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M. I. H. G Chapter 160: Doll machine.

The reason why Harley Quinn wanted to kill Batman while marrying Mr. Wayne was that Harley Quinn didn’t know that Mr. Bruce Wayne was Batman.

However, Wayne should really like her a bit. In the animated version of the suicide squad, Harley Quinn pitted Batman, and Batman didn’t care about it but saved her.

Of course, the reason why Harley Quinn likes Wayne is very simple, that is, as long as she becomes Mrs. Wayne, it means she has countless money to go shopping, play video games and buy toys.

If the two person’s story is published separately, it is a standard overbearing president who falls in love with my Mary Su novel.

As for you talking about clowns?

Don’t you see the hair of the clown is green?

“This is not a Batman’s car,” Frank hurriedly explained to Harley Quinn. “This was given to me by Bruce Wayne.”

“Do you know Mr. Wayne?” Harley Quinn’s eyes lit up, looking at Frank.

“Yes,” Frank nodded: “Mr. Wayne and I are good friends. We had a very happy time together.”

“I don’t believe it,” said Harley Quinn, looking at Frank: “Why Mr. Wayne sent you a car with a bat imprint.”

“You saw it, too,” Frank said to Harley Quinn. “This is not a standard bat car. Although he bears the bat imprint, he doesn’t have as many abilities as a bat car and is ugly in appearance.”

“I agree with the ugly appearance,” said Harley Quinn, interrupting Frank.

Trouble, old girl.

“My big Wuling Hongguang is such a good and so famous car.”

“So sum up all the above judgments,” Frank looked at Harley Quinn and said: “This is a Batman car that Wayne copied to study Batman’s bat chariot. When Bruce researched After that, he thought this bat car was useless, so he gave it to me. “

“It sounds reasonable,” said Harley Quinn.

Seeing that he had coaxed Harley Quinn, Frank was relieved.

Although Harley Quinn is sometimes no less mad than a clown. This is a humane version of Harley Quinn. And as long as she doesn’t see the clown, she won’t be too crazy and the problem is not big.

Sure enough, Frank used the method of coaxing the children to cheer up Harley Quinn, and then the two successfully reached Chen Jian’s home.

Although Chen Jian’s father was an official, his income was limited. But Chen Jian’s mother is the chairman of a large company, so Chen Jian’s family is also very luxurious.

Because Chen Jian’s father has not returned from abroad, this time it was Chen Jian’s mother who will accompany Frank for dinner.

Although Harley Quinn’s dress and the way of speaking made the Chen family a little uncomfortable. After Frank hinted that the girl had a little mental problem, everyone said nothing.

Because Frank helped the Chen family twice, Chen Jian’s mother was very enthusiastic. After the reception, Frank was thinking about how to find an excuse to go home. At first, Harley Quinn does not know where to Chen Jian’s home game console to turn over. And then she asked if someone else wants to accompany her to play games with her.

Frank was a little embarrassed, but who knew that Chen Jian readily agreed to play games with Harley Quinn.

“When I’m at home, I’m alone but it’s not fun to play the game by myself. Today, I find someone who happens to play with me.” Chen Jian explained to Frank.

The two played during the afternoon at games and at dinner time, because Chen Jian’s mother went out with Chen Wei, Frank was too amiable to let Chen Jian’s servants cook.

The three simply went out to eat in the mall.

“Look, doll machine ?!” Harley Quinn saw the doll machine placed in the mall from afar. And immediately ran over, then turned to look at Frank and Chen Jian and said,: “I want to play this. “

Frank took out two ten Yuan banknotes, stuffed them into the exchange machine, and summoned twenty coins so that Harley Quinn could win the doll.

She is a little girl after all. It may be enough to get a doll. So, Frank didn’t exchange too much.

However, Frank understood how women thought but forgot to think about how traitors thought.

The doll machine generally has a built-in chip. This chip can control the strength of the doll machine’s clip. Generally, a fixed number of clips will be set in a row. After the clip is weak, there will be a clip with strong power. The dolls inside are clipped out easily.

And if you have n’t encountered the time when the clip is strong, you can really catch the doll out by luck.

But it was clear that Harley Quinn was out of luck, and she couldn’t catch a doll until she ran out of those twenty coins.

As soon as Frank was ready to take out a little more money to change it in coins and grab the doll for Harley Quinn. He saw a sudden elbow of Harley Quinn went directly broke the glass of the doll machine.

Chen Jian, who was looking down at the information on the mobile phone, was frightened by the sound of the huge noise and raised his head directly. Then he saw Harley Quinn looking happily out of the doll machine, going out several big dolls and holding them in her arms.

“Look.” Harley Quinn looked at Frank and Chen Jian proudly, “This is the baby, I just caught.

My god.

Frank almost wanted to kneel to the clown girl.

“Is that doll you caught? Is it the one you robbed? The broken glass on the ground is still there.”

At this time, the security officer on duty in the distance also saw the situation here and walked toward here quickly.

While Frank was thinking about how to deal with it. Chen Jian made a phone call, and while talking to the person on the phone. He waved to the security guard to stop there first.

Soon the manager of the mall also came and said hello to Chen Jian, and then whispered to ask Miss Harley Quinn what other dolls she likes. They will take them out of the doll machine directly, without bothering her. And without Miss Harley Quinn hitting the glass and breaking it.

Harley Quinn held three or four dolls in her arms and she shook her head due to the mall experience to signal she no longer needed the dolls. Then Chen Jian took the three directly to the restaurant for dinner.

They go in and sit down, Chen Jian looked at the happily looking Harley Quinn holding the doll and asked: “How is your arm, have you been injured?”

“It’s okay.” Harley Quinn raised her arm to show Chen Jian: “I used to smash the iron railings in the cell at Arkham. It was harder than this, and nothing happened.”

“Arkham?” Chen Jian hasn’t seen Batman, so he doesn’t know where this place is.

“It’s a playground on their side,” Frank explained.

“Yes, it’s a playground for us,” Harley Quinn said with a smile: “Playing games with the police every day is our favorite.”

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