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M. I. H. G Chapter 151: Parting

“This thing is really damn amazing.” Li Yunlong said looking at the glasses in his hand.

The movie continues. Although there are many bugs in War Wolf 2, these bugs are actually for the plot service, and can be found in any commercial blockbuster in the world.

The closer the subject matter is to reality, the more logical errors there are. Because it must be cool and reasonable. I’m afraid such films don’t exist.

The core of commercial films is rhythm, not logic.

“Okay!” When Li Yunlong saw the appearance of China’s naval fleet, he forgot that it was a movie theater and immediately stood up and applauded.

After applauding, Li Yunlong remembered something, quickly sat back, and then turned to ask Frank: “Are the cinemas not allowed to make a loud noise?”

Frank didn’t say a word, pointed to the empty movie theater with only two of them, and said, “It’s just the two of us, and it won’t make any noise. Why can’t we make a loud noise?”

“This is also the case.” As soon as Li Yunlong saw that in the normal movie theater, he and Frank were really the only ones, who immediately let go. When they met the wonderful, they applauded, commented aloud, and discussed the plot with Frank.

However, the discussion of the plot was limited to asking questions where he didn’t understand. If it was crucial that Frank wanted to tell him, he immediately asked Frank to stop talking and watch the movie.

The movie ended, and there was endless applause in the cinema.

Of course, these applause were shot by Li Yunlong alone, and the effect was like applauding by the entire audience.

The staff of the cinema receiving 3d glasses came in to see Li Yunlong applauding, and thought of where the ticket for this scene was clearly not going to be sold, but in the end only two people came over. How can I not know that this is a private booking, so also No rush, waiting for Li Yunlong to finish watching the actors’ alphabet and eggs.

“Well, this is actually the next one.” Li Yunlong said disappointed after watching the egg, “I guess I can’t see the next one.”

“It’s okay, maybe you can come again.”

“If I can come next time, I will bring my daughter-in-law, Lao Zhao, and Lao Zhao and his wife.” Li Yunlong said confidently, “If the person who brought me came, I wouldn’t come. ”

“Yes, yes, everything is up to you.” Frank echoed, but he was clearly saying something very happy, but his nose was sore.

Frank and Li Yunlong left the cinema and passed down the floor of a shopping mall that sold clothes.

Li Yunlong looked at a few ladies’ clothes that were good, compared the size, and murmured in his mouth, “If it rains, it will look good.”

“Would you like to buy a few and take them back?” Frank suggested.

“Can’t take it back,” Li Yunlong said with a sigh. “But he can’t wear it again. Now we are working on the construction side. It’s not good to wear such beautiful clothes.”

Although it didn’t take long for Li Yunlong to arrive, it was Friday in a flash, and Li Yunlong should go.

Frank looked at the table below, and it was estimated that it was not long before Li Yunlong should leave, so he asked Li Yunlong, “Grandpa Li, do you have any comment on our time?”

“No comment.” Li Yunlong said very simply.

“Do you have any comments then?” Frank continued.

“No.” Li Yunlong still answered very simply.

One of Frank’s Li Yunlong thought that the present era was perfect, so he considered it and said, “Grandpa Li, in fact, we still have a lot of bad things now, not what you think about …”

“I know.” Li Yunlong patted Frank’s shoulder and stood up. Frank also quickly stood up.
“Every family has a difficult scripture, and our country also faces different difficulties in different times. In our time, there were three major problems. One was the apprentices who invaded us from other places.

Burn our homes and kill our fellow citizens. Second, the victims were displaced, and most of them were unable to eat. Third, countries have no status internationally. ”

“But these three problems, although not completely solved in my time, have been basically solved in your time.”

“So, the problems that our generation is facing have been resolved in the future with our efforts. And the problems that your generation is facing, do n’t blame us, do n’t blame us. This is all needed. You do it yourself. ”

“Well, I see.” Frank understood why Li Yunlong did not evaluate this era.
This era belongs to Frank’s. Li Yunlong is not qualified, and there is no need to make comments and comments.

One generation can only do one generation of things, and the previous generation has solved the biggest problems they face.

Well, even if this generation has some problems left over from the previous generation, they are not qualified to complain.

Because that’s not the main problem they face.

For example, the environmental protection faced by the generation of Frank, it was ridiculous that UU read the book to get Li Yunlong’s time.

If we can move the current steel output of China to that era, let alone the smog that has occurred over a period of time. Even in the haze every day, leaders can wake up with dreams.

After Li Yunlong finished speaking, he patted Frank’s shoulders, arranged his clothes, and turned away.

Frank waved his hand silently behind him, then sat back on his sofa, wondering what he was thinking.

An orange-yellow fat cat quietly touched Frank’s back while Frank was thinking about it, then jumped up on Frank’s shoulder, covered Frank’s eyes with the cat’s paw, who am I.”

“Get out, don’t guess.” Frank grabbed Da Meow’s paw as soon as he reached out, and then flung it, Da Meow flew to the opposite wall like a baseball.

However, just before Da Meow was about to hit the wall, his body was suddenly forbidden to move in mid air, and then he returned to the coffee table in the living room in a motion that could overturn the Newton coffin board.

“Why not so enthusiastic.” Da Meow looked at Frank and said, “I haven’t seen you for more than a week. Doesn’t Grandpa want me?”

“I miss you.” Frank grumbled at Da Meow.

“After my uncle came to the world here, he washed away with the water.” Da Meow said mischievously to Frank. “Did you have a lot of perfect scores in your heart since Li Yunlong came, you? Life is no longer confused. You have decided to work hard for the goal of the rise of China. ”

“Fight hard.” Frank took out a bag of potato chips from the refrigerator, opened it and ate it, and said, “If a salted fish can be easily moved, then he will not be called a salted fish. Life should be How can I continue?