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M. I. H. G Chapter 157: Blue-pink Double-ponytail

The boss wants to pull this yellow-hair man for a beat. At this time, it should be obvious it is time for the boss to finish the bullshit, and it is time.

The younger brother sees the eldest brother down the steps.

It’s very comfortable to say a word or two that we dare not talk with. It’s still the eldest and powerful brother. Such a younger brother is also worthy of cultivation.

As it is now, what does the boss went on to say? ‘Brothers, I will cut the first knife, and then you will cut it next?’

The boss looked at Huang Mao with a hatred of iron and steel.

“Boss, you’re scolding him.” Huang Mao thought at this time that the boss was fooling Frank and wiped his face to ask.

“Um.” The eldest brother said without looking but thought in his heart, it was just like this.

Just as the boss was thinking about how to deal with Frank, a soft and cute woman’s voice suddenly echoed in this half-collapsed small second floor.

“Hello everyone, can I come in?”

How could there be a woman’s voice?

The seven or eight young men present turned their heads to look out of the door together, There was a monologue beautiful appearance with a big chest and long legs wearing hot shorts and short sleeves with an exposed navel. A woman with blond hair and a blue-pink double-ponytail is standing at the door.

“Can I come in?” The woman looked at the people around her who they set their gazes on her hot body, licking their lips.

“Yes.” The yellow-haired man has not ended spoken yet, and the person of yellow hair has already answered.

“Oh, thank you.” The woman twisted her waist and walked in. Only at this time, everyone found out that she still had a baseball bat in her hand.

Although the boss is very dissatisfied with the decision made by Huang Mao; the yellow-haired man. He does not know what kind of threat can such a big beauty have?

So he looked at the woman and said: “beauty, what do you want to do when you come in, which of our handsome guys are you looking at?”

The boss’s words caused a laugh of brothers mixed with hormones.

But here the beautiful woman with blue-pink double-ponytail cames in and didn’t look at them anymore but walked straight in front of Frank.

“Oh, I came in to find someone. Of course, I have found it now.” The blue-pink double-ponytail beauty looked at Frank and said, “Hello, my name is Lan Fan. I’m your new tenant, but now … Look … Get up … My dear landlord, you seem to have some trouble.”

Frank also slowed down by electric shock at this moment. He said to the blue-pink double-ponytail beauty: “I am really in trouble, can you help me?”

“Of course, it is.” Lan Fan who has two blue-pink double-ponytail looked at Frank who wants to raise his body and then fell heavily. No way to raise his body.

“Your troubles need to be resolved by yourself.”

Frank knew it.

Although Frank had no expectation of help by this new blue-pink double-ponytail. She directly rejected her help in this way, and his last hope of escape was cut off.

“Beauty are you friends with this person?” The boss asked, looking at the blue-pink double-ponytail.

“No, he is not.” Lan Fan the blue-pink double-ponytail snares them.

“Oh, don’t be afraid little beauty,” said the boss, looking at the blue-pink double-ponytail. “We’re just a little bit hostile with this kid.”

“What does all this have to do with me?” said Lan Fan: “as you please.”

“Can you have a contact method and sing later?” The boss saw that the blue-pink double-ponytail really had nothing to do with Frank, so he immediately sticks up and counts.

“No, no.” The blue-pink double-ponytail also unexpectedly rejected the boss’s request.

The crowd was stunned.

“Since you have nothing to do with the kid who was arrested and lying on the ground, besides you did not reject our boss’s request to make friends, what are you doing here?”

“Let’s watch the play.”

The boss also couldn’t figure it out, so he looked at the blue-pink double-ponytail, then asked: “Can you give me a reason?”

“Reason.” The blue-pink double-ponytail put her finger in her mouth, thinking like a child.

However, although the sound of the blue-pink double-ponytail is soft and cute, and the character and movement are like a child. She is a tall and hot figure who tells everyone that this is a lady with a Loli heart.

The blue-pink double-ponytail thought for only four or five seconds then looked at the boss and said: “Because you are so ugly.”

While the boss hadn’t responded, Lan Fan went on to make up the knife and said: “If you use the Internet word, it should be ugly.”


The boss is going crazy, what a crazy girl from where is this girl. Although dressed as a little girl, this character is simply neurotic!

“You are not as handsome as my little pudding, so I will not do anything to you. Because I also want to maintain a good mood for dinner.”

Triple makes up.

The boss is completely impatient. Although he looks a little ugly, can such words be spoken to in-person face to face? !!

He looked at the blue-pink double-ponytail and yelled, “What? Are you crazy?”

“Yeah,” said Lan Fan’s blue-pink double-ponytail looking at the boss. “I am indeed neuropathic. I just got a medical certificate.”

“By the way, my proof.” The blue-pink double-ponytail opened her small short sleeves, exposing his waistline, which was white but full of wild taste.

“Oh, I didn’t bring it.” The blue-pink double-ponytail covered his mouth like a little girl. She looked at the boss and said: “I think I need to go back to bring it.”

After finishing talking about it, the blue-pink double-ponytail was really ready to leave in front of so many people.

Seeing this, Frank hurriedly shouted at Lan Fan: “Did you forget? We can’t leave three hundred feet.”

“Looks like it.” Lan Fan turned her head to look at Frank, rubbing his little head as if she had just remembered it.

“Will you give me back to my house, OK?” Frank made the request with hope for the second time.

“It’s not good at all.” Lan Fan’s blue-pink double-ponytail shook her head, then turned his head to look at the boss and Huang Mao. “Are you going to hit him? Hurry up. I will take him after the hit.”

Huang Mao and the boss had no idea what the blue-pink double-ponytail beauty wanted to do at this time. The woman’s mind seemed completely illogical, and probably a madman could know what she wanted to do.

“Press this woman to one side, and we’ll talk about it later.” The boss waved and motioned Huang Mao to push this woman to the side first, and they will deal with Frank first.

Huang Mao had no problem with this, ignoring the baseball bat carried on the shoulders of the blue-pink double-ponytail, thinking it was a pretense and directly stretched his hands toward the blue-pink double ponytails wrist.

Then there was a tragedy.

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