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M. I. H. G Chapter 158: I Am A Bad Guy

A strong blow sound came, and Huang Mao was hit directly on the face by a baseball bat!

Although Frank was lying on the ground. Next to his face, he could still clearly see that Huang Mao’s three or four teeth that flown directly from Huang Mao’s mouth and hit the boss’s face.

The boss was holding back at that time. He didn’t expect that the baseball bat in this beauty was really used to hit people.

Although the popularity of baseball in China is not high, everyone knows baseball bats.

It’s cheap and practical, and it’s also a fatal weapon.

Of the ten people who took a baseball bat to the street, nine used it to hit people, and one was used to scare others.

Therefore, during the inspection process, the police often find that some people like to hide a baseball bat in the car and ask if it is a sporting good.

But you remember to bring a set and baseball with you.

Therefore, baseball bats are not allowed to be carried in some places where security is strictly controlled in China, although they are not prohibited by law.

It can be seen that the power of this gadget has been recognized by the government and the people.

Huang Mao was stunned by the blue-pink double-ponytail, and then he looked up at the boss.

Fortunately, the younger brothers of this boss, although IQ and EQ are not too high. But win in being loyal when they saw this situation, they rushed towards the blue-pink double-ponytail.

Most of these people do not have knives, but the stun gun is the only weapon.

It seems that the gangsters are also advancing with the times. They know that the knives may stab people to death on impulse. But the electric shock stick can’t kill people for half a second, and the penal sentence does not make a good judgment.

But it’s not the same.

They don’t know who they are facing.

This is a man who nearly killed Batman in a piranhas box if it wasn’t for the clown to stop it in time.

I guess she can really kill Batman.

Frank only saw the soft and cute laughter on the mouth of the blue-pink double-ponytail but the baseball bat on it ruthlessly hit everyone, regardless of the consequences.

After seven or eight young people were smashed in half, the rest is loyalty, and you have to think about it. After the teeth were knocked out, not only will it no longer grow, but it would be a ghost.

“With that misunderstanding.” After seeing the fighting power of the blue-pink double-ponytail. The boss was so scared that he did not dare to think about the girl, and he was so scared that he could not hold up anymore.

“We are actually good people.” The boss said hurriedly, looking at the blue-pink double-ponytail.

After hearing the boss’s words, the blue-pink double-ponytail walked on the idea as if it was a BGM to the boss.

“You say you’re a good person?” Lan Fan blue-pink double-ponytail put the baseball bat on his shoulder, and looked at the boss and asked.

Although the boss thinks that he is a good person now, he is indeed a bit shameless.

But not all people in their life can laugh at the end, so he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with what he said.

But this guy obviously forgot that opposite him, a mental illness!

Frank only saw the eyelids of the blue-pink double-ponytail lifted, and the corners of his mouth were raised. She said in a soft voice: “You are a good man, but I am a bad woman.”


The boss was also hit by the blue-pink double-ponytail with the baseball bat.

The blue-pink double-ponytail was a person proud of the scene, in fact, and she cannot play any other.

At this time, Frank had recovered a lot of his paralyzed body. He took it out, and instead of calling for help for the first time, he opened his own music software, then found a song, and clicked to play.

“How invincible. How lonely. How invincible, how empty. Alone in the summit, the cold wind blows continuously…”

“Oh, I like this song.” Lan Fan the blue-pink double-ponytail looked at Frank and said.

“Just like it.” Frank gave the little blue-pink double-ponytail a message while playing a song.

Five or six minutes later, two or three vans galloped from a distance. And a large number of security guards in blue security clothes and a man in casual clothes rushed down from the van.

Here comes Xiao Hei.

Lying on the floor, Frank rushed to Xiao Hei and signaled that Xiao Hei was here.

Xiao Hei came in the half-collapsed second floor not alone and looked at Frank lying on the ground. And looked at the blue-pink double-ponytail beauty dancing with Frank’s “how lonely is invincible” music.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao Hei glanced at the blue-pink double-ponytail and asked Frank again.

Frank looked up at at least thirty or forty security guards brought by Xiao Hei and said to Xiao Hei, “Isn’t it all said that the matter has been resolved, can you find someone to send me back?”

“You still have the face to say.” Xiao Hei looked at Frank and said: “you said on the phone that you can’t move. I thought you were beaten, and you have a crushing fracture by someone. You can’t move again in the next time.”

Xiao Hei came over and stretched Frank up. “What’s wrong with you.”

“He was overcast with an electric shock stick.”

“Who is that?” Xiao Hei pointed at the blue-pink double-ponytail.

“My friend’s daughter comes and live here for a few days.” Frank said and pointed to his head, said to Xiao Hei, “with a bit difficult head to use.”

“I see it.” Xiao Hei nodded in agreement, thinking that his face was a pity.

Xiao Hei waved the security guards to go back, then he patted the soil nearby Frank’s body, and supported Frank to start walking outwards.

When the blue-pink double-ponytail saw this, she quickly picked up its baseball and followed Frank.

Although she was crazy, she was not stupid. If Frank had left her at three hundred feet, she would have exploded.

Frank got on Xiao Hei’s car, and the blue-pink double-ponytail followed. He touched left and touched right, and looked like a child curious.

Xiao Hei’s car is a nanny car, and there is a lot of space inside. After Lan Fan; the blue-pink double-ponytail got into. She immediately found a place to sit down obediently, like a little lollipop in the kindergarten waiting for the teacher to divide the cookies.

“What about those who hit you?” Xiao Hei asked Frank.

“I’ve run away. I don’t know where I came from.” Frank wants to leave the eldest brother behind and ask who sent him.

But after the helpless blue-pink double-ponytail defeated them, they were allowed to run away, and Frank lying on the ground naturally could not keep the boss.

“It shouldn’t be Yu Yancai?” Xiao Hei thought for a while and said, “If he has this ability, I will give him a high look.”

“It’s definitely not him,” Frank said. “I guess it’s the person I don’t know where to offend. After I check it myself, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Well, okay,” Xiao Hei said.

Xiao Hei asked Frank, looking at the blue-pink double-ponytail again and said, “your friend’s daughter looks like a jinx.”

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