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M. I. H. G Chapter 144: Farewell Party

After dealing with this, Frank was going to shut down the computer to sleep, and his instructor sent a message to told him not to forget tomorrow’s farewell party.

Frank scratched his head and replied to the guide, “an elder in the family will come with me tomorrow, you see.”

“Elder, okay.”

After finalizing this matter, Frank went to the bedroom and talked to Li Yunlong. Li Yunlong was watching the news webcast intently, waving his hand, saying it was okay.

The next day, Frank put on the suit that Hannibal had let on, and when he went out of his bedroom. He bumped into a well-dressed Li Yunlong.

“How to not wear a suit.” Li Yunlong frowned and looked at Frank and said, “look how energetic you are in Zhongshan suit and what suit you are wearing, you look more motivated.”

“Zhongshan suit is at home. I didn’t wear it.” Frank quickly explained, “Just wear this to make up for it, and it is not a formal party anyway.”

Frank and Li Yunlong drove to the entrance of the school’s auditorium. The two went late. At this moment, the auditorium was basically full of people.

Frank’s instructor watched Frank wearing a Zhongshan suit from a distance. At first glance, the old man with great temperament entered the small auditorium. He immediately thought that this old man was the person who asked Frank to enter hospital 301 for an internship, and he welcomed Li Yunlong warmly.

After speaking a few words, the guide arranged a seat for Frank, and then whispered to Frank: “What do your elder do? He looks very temperamental.”

Frank quietly attached to the guide’s ear, saying only one word: “Captain.”

Frank’s instructor’s eyes brightened at that time, looking at Li Yunlong’s eyes was like looking at his own little love.

Well, this metaphor seems a bit heavy.

But it is true.

As a not so famous university, even if it is the principal of a university, the administrative level is much worse than that of the army commander.

The administrative level corresponding to a positive military post is at the level of deputy governor and deputy minister. And even at the same level. In general, the power of the chief officer is greater than that of the administrative officer, and the treatment is relatively high.

The guide immediately went up and talked with Li Yunlong enthusiastically, and modestly asked Li Yunlong to make some suggestions to the venue.

This was really an appetite for Li Yunlong, so the general immediately gave a few constructive suggestions.

The venue is too noisy and chaotic, not like in the auditorium, but rather in the vegetable market.

The leaders sat and talked one by one, and talked arbitrarily. When the upper beam was incorrect, the lower beam naturally crooked.

The seats in the conference hall were unscientific. The place where people should pass should not pass, and where people shouldn’t pass was too wide.

In Li Yunlong’s suggestion, the leaders were of course automatically shielded by the brains of the guides, but he kept in mind that the placement of the venue and the students were too noisy and cluttered.

“Also.” Li Yunlong watched the audience preparing to perform on stage, and the girls with large arms and legs were exposed. “Is this a little exposed? The big girls are like this.”

“This party is mainly for students. Students like it. We have nothing to do. We must pay attention to it next time.” The guide said that Frank and Li Yunlong had arranged a seat in front of them, and then hurry Step by step to find the leader.

After a while, Dean Jiang walked over quickly.

“Grandpa Li, this is President Jiang of our hospital.” Frank introduced him by his own initiative.

“This old head is okay.” Before President Jiang had arrived, his hands were stretched out enthusiastically. “Welcome the old head to our Haiping Medical University to give pointers to work.”

“It’s impossible to talk about pointing, and it’s just to accompany someone to come over to have fun.” Li Yunlong returned.

It is said that the longer you live, the more poisonous your eyes become.

The previous guide told Dean Jiang that Frank had brought a big man at the rank of a commander to the school. Dean Jiang was not convinced.

After all, for the military commander, in China. He is also a big-class character.

This kind of character doesn’t have a guard around, so just come to school casually?

Now when President Jiang sees Li Yunlong, looks at his temperament, and listens to his tone, he knows the person in front of him looks younger than him. A person in his 50s, even if he is not a captain, is in the army. Belonging to real leadership cadres.

“In the downriver Xu Min, I don’t know the name of this old chief?”

“I’m Li Yunlong!” Li Yunlong said his name with a straight face.

After the name Li Yunlong had come out, Dean Jiang froze for a while. When Frank almost thought that he was going to say a ‘Flying under Chu Yunfei’, Dean Jiang spoke and praised, “Good name, good name! ”

Speaking of Li Yunlong, people must think of Liang Jian first.

If it wasn’t for President Jiang that the old man in front of him must be a military boss, maybe Li Yunlong would think such a name was amused him.

However, the Chinese people’s names are repeated so much that they must have the same names as the characters in the film and television dramas.

Of course, it is not tragic to have the same name as a character in a film or television drama. It would be even worse if it was named with a certain name.

For example, a friend named Fu Yanjie, once wrote; “If a person’s life is divided into spring, summer, autumn, and winter, then it will be spring until my seventeen. Until Fu Yanjie’s commercial was launched. ‘

‘That year, his life entered winters. ‘

Li Yunlong and Dean Jiang had a very happy chat. After all, seriously, the audience had the shortest generation gap between them.

The guide standing behind Frank pulled down Frank, and then quietly asked, “This commander, this is really the name.”

“Really.” Frank said for granted, “This name is not a rare name. In our country, a senior general from FJ, also known as Li Yunlong, participated in the Korean War.”

“Uh-huh.” The guide nodded quickly, then signaled Frank to sit down first, waiting for the party to begin.

Frank sat down alone, took out his mobile phone and asked the three in the discussion group in the dormitory whether the three of them were here today, and they got a unified answer.

It’s better to go to such a boring party in tone than to have a hack in the dormitory.

Well, that seems to be the case.

Frank was bored sitting in front of him alone, surrounded by a circle of school tyrants, and Frank was naturally unknown to anyone.

People like him who are too lazy to participate in various activities, the natural communication circle will not be too wide.

After the show was over, the host started announcing the list of outstanding graduates, and Frank went up to receive a certificate of merit, took a few photos in cooperation. And was preparing to see Dean Jiang step onto the stage and then said: “Today There is a distinguished guest in our school. This is an old head with very life experience. We asked him to give us a few words and give a class for the senior students of our college who are about to go to the internship. please welcoming Mr. Li Yunlong! “