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M. I. H. G Chapter 154: Taobao job

“This is like moving bricks on the construction site. People tell you that you can do anything. You can have five or six thousand Yuan a month. You’re in a rush. You can go happily. But you cannot stand to cry for a long time, and then you cry and you say that people cheat, which is not reasonable. ” Frank explained to Lin Xiaoxin.

“Taobao just brushes the list, surely it won’t be as tiring as working at the construction site, right?” Lin Xiaoxin asked.

“Of course not, but it is more troublesome.” Frank said: “One Alipay account can be linked to five Taobao accounts, and one Taobao account can limit the order that can be flushed in a month. Now the Taobao platform itself is hitting this phenomenon very hard serious.”

“In the past, you could place an order, and it only took a few minutes to place an order. Now you still need to pretend to compare the goods, select it, talk to customer service. And then ensure that your Taobao account will not be blocked after the purchase.”

Frank glanced at Ge Jiayu who looked up and listened carefully, and continued: “Be diligent, take out the extra time every day, and you can have five or six hundred Yuan a month.”

“It’s only five or six hundred a month.” Ge Jiayu heard it a little unhappy.

“A codeword worker irrigates four thousand words on the website every day, which is only six hundred Yuan a month. That’s good.” Frank said.

“Then how did they say they made thousands or tens of thousands of Yuan a month?” Ge Jiayu asked Frank.

“External publicity.” Frank said with a shrug: “The superior earns the money of the subordinates. If you bring a person, you can divide into part of the membership fee paid by the person you brought. The more people you bring, the more you can get. So this is why a senior member can be an outsider. In theory, when you are an outsider the monthly income is unlimited. But only if you can turn to someone as stupid as he pays dues.”

“How does this model sound so familiar?” Lin Xiaoxin said a little thoughtfully.

“Shh.” Frank blinked at Lin Xiaoxin, begging her not to talk.

“I, I still have a few good friends.” Ge Jiayu thought for a moment and said: “If I can bring them in. I will be able to earn membership fees, and the rest will be purely profitable.”

“Then what?” Frank looked at him and asked: “You are still a student now, and you have only a few friends left and right. Who are you going to pull after you have finished pulling your friends?”

“I can post something, make friends in the game, and then expand my penguin friend list. Then I will learn how to advertise in the space. I will also advertise. At that time, maybe there will be many people looking to join the club. So, my commission will be a lot.”

“The idea is good.” Frank took the plate brought by the waiter and then signaled that everyone could move the chopsticks: “Then you have two options now. One is that I am in the summer vacation, and the trustee will find a part-time job for you. I will not be tiring, but the money will not be too much. You can have 4,000 yuan a month. In two months, you can earn eight thousand for the school, which is enough for your usual luxury. The second option is that you enter the Taobao industry now and make money by introducing others. If you are lucky, you can make a sum in a short time. You can go out and play every day. If you are unlucky, it will be difficult for you to earn your membership fees.”

“I choose the second one.” Ge Jiayu said without hesitation: “It was mainly because I graduated. Every day, my classmates proclaim a lot of parties, and it was inconvenient to work.”

Frank knew that Ge Jiayu had an excuse, but he didn’t pierce, just smiled, and then said to her: “If there is any difficulty, you can find me.”

“Good brother-in-law.” Ge Jiayu answered with a smile.

Ge Jiayu smiled, but Lin Xiaoxin’s face was not good, not because Ge Jiayu was here but she was not convenient to say it.

When the three returned to the hotel after dinner, Lin Xiaoxin said that she would go out with Frank and to leave Ge Jiayu alone in the hotel.

As soon as she came out of the hotel room, the little sister-in-law stretched out her arms and jumped and punched Frank’s neck. Frank stretched his hands subconsciously and put both hands on the little sister’s buttocks. As soon as he lifted it, he took the little sister-in-law to hold her as high as he can.

“What’s wrong?” Frank asked Lin Xiaoxin, who was sulking.

“I want to bite you.” Lin Xiaoxin stretched her head on Frank’s shoulder and then went to bite Frank’s neck, but Frank held Lin Xiaoxin’s hand and flicked. Lin Xiaoxin suddenly bit the wrong place and sucked into Frank’s collarbone.

“Yeah, salty.” Lin Xiaoxin said with her tongue out.

“You bit really, where is the bite. If you really want to bite. It is better for the two of us to open a room and bite slowly. You can bite as you want as long as you want to bite. You can not only bite but also suck and lick.”

“Well,” Lin Xiaoxin smashed Frank with a fist, then said: “Let me down.”

“I don’t let you go, you first say why you want to bite me:” Frank asked.

“What kind of ridiculous idea did you give my sister? Is she able to do that kind of thing?”

“Competent achievement is a life experience because even if she finds someone who joins the club, those who don’t have the ability can’t do it. If you can’t succeed, it’s a lesson. Maybe you know you must need to be practical.”

“Yes, yes, there are many reasons for you: ” Lin Xiaoxin said, taking Frank’s face and pulling it.

“I’m so savvy, what do you think,” Frank said with a smile.

Frank sets Lin Xiaoxin against the wall of the hotel corridor, smelling the faint milky fragrance from the girl, and he felt a little tempted for a while.

Lin Xiaoxin’s two ponytails; a ponytail resting on her shoulder, a ponytail ran to her. And her hair constantly harassed Frank’s lips and nostrils.

Frank seemed to sniff a rose, involuntarily smelled it, and then the two got closer and closer.

“Cough!” An untimely cough came. Frank and Lin Xiaoxin turned their heads at the same time. A cleaning woman in work clothes was walking towards this side holding a bucket and a mop.

The two quickly separated, and Frank took Lin Xiaoxin’s hand and quickly fled the scene.

The cleaning woman who is engaged in hygiene, the director of the teaching department and the security of the shopping mall are the three killers in the lovers’ world.

The two walked outside for a while. Then called Ge Jiayu from the hotel at night. They went to the night market for supper together, and Frank drove back in the night.

Not going back, Lin Xiaoxin will have class tomorrow, and tonight she has to stay with her sister.

Frank, who couldn’t be a stinky dog, naturally returned to his nest first.

At home in the middle of the night, when Frank entered the community, he heard a familiar voice in the community’s garden. He walked over and saw that the two men, Xiao Hei and Lao Bo, were sitting on a bench talking blindly.

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