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M. I. H. G Chapter 147: female body is a dish food.

Although the treatment of Chinese soldiers is not as high as that of the United States and other countries, the treatment is indeed increasing year by year.

Along with this improved treatment, the number of troops is shrinking and the quality is constantly improving.

Go back and find a video of the parade for Li Yunlong to watch.

Frank suddenly thought of this.

Although President Jiang is not willing to prescribe Li Yunlong with a bottle of several tens of thousands of Yuan. A few thousand Yuan of top-quality wine still give Li Yunlong allow him to enjoy to have a good drink.

Frank doesn’t drink, and President Jiang’s fighting ability is actually not good, so he stared at President Jiang’s death. Li Yunlong gave up the plan to overthrow President Jiang. After all, he really overthrew people, so old If something goes wrong, it won’t be good.

As we all know, drinking alone is the most boring.

So, Li Yunlong drank for a while alone and saw that Frank was playing on his mobile phone. Dean Jiang was drunk and was looking at the screen, thinking it was a blackboard and giving a lecture.

“Well, it would be nice if Lao Tseu also followed.” Li Yunlong stood up and was going to go out. Frank hurriedly asked, “Grandpa Li, where are you going?”

“Go to the toilet.”

“You remember three hundred feet.”

“I remember it.” Li Yunlong waved his hand, and then went out.

Frank waited for twenty minutes. Although he didn’t feel that he was too far away from Li Yunlong, while after such a long time should the toilet does not be finished?

So Frank took a look at the chopsticks in Dean Jiang’s hands that he held as a teaching wand and he was talking to a classmate who did not exist: “there should be no problem with the old man. ” But Frank went out to find Li Yunlong.

After walking a few steps, Frank knew Li Yunlong was there.

Because our commander Li Yunlong’s voice is still so loud.

Frank quickly followed the sound, and the source of the sound was another private room that was more luxurious than Frank’s, and the decoration was a bit Japanese.

At this time, the waiter who had circled outside the private room was looking inside.

Frank hurriedly pulled the waiter and walked in.

This is a large room with young people sitting in a circle. The oldest is only looking around 30 years old. At this time, Li Yunlong was pointing and scolded.

Between Li Yunlong and the young people in this circle, there was a young girl who looked very young. The clothes on her body were very few, basically only flesh-colored inner clothes. She didn’t even have any socks.

She was kneeling on the ground awkwardly.

What happened?

Frank looked at this scene and immediately made up a picture of unscrupulous bullies taking turns insulting an innocent girl.

But if you think about it, he’s not right.

There are eleven young people in such a circle and not only men but also women.

Those women are all dressed luxuriously, and they do not seem to have drunk wine.

Could it be said the second generation of Hai Ping has been of low quality to the point where more than a dozen men and women partners bully a girl?

Frank opened Athena’s vision, and then looked carefully at the woman who was kneeling on the ground and immediately understood what was going on.

Although a lot of food on the woman’s body fell to the ground because of being pulled by someone, it can still be seen on a closer look.

The female body is flourishing.

To be precise, it is not like the neat female body that is neon. But the female body that wears inner clothes and has a little bit of a bit of discipline.

Then the truth is simple.

It is estimated that this group of young people came here to ask for freshness and ordered a female body. The result is that when Li Yunlong passed by the box, some people came out of the box.

The effort to open the door let Li Yunlong see it.

On the spot, he thought they were unscrupulous bullies insulting the girl, so he went in and quarreled.

And the reason why eleven or twelve young people were so eager to be scolded and being scolded and reprimanded by Li Yunlong was very simple. As two young men were beaten and lying on the floor at that time by Li Yunlong and one of them was trampled under his foot.

Old man’s skills will not diminish.

Just after Frank entered, the security guards and a manager of the two clubs also rushed over.

“Old man, if there is any misunderstanding, we can have a good discussion. Would you please put your feet off this gentleman?” The manager looked at Li Yunlong and said politely.

When Li Yunlong saw the people in the clubhouse coming. He actually removed his feet from the person he was stepping on and then pointed to the girl who was a female body and said: “You want to have a good talk, so we will have a good talk and explain to me first what is this. ”

The manager of the club didn’t have time to explain. Before Li Yunlong drops his foot, the young man who had been loosened by Li Yunlong looked at him and shouted, “old and immortal, you can try to not step on me again.”

But by an unexpected movement, Li Yunlong didn’t step on the young man again. He kicked the young man directly and rolled him around.

“Sir, calm down.” The manager looked at Li Yunlong and “Do you mean this girl? She is a feature in our store.”

“It’s your characteristic to treat people as plates. Why don’t you come by yourself and let others come and eat on your body?”


Frank took a look at the manager. Although he was very white and clean, his pores were still relatively thick and thin. He asked him to be a woman with a large body. It was felt that even the dog would not have an appetite.

“Then if you understand that, we will have to resort to force.” The manager looks at Li Yunlong, makes a red color and signals the two security guards to take off the old man in his fifties.

However, the security of such private clubs is the elite who stay outside, most of them are from veterans, and the inside is for people to see.

The first is to look handsome, the second to be tall, and the third is to play.

So, the two security guards did not last for a few rounds, and they were knocked over by Li Yunlong.

The trouble is big.

Frank and the manager of the club also felt a headache.

The manager’s headache is how to deal with this matter, after all, he is also the first time to meet such a strange old man. And Frank thought about how Li Yunlong will be agreed with this new generation.

Those who dare to open such private clubs are certainly famous in Hai Ping’s shopping mall circle. Frank watched the manager start calling with the intercom, and quickly took out the phone to prepare to call Li Zihao and Chen Jian.

When either of them comes here, he could give each other a face.
As Frank was about to take out his cell phone to make a call, one voice came over.

“What’s the matter, what are you all doing here? You have to do your works.” A thick voice came over, and the waiters around him all dispersed.