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M. I. H. G Chapter 159: Harley Quinn

Sitting on the other side, the blue-pink double-ponytail heard Xiao Hei’s words immediately ran over, like a curious baby watching Xiao Hei.

“Well, it’s a game character.” Xiao Hei took it out, and then sent out the big picture of Jinx, so that Lan Fan could see the blue-pink double-ponytail.

Lan Fan’s blue-pink double-ponytail looked at it for a long time, slamming his chest, almost hitting his chest on Xiao Hei’s face, and then said, “This Loli’s chest is not as big as mine.”

“Cough.” Xiao Hei turned his face slightly, avoiding the weapon that was about to stick to his face.

“You all said it was Loli, how could she be bigger than you? And could she have a bigger chest than you?” Frank said with amusement.

“That’s right.” The blue-pink double-ponytail looked up and walked back to her seat proudly.

“This little girl is like a child.” Xiao Hei said with a smile at the blue-pink double-ponytail. “what is her name.”

“Haquin,” Frank answered.

“Last name?”

“Yeah.” Frank secretly glanced at the blue pink double ponytail and saw she had no opinion. then went on to say: “There are still many people in our country with a surname of Kazakhstan, and the source is very wide. Some say it is a Mongolian Han the surname was changed to the original surname of the Han Dynasty. “

“I’ve heard it for the first time,” Xiao Hei thought for a while, then said: “This name reminds me of someone.”

“Who?” Frank asked.

“Harry Quinn, Harley Quinn,” said Xiao Hei.

Thank goodness, thanks to Dixie, the big cat for his blocking ability.

Xiao Hei’s words didn’t make blue-pink double-ponytail heard.

Frank almost wanted to tell the Xiao Hei in front of you; this blue-pink double-ponytail sitting in front of you is the famous clown girl, Harley Quinn!

There is a poem to prove that. It is the so-called royal sister’s body. Loli heart, gun wood hammer baseball bat, knock you to death. Speaking of the blue-pink double-ponytail, Harley Quinn or Harlequin, also known as the Clown Girl or the little ugly girl.

However, the word clown girl is a clever translation, not the original nickname of Harley Quinn, it always sounds like a clown’s sense of attachment.

However, in fact, although Harley Quinn had a long-term entanglement with the clown. She was completely disappointed with the clown in a certain book.

She said to Batman, Lord Bruce Wayne: “he’s different. He’s not longer my Mr. J anymore.”

Of course, due to the chaotic nature of the DC world. In every book, Harley Quinn has a different personality.

Fortunately, it can be inferred from small details.

For example, she is infatuated and wants to devote his life to the clown; But Harley Quinn who was once tied to a rocket and fired away has no blue-pink double-ponytail.

And the cold-blooded cruelty and a dead shot, Superman, Batman, and Flash have done it, sent the clowns to the green prairie, and as a pair of loving lilies, Harley Quinn is a red and black double-ponytail.

The blue-pink double-ponytail in front of him is obviously biased towards chaos and kindness, and Harley Quinn in the suicide squad.

This Harley Quinn is characterized by being attackable and bearable, soft and domineering. The words are familiar, and IQ logic is touching.

Overall, this Harley Quinn is the best compared to other Harley Quinn.

Of course, the point is, she also looks the best.

If Frank was really given a red and black double-ponytail Harley Quinn, Frank estimated that she would take out a phenotype anesthesia gun and anesthetize her.

Back in the community, Frank also responded almost at this time, so he went down by himself and went upstairs with Xiao Hei and Harley Quinn.

Opening the door he told Xiao Hei that he was okay. So, Xiao Hei went back, and Harley Quinn jumped into the room with Frank.

“Your home is so small.” Harley Quinn came in and told the truth.

“A rented house,” Frank said.

“Smaller than my jail cell.” Harley Quinn continued to be honest.

How can this queen be more annoying than Diana, who only tells the truth?

Frank thought, covering his face.

Of course, all this is understandable.

Harley Quinn was originally a psychologist at Arkham Asylum, but she was later sent to study the clowns.

As a result, the patient was okay, and she was crazy.

After the madness, Harley Quinn did everything by her own preferences, which came from the purest desire in her heart.

Therefore, essentially treat her as a bear child who can be a bit noisy.

“I’m hungry.” Frank was thinking, and Harley Quinn suddenly ran to Frank’s eyes and said poorly to him.

“Wait a minute, and I’ll cook for you,” Frank asked Harley Quinn to sit first, and then the cooking skills of Hannibal, the great cannibal doctor, reappeared in his mind.

Frank made a few Hannibal picks one after another and then stood in front of Harley Quinn.

“It looks delicious, and I like the colors.” Harley Quinn was ecstatic looking at the good Western food.

Frank looked at Harley Quinn who was eating delicious meat, and suddenly his mischievous thoughts rose. And he said to Harley Quinn: “Do you know what ingredients these dishes are made of?”

“I don’t know.” Harley Quinn shook her head decisively.

“This is a person’s intestines; this is a person’s lungs.” Frank carefully introduced each ingredient to Harley Quinn.

“Oh.” Harley Quinn looked at the dishes that Frank pointed to, and said to Frank: “Do you think I can’t eat them, is this human or animal meat?”

Harley Quinn looked at Frank as she ate as if looking at an intellectual disability.

Damn it, bear boy or whatever. I really do not hate it the most.

After finishing dinner, Harley Quinn played there alone, and Frank received a call from Chen Jian saying he invited Frank to go to his home and there would be a formal family dinner to thank him for saving Chen Rui before.

“I recently had a big bear boy in my family. Maybe it’s a little inconvenient.” Frank said to Chen Jian.

“It doesn’t matter, there are children in my family.” Chen Jian’s invitation was sincere, but it was not easy for Frank to refuse, so he agreed.

Early the next morning, Frank took Harley Quinn to the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile. Harley Quinn got in the car and immediately hurriedly touched everything in the car and smelled it.

Immediately after Harley Quinn said to Frank: “This is the bat’s car?”

Of course, It’s certainly impossible for Frank to admit this is Batman’s car. You know, Harley Quinn and Batman don’t deal with each other. She tried to kill Batman several times.

And, what’s more, it’s bloodier.

Although Harley Quinn hates Batman, she likes Bruce Wayne!

Yes, you heard me right. Harley Quinn hates Batman and wants to kill him, but she likes Mr. Bruce Wayne. She also wanted to marry Wayne.

(Your support is my greatest motivation.)