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M. I. H. G Chapter 150: Military Parade and Movie

The Sister Fan Xue took out a dog biscuit to feed the pastoral dog. Then picked up the pastoral dog, walked back and said to Frank: “Let’s go.”

Frank helped President Jiang follow Sister Fan Xue to a residential building, took the elevator, and then Sister Fan Xue started knocking on the door of a house.

After knocking for a long time, there was a gentle old lady’s voice coming out of the door. “Who, if it’s to bring us our old man back, just leave it at the door.”

Well, this should be the teacher’s mother.

Frank glanced sympathetically at Dean Jiang, and it seemed that the old man was not drunk once or twice.

“Mother, it’s me, Fan Xue. I took Little Treasure back.”Sister Fan Xue shouted into the corridor.

Hearing Sister Fan Xue saying this, it took a few minutes for the dean’s mother to slowly open the door. A grandmother in a wheelchair, full of the scent of books. But with a little frost on her face appeared at the door and looked at them.

“Mother.” Sister Fan Xue said as she hugged the pastoral dog in front of her and said to the mother: “Mother, look, Little Treasure misses you.”

Sister Fan Xue said quietly pinching Little Treasure’s hind legs, and Little Treasure really started to scream.

“Come, give grandma a hug.” The Jiang’s mother spoke again when she saw Little Treasure. Thinking that Little Treasure really missed her. So, she stretched out one hand to hold the pastoral dog in her arms and then moved the wheelchair with the other hand to the living room going in.

Sister Fan Xue, the housekeeper, entered the living room and quickly waved to signal Frank to enter Dean Jiang in the house.

Frank finally understood what was going on and quickly helped Dean Jiang entered the house, and then under the guidance of Sister Fan Xue, Dean Jiang saw a bed in the bedroom and lay down.

Sister Fan Xue watched Dean Jiang lie down and took out a plastic bag from the bag that she carried, which contained several wafers wrapped in paper.

“Take this to Jian’s mother and say that President Jiang bought it exclusively for her.” Sister Fan Xue whispered to Frank.

Frank suddenly nodded saying he has understood and then went to the living room.

In the living room, Li Yunlong chats with the mother who is holding the dog. Their discussion is about Dean Jian’s drunkenness: “The main thing is that I called Mr. Jiang to drink today. My sister-in-law should blame something or me.”

Although Li Yunlong said very sincerely, the expression of the mother looked much more obvious.

Frank hurriedly brought the bag of pastries to her and said, “Grandma, this is what the Dean specifically ordered me to buy for you before he gets drunk. You can eat it while it is hot.”

She took the bag of wafers, opened which one it was and nodded with satisfaction. The cold frost on her face seemed to melt a little, and said to Frank, “Do not trouble you.”

“No trouble, no trouble,” Frank said quickly.

After dealing with all this, Frank and Li Yunlong came out of Dean Jiang’s house, and Sister Fan Xue still had to stay to help the mother to do something she was not convenient to do.

After stepping out of the door of Dean Jiang’s house, Li Yunlong laughed loudly while taking the elevator.

“What are you laughing at?” Frank looked at Li Yunlong and said.

“I thought that this was the case only for my big and old wife. I did not expect that the wife of a cultural person would be more strict.”

“At the end of the day, it’s not about cultural people, and it’s about wives,” Frank said.

“That’s the reason.” Li Yunlong said to himself as he walked, “When I go back, I also have a dog. Don’t raise such a puppy, raise a big wolf-dog and take it out every time when I go to drink. .If I come back drunk and she does not let me come in, I’ll say if you won’t let me in. You have to let the dog in. ”

“Raising a big wolf dog, I think you are afraid to go out to sleep with the dog in the kennel.” Frank’s reply made Li Yunlong laugh.

But Li Yunlong smiled and smiled. Frank suddenly remembered something, as soon as his eyes were sore tears almost fell.

“What’s wrong with you?” Li Yunlong looked at Frank and asked.

“Nothing.” Frank quickly wiped away his tears, then went to school with Li Yunlong to pick up the car and drove home.

The next day, Frank found a large number of military parade videos to download. And then went to Xiao Hei’s home to pick up the projector. Ready to accompany Li Yunlong to watch the military parade videos.

“Well, it’s okay to take this step. Our step is getting better and better for so many years.”Li Yunlong praised watching this step.

“That must be,” Frank said proudly.

Forward is not a weapon, nor can it increase the combat effectiveness of the army, but forward represents a spirit of energy. As long as this spirit is present, the people’s army will always reassure the people.

With the end of the march, all kinds of weapons appeared. Some Li Yunlong can understand, some Li Yunlong can’t understand, Frank explained on the side how powerful this weapon is.

However, it is also limited to this extent. When Frank tried to tell Li Yunlong about future warfare methods, such as the modern battlefield combat mode of the United States against Iraq, Frank’s words were blocked.

Then there is no way, Two people can only experience eye addiction.

After seeing the military parades of various countries, Frank also showed Li Yunlong the Russian military parade he attended on Red Square. Of course, Russia, that Frank said it was the Soviet Union in Li Yunlong’s ears.

Not addictive.

After Li Yunlong watched the military parade, he couldn’t be happier.

Frank thought for a while, then turned on the phone and found that the movie Wolf 2 is still playing in the movie theater, so he told Li Yunlong that he planned to take him to see the movie tomorrow.

Li Yunlong originally thought that Frank was going to take him to see what kind of literary films, love movies and the like, and he was not willing to watch them. However, Frank said something about the story of War Wolf 2. Li Yunlong immediately changed his mind and readily agreed.

So, Frank found a game of War Wolf 2 in the afternoon and watching that no one had bought a ticket. He directly spent more than 2,000 yuan to buy all the tickets for the entire seat.

The next day, after having lunch, the two arrived at the theater and checked in.

“I don’t want this.” Li Yunlong looks at Frank’s 3D glasses and says.

“I’m not a cultural person. I watch glasses and wear Sven glasses.”

“This is not pretending to be Sven glasses,” Frank explained the role of 3d glasses to Li Yunlong.

“Really?” Li Yunlong was a little disbelieving that this tiny eye had such a magical effect.

“You’ll know it when you watch it,” Frank said.

The two did a while, and the movie was about to start. Li Yunlong looked at Frank and said, “Why such a big place, it’s just the two of us.”

“This movie has been on the screen for too long. Basically, I have seen it, so it may be a bit deserted today.”

“That is it.” Li Yunlong nodded and said nothing.