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M.I. H. G Chapter 149: Little Treasure.

Just when everyone was in silence because of Frank’s words, “I’m sorry.” “A woman’s laughter broke the silence, the crowd turned around to see and saw it was Han Zhenzhen, this woman just listened to Frank to do the girl body with sterilizing thing, at last, this time she cannot help but laugh out loud.

Han Zhenzhen’s laugh made Han Zhenxing’s face darker but made Captain Guo react.

Captain Guo hurriedly said to Han Zhenxing, “Boss Han, have your tableware been sterilized? Can you show us the evidence?”

“Disinfection, I’ll disinfect your grandma’s legs.”

Han Zhenxing was so angry he would scold his grandma, but there was no word to refute it.

Say it’s not tableware, okay, the porn industry that rubs the edge.

If it’s tableware, come on, and come up with evidence to prove that this tableware has been sterilized or not.

“No disinfection,” Han Zhenxing said with blackface. “I confess my penalty, and you will give me a notice of punishment.”

“The specific process still has to go.” Captain Guo said to Han Zhenxing, “After we return, we will send you a notice of punishment. Starting today, your club, without sterilized tableware, must not Reappear. ”

Captain Guo spoke and pointed at the girl sitting on the ground kneeling.

“I see.” Han Zhenxing nodded.

“That’s right, you must correct your mistakes,” Li Yunlong said, lifting the girl who was kneeling on the ground: “Go back and put on your clothes, and you will live upright. You can’t do these insults things. ”

“I see, thank you.” You also saw the dust settled, and this tableware should also leave the stage, thanked Li Yunlong again, and then turned away.

Frank guessed that although the girl thanked Li Yunlong on the surface, it was estimated that she would still scold Li Yunlong as Captain Guo scolded Hu Chengming.

After all, people could make money by lying down, but now they are so confused. I don’t know how much money they will lose.

Of course, Frank would not tell Li Yunlong these things.

Li Yunlong’s generation has blocked danger which threatens the country with blood. What Frank can do now can only conceal to Li Yunlong a strange modern phenomenon that he cannot imagine and understand.

Li Yunlong thought that he had done a great deed. Since ancient times, the heroes should leave after completing good deeds, so Li Yunlong and Frank said goodbye to everyone and walked out of the room.

When he returned to his room. Dean Jiang also finished a class. Watching Li Yunlong and Frank and shouted: “After class!”

With this one class harm, Frank almost habitually shouted to the teacher goodbye.

President Jiang looked at Frank very well. He was just confused after he was drunk. Who knows that after class, the whole person immediately fell down.

How fucking I do this?

Fang Ze scratched his head and thought that now as the owners of the club have been offended by Li Yunlong. It’s not a place to stay for a long time. Let’s leave it now.

So, Frank held up President Jiang and shouted to the waiter to pay the bill.

“How much is it all together?” Frank looked at the sleeping President Jiang and knows it’s time to cut his own flesh. President Jiang, who had originally used to guest them, is drinking and lying down, let alone paying for him. He probably doesn’t know where his home is.

“Sir, your meal has been exempted by our boss.” The waiter said respectfully to Frank and Li Yunlong.

It’s not good to be disrespectful. It’s the first time for him to see someone who can sue his own boss’s shop and get the boss’s exemption.

That feeling is good.

Frank has no backbone. He is the best one who can avoid being single.

When he heard he could get rid of the bill, he quickly supported President Jiang except for the club. At the door, the parking attendant came up and looked at the three and said, “Sir, your car is already at the door. Do you need me to scan the code for you to open it?”

When he heard the order that he could be get rid of the bill, Frank hurriedly helped Dean Jiang to leave out of the clubhouse. Waiting at the door, the parking attendant came over and looked at the three men and said: “Sir, your car is already at the door. Do I need to scan the code for you to open it?”

“What scan code is on?” Frank had long since forgotten.

The three of them came on bikes, and he wanted to use the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile to send Dean Jiang back.

Frank looked at the three shared bicycles in front of the door and looked at Dean Jiang who was half-laid on him.

I don’t seem to have the skills to take a person back with a bicycle, especially if this person is an old man in his seventies.

So Frank looked at the boy in the parking and said: “You call us a taxi.”

“Okay.” The younger boy in the parking heard Frank’s words and immediately called one taxi to let it take them elsewhere.

After all, as a high-end club, this kind of service is still available.

“What about your three bikes, sir, do we need someone to ride them back for you?”

“No, you can ride them down in any street you want.”


A few minutes later, an Audi drove over. Frank helped Dean Jiang to sit in it and then got into the car with Li Yunlong.

“Where do I go?” The driver asked.

“In front of the family hospital of Haiping Medical University.”


When the driver heard Frank’s address, he started driving. Frank only knew that President Jiang lived in the family hospital, but did not know the specific number and unit.

Fan Xue’s sister seems to know.

Frank called sister Fan Xue who hadn’t been in contact for a long time and talked about the situation.

“President Jiang is drunk again.” Sister Fan Xue heard Frank’s phone call and said to Frank, “You have a few minutes to come. I’ll wait for you soon.”

“Not so troublesome,” Frank said to Sister Fan Xue: “You tell us what unit and number, and I will find them myself. Master will be at home now.”

“Because the teacher’s mother is at home, I don’t trust you to send the Dean back.” Sister Fan Xue said: “you must wait for me, or something will happen.”

“Just because the teacher’s mother is at home, I cannot rest assured you will send back the dean.” Sister Fan Xue said: “you must wait for me, or something will happen.”

Sister Fan Xue hung up the phone after speaking, making Frank somehow.

How can there be a danger to life when sending someone home?

After the taxi driver heard by the gate the communication, Frank helped President Jiang just came down, and saw Sister Fan Xue hurried over.

“This is it?” Sister Fan Xue looked at Li Yunlong and asked in confusion.

Because Fan Xue was a graduate, she didn’t attend the party and naturally, she never met Li Yunlong.

“I’m an elder student.” Frank said: “Dr. Jiang was drunk.”

“Hahaha.” Li Yunlong laughed when he heard Frank’s words: “It’s because this old boy can’t drink too much, no matter what I do.”

Frank helped Dean Jiang enter the community and was about to ask the building to Fan Xue, but Fan Xue said to Frank, “Wait first.”

Frank only saw Sister Fan Xue walk to the garden of the community and shouted, “Little treasure, little treasure!”

Who is a little treasure?

Frank hadn’t responded yet and saw a garden dog burst out in the garden, and ran to the foot of Sister Fan Xue cheerfully. …