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M. I. H. G Chapter 155: Six God

“What are you doing here in the middle of the night? Frank looked at Xiao Hei and Lao Bo and said, “it’s not going to be a summary deal.”

“Get off.” Xiao Hei scolded at Frank. “The two of us came out to cool off.”

“The air conditioning in the room is so good why should you come out.” Frank couldn’t figure it out.

“You feel this cool breeze.” Lao Bo raised his arm and said to Frank, “how comfortable is the gift of nature, what kind of air conditioning is required.”

“Yes,” Xiao Hei continued, “Only by integrating into nature can one understand the true meaning of life. Here, you can’t feel air conditioning, and you can’t feel all the modern impetuousness and enjoy the most primitive temperature.”

“The heat is also a gift from nature. Don’t turn on the air conditioner during the day when you have the ability.” Frank was amused by the two.

“Stop talking nonsense.” Xiao Hei patted the vacant bench in the park and motioned for Frank to sit over. “Come to chat.”

As the saying goes, three women are a drama, then the three men are in a variety talk show. The content of the program involves politics, games, finance, war, love, mythology, business, technology, and so on. All you can think of.

As long as there is enough time, the three men who did not call home by their wives. They can talk from Pangu to the human race ascending into four dimensions.

However, although no wife urged them to go home, Frank is sitting on a park bench felt more and more itchy and itchy.


Frank raised his arm and illuminated it with a few big bales.

So, Frank turned to look at Xiao Hei and Lao Bo and said, “Have you been stung? The mosquitoes here seem a bit cruel.”

“No, there are no mosquitoes.” Xiao He raised his arm and let Frank see, his arm was fine.

“Yes, there are no mosquitoes.” Lao Bo also raised his arm and let Frank look.

“Don’t this mosquito eat me especially?” Frank felt wrong. He sniffed his nose and smelled. Frank smelled a pungent and familiar taste.

So Frank looked at them, and Xiao Hei and Lao Bo also looked at Frank in a way that looked at the mental retardation.

“You guys.”

“That’s right,” Xiao Hei said to Frank. “Summer comes out to cool off, and you shouldn’t pour the toilet water on your body. You should be bitten by mosquitoes.”

“Good God, it’s worth it.” Lao Bo gave Frank an advertising potential.

“I obviously want to go home, but not like the two of you who ran out to cool off, I put a fart on the toilet water.”

Frank looked at Lao Bo and Xiao Hei, who was gloating at each other. He knew that he had not been bitten by these two people this time. They knew that there were many mosquitoes in the garden and asked Frank to come here. He was afraid that they just wanted to see how Frank was covered with mosquito bites.

That’s what makes friends accidentally.

Frank dropped a sentence of a hurt friend and then prepared to enter the room.

“Wait, let’s go back together.” Xiao Hei and Lao Bo saw Frank going back, and they both followed.

Back home, Frank first took a shower, then wiped some toilet water on the place where the mosquito bite.

After waking up the next morning, Frank turned on his computer and took a look at the diary of the Russian drama fighting nations uploaded last week.

Although it has been uploaded for only a week, the response is good, and many people hope to update it as soon as possible.

Calcium oxide also sent a message to Frank. He said that he had posted in the group account the third episode, hoping that Frank could do the fourth episode as soon as possible.

Frank started Athena’s vision and started to make a translation card timeline.

Poor Athena, who was originally in Wonder Woman, can be called a top-level combat assistant, and here is only a small tool to help him make a video.

I don’t know if the famous virgin goddess Athena would be furious if she saw Frank using Athena’s vision in this way.

Frank finished the video in the afternoon and was ready to send the video to the calcium oxide check, but the Internet at home suddenly broke.

Frank restarted the router, and the network was still unavailable.

Frank calls Xiao Hei and asks if his home network is broken. As a result, Xiao Hei is outside, saying that there may be some problems with the line here and let Frank wait.

Salted fish without nets are dried fish.

Frank was really bored. Suddenly he remembered that there was an Internet cafe nearby. So, he simply pulls the play out of the computer and will go out to the Internet cafe. He had rushed through the members before and had a lot of money left.

Although this Internet cafe is not far from the neighborhood where Frank is located. It is on the other side of the neighborhood and the location is not very good.

At first, the originally planned area where Frank’s community is twice as large as it is now. But there is a large area of bungalows area in the back. When you hear about the demolition was needed, you can immediately buy Bricks and cement and either hire people to build houses or build houses by yourself.

Within a few months, the original bungalows area was changed into a three-story or four-story building in a circle.

These small buildings don’t need to be inhabited. Some of the quality is frightening.

Not to mention these small buildings don’t need to be inhabited. Some of them the quality is frightening.

However, people at this place thought that there would be demolition soon, so they did not care so much. As long as the area is up.

When developers have arrived, they face problems that the demolition budget cost has increased by more than two or three times. Also, they have to solve various requirements put forward by the original residents here.

For example; one person asked to solve the work for his own son who has been in the society for many years, and another asked to replace several large houses and to buy a car for their family.

Of course, the strangest thing is that an old man resolutely asked the developer’s boss to find a husband for his daughter who has had intellectual problems for many years. The requirement is that he has a formal job and cannot get out of the rails. All monthly income was turned in.

When the group’s boss heard that, his scalp was numb. At that time, there were several projects under him. If he agreed to them, it is estimated that his business would not need to be done. Not only those who have not been demolished will make trouble, but those who have already taken the money for the demolition will follow to make trouble because of their own losses.

Therefore, the boss simply swiped down under the simplicity of the original community by bypassing this place.

When the neighborhood was built and the real estate started to be sold, people here realized that this boss developer always really didn’t plan to use their lands.

At this time, it’s impossible to agree even if it was close to lower the price and agree to the relocation, it was impossible. After all, the engineering team had left.

And because the people here built too many dangerous buildings, leading to several accidents, the law enforcement team had to come. And supervised everyone from house to house to demolish the illegal buildings.

The life of the people here immediately returned to the past. With the cold of the Haiping economy, the developers were unwilling to develop in the vicinity, and a living village was artificially created here.

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