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M. I. H. G Chapter 148: washed and disinfected container

In addition to the leader black fat man full of middle-aged fat who leads the other three.

The identity of the mysterious Han Zhenxing had not long ago met the deputy director Hu Chengming.

Poor our deputy director Hu should have stepped in when he should not have come in, just to expose his face so that Li Yunlong could see it.

“Little Hu, come here.” Li Yunlong waved his hand politely to Hu Chengming.

Hu Chengming also saw Li Yunlong. On this occasion, he turned around subconsciously and tried to avoid it, but where to avoid it, Li Yunlong had already seen him.

Therefore, Hu Chengming was unwilling to go through all kinds of things, so he could only walkover. It looked as if the students had skipped classes and the teacher caught them.

Lei Dacheng and Han Zhenxing also saw Frank at this time, but they also met with Frank and Pingshui. At this time, it is not appropriate to say hello, so they did not speak.

The short, fat man who was walking in the front saw that Li Yunlong called Hu Chengming to his side like a student. After thinking for a while, he didn’t dare to talk casually, so he waved to the manager and asked about the situation.

Hu Chengming originally thought that Li Yunlong was going to reprimand him for entering such a place. After all, he is also a soldier who was transferred on his career. On this occasion, the old chief saw the two persons were normal.

As to why the old chief is also there on such occasions, Hu Chengming has ten thousand afraid to ask him.

But where can Li Yunlong manage his affairs now? He points to the girl who kneels on the ground and acts as a female body dish and tells Hu Chengming the situation and asks him to ignore her.

Hu Chengming was dumbfounded when he heard what Li Yunlong said.

The old chief is estimated that he hasn’t left the army for a long time in this life. He doesn’t understand the mess in the society outside. What kind of thing does he care about?

Hu Chengming was speechless and looked at Li Yunlong anxiously. If the boy was his soldier, it was estimated that he would have kicked it on the spot.

“Can you mind, just give me a word? Li Yunlong shouted angrily.

“Head of the report, I can’t control it.” Hu Chengming stood upright and shouted.

“Why not!”

“Because this belongs to the industrial and commercial management!” Hu Chengming tells the truth.

“Then you call me a business person!”

“Yes, chief.” Hu Chengming also looked away at the moment. Anyway, the old chief was watching. What he feared at a grass-roots school level was reasonable, right, the old chief must definitely abide by his words.

At this time, the short, black and fat man also asked about the situation. Came over reached out to Li Yunlong, and said: “Old man, I’m Han Zhenxing, the owner of this club. I don’t know what to call you.”

“You are the owner of this store.” Li Yunlong shook hands with Han Zhenxing, but asked him with a squinting eye, “Do you know this is against you!”

“The old man is wrong to say so.” Han Zhenxing saw that Li Yunlong had no intention to shake hands with him, so he reached back with interest.

“I don’t think it’s illegal for me to do this.”

“You asked a girl to serve you as tableware, and you said you didn’t break the law ?!” Li Yunlong exploded on the spot.

“Mr. Old, you cannot get used to this thing, you cannot get used to it. Let’s go to law. Now it is a legal society, and everything has to be said about the law. I dare say it doesn’t violate the law, it must be the country has no relevant regulations!”

Han Zhenxing’s words frightened Li Yunlong, after all, he also had to make sense.

So, he turned around and asked Hu Chengming, “Is the country really not banning this?”

Hu Chengming thought about it, and then said, “This, it seems to be a bit involved with the porn industry.”

“Chengming.” Han Zhenxing looked at Hu Chengming and said, “You can’t be such an uncle.”

“Uncle’s this, you see it too.” Han Zhenxing pointed to the girl who was sitting on the ground kneeling. The girl who was becoming more and more embarrassed said: “She was lying there wearing clothes and she didn’t have any contact with the guests. So, she got involved with the color industry. ”

“Isn’t that what I said?” Hu Chengming seemed to be in the way. After saying this, he dared not speak.

When several people were grinding their lips, the business and industry finally came.

Hu Chengming went over first, greeted several business leaders, and then talked about the specific situation.

The small captain of the law enforcement for industry and commerce came to the box, looked at the girl who was kneeling on the ground and glanced at Li Yunlong, who was hinted by Hu Chengming to be the old head of the army, and glanced at Han Zhenxing, and suddenly felt his head was too big.

Selling Maple, this Hu Chengming is not a good thing.

“Captain Guo.” Han Zhenxing looked at the small captain and said: “This old gentleman said that this characteristic of me is inappropriate. I would like to ask, is there any legal prohibition on?”

“This doesn’t seem to really exist.” The captain of the law enforcement team in industry and commerce was also very embarrassed, and it was estimated that Hu Chengming was also being scolded at this time.

Obviously, he couldn’t bother but dragged himself over.

When encountering such a situation that both sides cannot afford, the team leader can only enforce the law impartially.

He looked at Li Yunlong and said, “Mr. Old, this one does not seem to violate the law.”

Li Yunlong did not speak and turned to look at Frank.

After all, in this era, he only trusts Frank now.

Frank looked at the girl sitting on her knees on the ground.

After all, as long as the female body is not naked, it really falls within the scope of law enforcement or non-law enforcement.

However, the problem now is that this Han Zhenxing must have a strong connection. So, the only thing Hu Chengming and Captain Guo who can enforce the law can do is to make it clear that this will not work. It is legal to enforce the law.

When Han Zhenxing showed a seemingly thick smile looking at Li Yunlong, Frank suddenly said: “Who said this was legal.”

Han Zhenxing didn’t expect Frank to come out like this. He looked at Frank and said slowly: “The little brother said something, where was this illegal?”

“The national food safety law, Chapter IV, Article 27 in food production and operation, clearly stipulates that containers for direct food supports should be washed and disinfected before use.”

After Frank said, pointing at the girl sitting on the ground kneeling, “This little girl, I definitely believe in washing after washing. But I asked Boss Han, was she disinfected?”

Frank’s words made Han Zhenxing stunned.