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M. I. H. G Chapter 156: Cute Cat Broken Egg

But the Internet cafe where Frank is going is not in the community in the city, but in a shopping mall in front of the community. The owner of the Internet cafe is the owner of the shopping mall. When he heard that there was a building to be built here, he quickly bought a plot of land to build the shopping mall and took the lead. However, until now, it has not been grabbed. But the maintenance cost of the mall has become big trouble.

However, after seeing that the mall was hopeless, the boss Zhi simply changed the mall to an Internet cafe. The environment is good, the child is acceptable, and the price is cheap. So, it attracts a large number of students nearby to come online.

Frank went into the Internet cafe, brushed his ID card, and asked if he found that there were more than forty Yuan in the card. He went to the seat and opened the video to the calcium oxide.

Now that all are here, Frank simply plays games for a while.

Then Frank found a big power, no, it was a big secret.

Athena Sight can be used not only for card timeline but also for playing games.

After opening the vision of Athena, Frank’s insight ability has been greatly improved. Playing the MoBa game, you can easily see the opponent’s intention of the other side and avoid the opponent’s non-directional skills of the other side. When you are in a team battle, you can cut into the battlefield perfectly, kill and kill.

And playing shooting games such as eating chicken and CS is several times stronger. After all, you could find the enemy at that time when he appears and then shoots him.

Frank’s game level is already very good, otherwise, he can’t become the president of the e-sports club at the university. Now with the view of Athena, Frank feels that he can go to work.

After all, the opening time of Athena Vision is more than two hours at a time, and a proper time for playing shooting games is enough.

As long as MoBa games are launched at critical times, they are also adequate.

He can think about opening a live broadcast or selling meat muffins. Frank thought.

After a look at the time, it was almost five o’clock. Fang Ze estimated that the next guest would come, so he got down from his seat and looked around casually. He found that someone behind was looking at him. He felt the man was familiar, but he could not remember where he had met him.

Frank didn’t care so much; he was going to go home. When he went out of the Internet Cafe. It was afternoon and the location were not good. The road was deserted.

“Brother.” Frank was about to leave, and someone puts his hand on Frank’s shoulder.

“Who is your brother,” Frank said without looking back, “Let me go.”

“Well, is the anger still strong? The person behind him not only did not let go of Frank’s shoulders, but also put something like a dagger on Frank’s waist, and said to Frank. “Our boss wants to see you; can the brother give me a face.”

“No,” Frank said sharply.

“Nima.” The man standing behind Frank, seeing Frank so shameless, cursed immediately. While holding the dagger-like thing tightly against Frank’s waist, then said: “you must go immediately with me now, or I will stab you to death.”

Frank touched the phenotype anesthesia gun on his wrist and remembered it was not useful. It is a bit difficult to apply this precious thing to this kind of person. Moreover, the person behind him turned out to be a little inexperienced from the movement of holding the dagger straight at Frank’s waist, he is so confusing.

If you really threaten a person with a dagger, the edge of the dagger’s blade must be pushed upward, so that the opponent will first peel off a layer of skin no matter whether it is the counterattack or doing other actions.

More importantly, it is the reason why Frank has been so hard-hearted until now.

The dagger is not a gun. It can threaten people by putting it on the waist of another person unless you use your arm to control his neck while the dagger is on. So that the other party will not fight back.

Like this, Frank was not stupid and ran straight forward. Frank did not believe this guy could catch up with him.

The response was fast enough, the man gives Frank a knife shoot. And it’s estimated that with this strength can’t make Frank’s clothes cut.

So, Frank turned his head scornfully and found that behind him was a man with yellow hair, who had never seen it.

So, he grinned at him and then the yellow hair man did not react, and suddenly leaned forward. Ready to leave the dagger attack range first.

Frank thought about how to fight back after this time.

After being out of reach of the dagger of the yellow-haired man. The yellow-haired man had no one person and no accomplice, and Frank would use his ancestral skills. It’s inhumane to hit this yellow-haired man directly. Then Frank asks himself if this guy wants to steal money or he has any hatred for him.

If this yellow-haired man has an accomplice, Frank runs away. As long as he runs across this street, not only are there many pedestrians on the opposite street, but also the police guard booth. These guys dare not to chase after him.

Thinking of this, Frank immediately began to pull his legs and run first, ready to implement his first plan.


Frank then fell.

The whole person was weak, pierced with a dense needle, and couldn’t say a word.

Selling linen, this guy is not holding a dagger, but an electric shock stick!

“Toasting without eating and drinking.” The yellow-haired man glanced down at Frank, then closed his electric shock stick, put it back in his sleeve and beckoned.

Suddenly there were five or six young guys running around, carrying Frank and heading towards the community in the city.

Frank felt his soul was separated from his body. No matter how hard his brain was, he couldn’t move by himself. He could only watch as he was carried to a half-collapsed second floor by a group of people.


Frank was thrown directly on the concrete floor, and half of his face was smashed on the inferior masonry covered with mud.

Frank felt that someone came over toward his head, grabbed his hair, lifted his head up, and took a photo with him.

“Is it him, boss?” The yellow-haired man Huang Mao, who let Frank fall to the ground, asked the person who took the picture.

“He is just the same.” He nodded and said to Huang Mao, “when you brought him here, no one saw you.”

“It’s impossible. He is almost the same ” The man who took a photo nodded and said to Huang Mao: “When you brought him over, you weren’t seen.”

“No,” Huang Mao said quickly, shaking his head. “Few people go out at this point.”

“That’s good.”

“Boss, you don’t want to give him that?” What did Huang Mao think of? He asked.

“Boss, aren’t you trying to give him that?” What did Huang Mao think of? He asked tremblingly.

“I have the courage to do so. Do you have the courage to follow me?”

“As long as the boss dare to do it, no matter what it is, we will follow!” Huang Mao cried out to show his loyalty.

“Stupid.” Huang Mao’s boss immediately scolded after hearing his words.

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