chengming said to Li Yunlong, “we will pay more attention in the future.”

The policemen around laughed and talked to Li Yunlong. Li Yunlong knew this can only be the today’s case.

After the incident, Li Yunlong and Frank, accompanied by many policemen, walked out of the police station. They both took a taxi on the side of the road and were planning to go back at first. The torment was ended at night.

“What shit regulations.” On the way, Li Yunlong was still a bit puzzled. If it was in his era, it is estimated that the mother and son are now in jail.

“Grandpa Li, don’t be angry.” Frank patted Li Yunlong’s shoulder. “Actually, the legislation is perfect now, but it’s rare to get evidence. Like this time hitting people, it’s impossible to prove it. But in this case, whoever claims to the others to obtain evidence. If it happens next time, let the other party prove it.”

“Then if he had a few helpers, would you say you hit him?” Li Yunlong asked Frank while watching.

“If you don’t say how to persuade people to study the Fa, you should do everything you can. It is impossible to perfect the rules. What matters is people’s hearts.”

“The warehouse is realistic and knows the etiquette, the food and clothing are full and the honor and the insult. Li Yunlong thought and sighed.

“When the warehouse is solid, we know the etiquette truthfully; when we have enough food and clothing, we know the honor and disgrace by clothing and food.” Li Yunlong thought for a moment and sighed: “National development is not enough.”

“Well, Grandpa Li, you know this sentence.”

“Do you really think I am illiterate?” Li Yunlong said proudly.

Frank looked at Li Yunlong with a look of pride. After all, he didn’t raise the bar and said the sentence: “Guan Zhong who said this is a man who is doing business with good friends and making small accounts of corruption, where is his face?’

When the two returned home, Frank started to make a western food for Li Yunlong to taste and naturally harvested a bunch of criticisms such as flashy, not as good as Chinese cabbage.

After eating, calcium oxide contacted Frank, and the three episodes of the TV series verification passed, and he suggested changing the name, ‘How did I become a Russian’? The name doesn’t sound appealing, nor is it grounded. It is recommended to change to ‘The Fighting Nation’s Diary. ‘

Sure enough, ginger is still old and spicy. Frank changed his name a bit and then passed it to the account of the calcium oxide subtitle group to upload it to the Internet.

I uploaded two episodes to try the water for the first time. If the effect is good, I can update it regularly every week.

PS: This chapter contains the content of the law, and the analysis is very shallow and one-sided. Just for plot needs, don’t substitute into reality or discuss it!!!