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M. I. H. G Chapter 145: Unnamed

After President Jiang finished spoke, thunderous applause stirred up.

Frank didn’t need to look at it, and it turned out that Li Yunlong came to the stage, took the microphone, and was ready to start speaking.

The level of Li Yunlong’s speech is still acceptable, after all, the word Liang Jian comes from his speech.

Not to mention because this is a century-old dialogue. In addition to Li Yunlong’s speech, although the words are not gorgeous, they are grounded and sincere.

Li Yunlong let the students, and leaders who are used to the false sky feel that this speech is quite good.

Standing next to Frank, a buddy who was also an outstanding graduate pounded Frank with his elbow, and asked, “What’s the name of your elder in this family, this speech is very powerful.”

“Li Yunlong,” Frank said.

This friend was also stunned for a while, and then he responded, “it’s a double name, but it’s really military temperament. I often look at Li Yunlong’s ghost livestock in the base station and think this old man and Li Yunlong have the same military temperament. But he doesn’t have the water chestnut of Li Yunlong. “

It has been smoothed by the years.

Frank thought with regret that if it was Li Yunlong in his twenties. What would he do if he found himself in the same situation as Li Yunlong in his old age?

Unfortunately, it can only be thought about, no one knows the answer.

When Frank was lamenting the cruelty of the years and the difficulty of life. The man went on: “Why don’t you say that this country has a policy and it is not allowed to repeat the name.”

Frank was immediately laughed at by the man’s words, he turned to look at the man and asked, “Have you ever shaken the license plate number.”

“Yes, I’m from Pengcheng. I’ve been shaking the license plate number since I got my license, but it’s not for me. It’s for one of my uncles. He’s getting married and can’t buy a car. “

“Then you say, you can’t shake a license plate number for you now. If the country restricts duplicate names, do you think you can give your children a good name?”

Fang Ze patted the man on the shoulder and said, “at that time, Wang Wei, Ding, and other names can only be obtained by rich or expensive people. Later, when people go out, they don’t need to ask whether the person has a car or a house. They can estimate the family situation of the person by asking his name. “

Frank patted the dude’s shoulder and said, “At that time, it is estimated that Wang Wei, Ding Yi, and other names can only be obtained by rich people. In the future, people do not need to ask if this person has a car or a house. You can estimate the family situation of the person by asking his name. ”

Li Yunlong’s speech was finished at this time. Everyone gave warm applause to see him off the stage. Then Frank and Li Yunlong stepped off the podium together.

Originally, Frank thought that this would be over. But President Jiang was to invite Li Yunlong to eat together because it was not easy to meet someone who could talk so well. They must have a good chat.

Li Yunlong originally hated these entertainments, but President Jiang said he was alone, so Li Yunlong agreed.

After everything was over, President Jiang and Li Yunlong came out from the back door of the small auditorium and pointed at the front row of shared bicycles. “The place is not far from here, let’s ride over by a bicycle.”

“Okay, I haven’t been riding this thing for a long time.” Li Yunlong looked at the bicycle and felt this thing is very close to the people. It is much better than riding a car. You can also ride and see the surrounding scenery.

good stuff!

These two add up to more than 120 years old. The old man who is almost 130 years old thinks it is a good idea to ride a bicycle, but Frank is almost crazy.

Li Yunlong didn’t even have to. His body was tough, but this president Jiang had a previous record.

When Frank just entered school, every day he saw an old man in his seventies. Riding a bicycle like riding a motorcycle. He came to school with great speed and took his textbooks to class.

An old man in his seventies, the treasure of the school’s courtyard, rides a bicycle every day, like riding a motorcycle and sometimes scatters it.

Not to mention the students watching a ticket leader in the courtyard watched the old man riding his bike every day. It’s like watching a grandson ride on a roller coaster, and it’s like the feeling of going up and down.

The leaders in the courtyard had experience with this old man, after all, not all those with the surname Jiang possessed that ability.

So when it’s time to relax, you will have to relax.

The yard gave Jiang Laozi a travel subsidy, which was enough for him to rent every day. But Mr. Jiang doesn’t need any subsidy. He will ride his mount fast.

In the courtyard, Grandpa Jiang gave a travel subsidy, and that money was enough for Grandpa to rent every day. However, Mr. Jiang does not need any subsidy, but he rides his mount fast.

Later, the hospital couldn’t help but hire someone to be an autocratic driver. But Mr. Jiang also does n’t want people to pick up and drop off, he has to ride a bike, and he is the dean himself. A group of leaders in the court consisted of his sons and grandchildren and his subordinates, none of whom could persuade him to change its customs.

Later, there was no way to convince the principal by the other leaders.

However, the principal can’t persuade him. After all, he is an old man in his seventies. He has the same personality as a child. No matter what you say, he just doesn’t listen.

The leaders of the last angry school couldn’t help but found a student. While Dean Jiang was in class, he stole his bicycle and then arranged for a pick-up person to wait for him.

Father Dean Jiang has no choice but to take a car. Because when he buys a bicycle again. As soon as he arrives at the school, he will be stolen by the principal student himself and the bike will not be found.

Just like this, Father Jiang stopped to drive bicycles for two years, and then when Frank was in his third year. Shared bicycles became popular, and the streets were full of small yellow cars and small red cars.

Mr. Jiang started his bicycle racing career again, and now even the principal can’t help it. After all, the student cannot steals the bike.

Therefore, Mr. Jiang’s driver has a task every day, responsible for dragging him into the car before he rides a bicycle.

Today, it looks like the driver is waiting at the front door of the small auditorium, so President Jiang took Li Yunlong out of the back door.

The purpose is to ride a shared bike.

Frank hurriedly went up to stop him. “Well, Dean Jiang, this time is not too early. It’s too late to go by bike. I’m driving, or we’ll go by car.”

“It’s not early today.” Li Yunlong looked up at the sky and glanced at him. When Frank thought he was going to ride a car. He turned sharply and said: “But it’s not too late, riding a bicycle, no better than How slow is it to drive? Let’s ride, is over. ”

“The hero sees the same thing.” Dean Jiang nodded quite a feeling that won his heart.

“I’m still driving, what should I do?” Frank pointed to his Wuling Hongguang.

“You drive behind, we will open the way for you in the front.” Dean Jiang waved his hand and settled down.

“Well, I think I was also a night warrior.” Li Yunlong said again and began to talk about how he used to fight devils in Jinchaji.

[Shanxi, Chahar, and Hebei (three provinces of the Republic of China in the period 1912-1936)]

Of course, all the words passed to Dean Jiang’s ears, all of them became how to hit Vietnamese in the south.