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M. I. H. G Chapter 152: Swear Master

“If you want to be talkative, there is no society, country in the world where salted fish comes from.” Frank said while eating potato chips and looked at Dixie the big cat, “After all, the world is our salted fish after all.”

“No wonder now that humans are gradually being conquered by our cats, it turns out that you are all a group of salted fish.”

“Let’s just take it seriously.” Frank looked at Dixie the big cat lazily.

“Then let us talk about business first.” Dixie, the big cat said with a swipe of his paw, and then there was a pile of money on the coffee table.

Frank picked up the money and found it was all money from Li Yunlong’s time.

As for why Li Yunlong kept the money for Frank. Frank understood it after a little imagination and didn’t say anything. But just silently collected the money into a money clip.

“This time, there are three rewards.” Dixie, the big cat, looked at Frank and said: “The first one is the Eye of the Broken Army. The ability is for those who have these eyes. They can see all the battlefield situations clearly, break through the fog, and find the best. Combat plan. (Applicable to Army operations under 10,000 people only.) ”

“The second is the spirit of the bright sword. Those who have this ability will never be afraid. No matter how powerful the enemy and difficulties they are, they will calmly look for opportunities to fight back.”

“The third is a master of swear words. Those who have this ability will automatically learn to use swear words. There are three kinds of swear words. The first kind is used by friendly parties, which will inspire the friendly staff. The second is the use of superiors, which will obtain superior treatment and favoritism. The third is the use of enemies, which will irritate the enemy. Obtain the effect of mocking the wind, and reduce the enemy’s logical thinking ability slightly. ”

“It’s such a swearing master.” Frank was stunned when he heard Dixie, the big cat.

“In fact, the effect is pretty good.” Said unfortunate Frank: “after all, swear words can improve the efficiency of language.”

“For what reason?” Frank asked Dixie the big cat.

“For example, to give you an example sentence the current university life will be good. What do you think of the first time.”

“Don’t you say that college life is good, what’s the objection?”

“Now, college students live all right.” Dixie, the big cat, said the words separately.

“I understand, dirty cat.”

“This has nothing to do with whether I’m dirty or not.” Dixie, the big cat, continued: “If you look at a simple sentence if you don’t add swear words, it will have two different meanings. But you add swear words is not the same.”

Dixie, the big cat, continued: “For example, if you want to express your first meaning, you can say, how good is the life of college students now.”

“If you want to express the second meaning, you should say that the current college students are doing well.”

“Look, is it clear at a glance whether swear words can improve language efficiency?”

“What crooked door is here.” Frank still dismissed.

“Poor human.” Dixie, the big cat, sighed. “Why do you just not admit many things?”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Frank said to Dixie the big cat, “I choose the spirit of the bright sword.”

“Actually you choose this?” Dixie, the big cat, looked at Frank in surprise: “I think the swear master is more useful.”

“If I play basketball or football, maybe I will choose this one.” Frank said, “I will be the key person on the court by then. I can put any other ball except football. The team leads the world championship. ”

“It’s black my foot again.” Dixie, the big cat, pounced on Frank’s forehead and said: “Okay.”

Frank felt for a while and found he could feel nothing this time, so he asked the big cat: “Why didn’t I feel it?”

“Passive skills, you can feel them when you face danger and fear.”

“All right.” Frank said as he watched Dixie, the big cat: “By the way, the next guest you will give me a hint.”

“The next guest.”

Dixie, the big cat, said to Frank: “Do you remember what I said to you after Hannibal’s removal, there was a sentence with a biological name in it? The next guest is related to that noun. You can guess who the next guest is based on that noun.”

After finishing talking, just before Frank didn’t respond, he had returned to his cat nest, and the wise soul left.

After Hannibal pulled out, he seemed to force Dixie the big cat to hypnotize himself.

Frank thought about it for a moment and really remembered that Dixie the big cat said a noun.

Frank entered the term into a search site and immediately learned what he wanted.

“A headache.” Frank rubbed his temples and looked at the search results, knowing his next guest was probably a very troublesome guy. No matter which one came, he was not easy to get along with.

It seemed ready to give them the same treatment as Hannibal.

Frank looked at the watch type anesthetic gun he was wearing at the beginning in his wrist and found that there was little left.

The black technology of Conan’s watch-type anesthesia gun is the same, but the anesthetic injection inside is little left.

It can anesthetize a person to the United States beauty in a very short time without any awareness. From this point of view, this technology is the black technology of black technology.

This kind of thing is to use one less when used up, there is no place to replenish after running out.

After sleeping all night, when Frank got up the next morning, he did not wait for Lin Xiaoxin to arrive.

So, Frank called Lin Xiaoxin to ask what was happening.

“That’s it. I have a distant cousin who just came to play with me for a few days just after the college entrance examination.”

“Then you don’t have time to come over?” Frank asked.

“I’m staying with her in the hotel, or you should come over.”

“Come here and bring her with you?”

“You think of you, and you are so beautiful, you are so wretched.” Lin Xiaoxin said: “it’s the greatest kindness for you to come and carry our bags.”

“Okay, I will drive there in the afternoon.” Frank hung up Lin Xiaoxin’s phone and then drove his Wuling Hongguang Batmobile all the way to Nanxiang County.

“You find a parking space to stop near the entrance of the hotel.” Lin Xiaoxin said. Frank walked into the hotel, then found the room where Lin Xiaoxin lived and knocked on the door.

Within a few seconds, the door opened, and Lin Xiaoxin’s small head was pulled out of the door and looked at Frank with a smile.

“Come, kiss me one.” Frank stretched his face.

“Sorry, sir, you have gone to the wrong room.” Lin Xiaoxin saw Frank’s movements and tried to close the door. Frank quickly squeezed in with her physical advantage, and then reached out and embraced Lin Xiaoxin’s waist and held her Hugged.

“My friend is still inside.” Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank and said quickly, “Don’t make trouble.”

Frank held the little sister-in-law and rubbed her face around her neck. He rubbed her down reluctantly.