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M. I. H. G Chapter 146: The Old Man’s Way of Making Friends

Frank had no choice but to use his cell phone to rent a small yellow bike for Li Yunlong. Dean Jiang also rents a bike for himself, and then the two rode away.

Li Yunlong should be so happy he forgot he would keep 300 feet of distance between himself and Frank.

In order to prevent the explosion on the spot, Frank rushed to a small yellow bike whose lock was cut by someone and kept pace with the two older men.

These two old men, Li Yunlong, and Dean Jian are naturally, needless to say, are very strong. And President Jiang of the drag racing group is even more concerned about cycling.

Therefore, even though Frank was a young man with good physical strength. When he met such two grandfathers, he could only let the two grandfathers open the way for him, as President Jiang said.

Frank suddenly felt his treatment was elevated to the rank of a national boss.

He wonders, what level of big man can let a dean and a military commander ride a bicycle at the same time to open him the way.

But on the road, Frank immediately understood the reason why President Jiang did not like to take a car.

Because it’s blocked.

Frank looked at it this way. The cars blocked on the road were easily passed by the three of them on the little yellow bike, and he didn’t know how happy they were.

However, he feels happy and very happy. Riding a bicycle is indeed a personal effort. If you are not used to riding, you will feel tired after riding for a little longer.

Fortunately, President Jiang said that the place to eat is not far away, and the three of them will arrive in more than 20 minutes after a ride with the bike.

This is a private club, which is more advanced than the hotel where Frank accompanied Fang Cheng to reconcile with Lao Sha last time.

Of course, the guests who come to this club are all here to enjoy it. Not to talk about things or to congratulate after things have been discussed.

“There are few good chefs in Haiping City, so we can have one here.” President Jiang said to Li Yunlong, “at first my teacher cheated on me about Guangxi. at this place and everything was delicious. I could not eat anything delicious somewhere else. I cannot give up this school. I did not want to leave this school early. “

Frank also knew for the first time that President Jiang was still a foodie and introduced various delicious food to Li Yunlong along the way.

Of course, for Li Yunlong, everything is the same. The cauldron rice in the army cafeteria is the best.

But when Dean Jiang said that there was good wine here, Li Yunlong’s eyes lit up.

“My old Li doesn’t pay attention to what to eat, but he only wants good wine.” Li Yunlong laughed happily.

The name of this club is Zhuxuan Club, and the waiter outside the door recognizes President Jiang. After all, the only person who comes here on a bicycle is probably the old man.

But what made the waiter eye-opening today is that the old man not only came here alone by bike but also brought two people on bikes together.

The three got off the bikes, and the little boy who was in the park came over and looked at the shared bicycles left by the three. Although it was estimated that there were all kinds of vomiting in their stomachs, they still respected and took the three bicycles to the parking space.

And next to this private club is a natural park. There is really nothing to say about the greening. There is a feeling of Taoyuan Township, and the environment is indeed top-level.

The three entered and were led by the waiter to a small private compartment, pulled up the screen, and then sat down.

The menu was brought up, and Dean Jiang ordered two dishes that he liked to eat, then showed the menu to Li Yunlong and let him choose.

Li Yunlong frowned when he looked at the menu.

Because the price of each dish here far exceeds the coat that Frank had put on his body before.

Not to mention that not only Lin Yunlong looked at the price, but even Frank also looked at it.

Although he has eaten more than this price, it is not that he paid for it and did not feel bad.

“What kind of dish is this Jinwucangjiao (a magnificent house built for a beloved woman)? How can it be sold for 322 Yuan?” Li Yunlong pointed to a dish name on the menu.

“This,” Dean Jiang said with a grin, “Fried eggs over rice.”

“I’m afraid it’s not an egg; it’s really an egg laid by Jinwu.” Li Yunlong said, pointing to another dish name, “What is this battle in Changsha?”

“Fried agaric cucumber with eggs.”

“It’s just a fried egg with fungus and cucumber, four hundred Yuan?” Li Yunlong couldn’t figure it out. “If I put it in the army, it would be enough for one of my platoons in one row to eat fungus, cucumber, and scrambled eggs.”

“It seems that you, Li, have always been eating in the army. This is not the same as the army outside. This environment, this chef, this price is good.”President Jiang said.

“It’s all the same in the stomach, but there’s nothing different.” Li Yunlong sneered at President Jiang’s remarks, and then said, “you may have to spend a lot of money to eat these.”

“It’s okay, eat a good meal occasionally, and improves it. It’s only a few thousand yuan.”

“Then how much salary can you get this year?” Li Yunlong asked curiously.

“I get the state allowance. I can have two or three hundred thousand in one year.”Dean Jiang thought for a moment and said, “Our medical school is better than those who are more professional, and the teachers are poorer.”

“This is still poor.” Li Yunlong shouted at the time, “The average salary of ordinary people is only more than 40,000 Yuan, but you are five or six times that of ordinary people.”

Frank heard that Li Yunlong said this, and his heart was broken. The main reason was for President Jiang to get out the salaries of those executives. It is estimated that Li Yunlong blew up on the spot.

But before he said anything, he heard that President Jiang also pointed at Li Yunlong and yelled, “Are you taking fewer soldiers than us? A full-time military service costs more than 200,000 a year. You live and eat in the army, usually on weekdays. There is no room for food and accommodation, and it is more comfortable than us. ”

Li Yunlong was about to continue to scold President Jiang. When he heard what President Jiang said, he was immediately happy.

We are nor less treated than soldiers when you read much.

Suddenly all the dissatisfaction disappeared, so Li Yunlong waved his hand and shouted: “Come here, give Lao Tseu tens of thousands of Yuan of wine. Lao Tseu wants to taste it, and I will drink it today.”

“The beauty you want.” Dean Jiang cursed at Li Yunlong. “You might as well sell my old life and go to the auction house to buy those millions of bottles of antique wine and drink to death.”

Although the two scolded each other, their expressions were obviously a step closer.

Frank really couldn’t understand this old man’s way of making friends.

While President Jiang ordered the waiter to order, Li Yunlong turned his head again and quietly asked Frank how much money he could have in a year as a soldier.

Frank thought for a while, thinking that what Li Yunlong asked should be the salary of a regular soldier, so he gave it.

“Eun En, okay, okay.” Li Yunlong thought in his mind that a non-commissioned officer would have between fifty thousand Yuan and seventy thousand yuan in one year. No money is spent on weekdays, so the disposable income for a year is similar to the disposable income per capita in Haiping City.