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M. I. H. G Chapter 153: Cousin

Lin Xiaoxin walked over to her friend, patted the buttocks of the girl lying on the bed, shouted: “Someone is here and you still lying on the bed, playing with a mobile phone on the bed.”

“Yeah.” The girl lying on the bed then tilted her head and saw Frank.

“Your brother-in-law is good.” The girl waved her hand, saying she was greeting him.

Lin Xiaoxin watched lying on the bed the girl who was too lazy to turn around, shook her head helplessly, and then said to Frank: “This is my cousin Ge Jiayu.”

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin talked a few words. But because of the presence of a strange cousin. They can only say some ordinary words, it is really boring and tight.

After chatting for a while, Fang Ze suggested to Lin Xiaoxin: “I remember there is a good tea restaurant nearby. Let’s have a meal by the way.

Lin Xiaoxin asked Ge Jiayu, who was lying on the bed playing with a mobile phone. The little girl nodded in agreement. It seemed that as long as there was a mobile phone, it would be the same everywhere.

The three persons packed up and went out. At the tea restaurant, the waiter handed over the menu. Frank changed his look to Ge Jiayu to take care of this future sister-in-law.

Ge Jiayu took the menu to see the price and exclaimed: “So expensive?”

“Is it expensive?” Frank thought the store had gone up. He stretched his neck and looked at it, and found the price was the same as before.

“Any dish is seventy or eighty Yuan.” Ge Jiayu looked at his friend and said: “Sister, this place looks averagely decorated. Why is it so expensive?”

“After all, Haiping is a city, and it can’t compare with your county seat. The cost in all aspects is high, so the price is also high.” Lin Xiaoxin looked at Ge Jiayu and said: “It’s okay, you can just order it.”

“Then I’m welcome.” Ge Jiayu ordered a few dishes that were not expensive or cheap and passed the menu back to Frank. Frank and Lin Xiaoxin discussed and ordered another dish and three staple foods. And a pineapple bun.

Although there are not many points, it will cost nearly 300 Yuan.

“Sister, how much can you earn for a month?” Ge Jiayu looked at Ling Xiaoxiang and asked.

“This one seems to have never been calculated. It’s all for the family when it’s out of use.”

“This doesn’t seem to have really been calculated. It was all used up before asking for it from family when it’s out of use.”

“How about you, brother-in-law?”

“In my own words, the cost will be around two thousand a month.” Frank knew from the conversation with Lin Xiaoxin just now that this little girl might be from the county seat. So, he was embarrassed to say his living expenses were too high, so as not to show off. So, he replaced the concept and only talked about his own expenses.

Frank hopes this little girl doesn’t know that the smallest part of a boy’s spending is actually the part of his own spending.

The rest of them are either contributed to his girlfriend or contributed to the existence of the geese factory, Netease, Ampang, and other beings.

“The boy spends a little more than girls.” Ge Jiayu lowered his head and thought, then said, “In the school where I apply, basically Jinling and Haiping are two places. My mother said that no matter where. It’s enough for living expenses of only 1200 Yuan a month. ”

For Frank, it is not easy to answer, even an outsider, when Ge Jiayu said this. Lin Xiaoxin on the side said to Ge Jiayu: “One thousand and two hundred saving Yuan is still possible. But it is not enough to say you want to live a comfortable life. But you can still work around the school when you want. Yes, you can earn extra money in a month to play. “

“Part-time job.” Ge Jiayu pursed her lips. She was a little unwilling. “Aren’t you all very busy working? If you go to work outside of class, wouldn’t you have no time to play?”

“It depends on my choice,” Frank said.

After listening to Frank’s words, Ge Jiayu lowered her head and continued playing with his mobile phone. She didn’t know what she wanted to write.

After a while, Ge Jiayu looked up at Frank and Lin Xiaoxin and said: “I have found a job that can make a lot of money without occupying the time.”

Ok? Is there such a job in the world?

Frank retracted the hand holding Lin Xiaoxin’s ankle under the table. Looking at Ge Jiayu, he asked: “What does it do, wouldn’t it be a typist who claims to be a few hundred words?”

“No, it’s Taobao?” Ge Jiayu took out her mobile phone and showed Frank and Lin Xiaoxin.

Ge Jiayu’s mobile phone shows a person in Penguin’s space saying the idea is to recruit Taobao singles. The above shows how much money a month can have and various pictures to support it.

“It said that if you work hard, you can have three or four hundred Yuan a day.”

“You can have three or four hundred Yuan a day?” Lin Xiaoxin was calmed on the spot.

Even if it is three hundred a day, it is nine thousand Yuan a month. Over a year, it is more than 100,000 Yuan. This is a part-time job, and all the disposable income is earned, far exceeding the average disposable income of more than 40,000 Yuan at Haiping.

If Taobao could have this money, it would have been a long time since the whole people went to work.

“It’s true.” Ge Jiayu hands Lin Xiaoxin the mobile phone and lets her read the above contents in detail. Those words, which girls should stand on their own and be the queen on their own. Do not need to ask for money at home. first, to buy and buy such words are still very attractive and confusing.

But fortunately, although Lin Xiaoxin is usually a little stupid, she is very smart at the critical moment.

“Don’t look at the easy writing on it, but actually making money is not that simple.”

“I’ll ask my friends.” Ge Jiayu said that. She added her friends and then began to consult about Taobao’s bill brushing. The advertiser was also very enthusiastic. All kinds of cute people talked about Taobao and guaranteed that it was true. They also showed Ge Jiayu the proof of their income screenshot.

But the most important thing is, of course, all of this will not be free to join them and pay the membership fee.

There are two types of membership fees. One is an ordinary member. He can earn 200 Yuan for the membership fee, but he can only do the business of ordering. The other is a senior member who needs to earn four hundred Yuan. Not only can he pay the bill, but he can also do publicity. The income will be higher.

Lin Xiaoxin watched Ge Jiayu as she was typing, while talking to the two and kicked Frank gently with his foot under the table, motioning him to speak to herself.

Frank felt Lin Xiaoxin kicking over and opened her legs calmly, and then clamped Lin Xiaoxin’s feet between her legs, making her unable to move.

Lin Xiaoxin couldn’t pull his leg back, but she had no choice but to give Frank a glance, and then directly asked Frank: “Ge Jiayu said this was reliable.”

“If the money was so easy to make, I would go to Taobao to pay the bills, and still study,” Frank said.


“That’s not true,” Frank explained. “What’s the matter, after all, to publicize this thing is to show you the best. People haven’t talked about the difficulties inside, nor can they say they are deceiving.”