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M. I. H. G Chapter 161: Your Enemies

“Police?” Chen Jian asked again, puzzled.

“It’s the security in the playground.” Frank explained to Chen Jian again: “Their children are naughty, and they always tease those security guards.”

“That’s it.” Chen Jian nodded, indicating he understood.

“Where is her house? It sounds it has good infrastructure.” Chen Jian asked.

“Gotham City,” Harley Quinn quickly responded to Chen Jian: “a particularly beautiful city.”

Yeah, it’s beautiful. Frank murmured silently in his heart. Either the person had billions of wealth, or he had superpowers. Otherwise, the average person was walking in Gotham City and walking in a perverse state, and it was estimated that he would not live for a long time.

“Why I never heard of this city?” Chen Jian asked: “Which province?”

“A small city on the northwest border, you haven’t heard it normal.” Frank continued to Chen Jian: “But the city’s humanities are really very good. It has been rated as the friendliest city in the province for several years, and the people’s happiness index is quite high.”

“Good,” said Chen Jian: “No wonder little girls like this can grow up happily.”

“Yeah,” Frank said as he ate: “There are still many people like her in Gotham City, and they have been very well placed by the government.”

“After all, the people’s government has to serve the people.” Although Chen Jian did not serve in the government, he was serious in his role as an officer.

But Chen Jian was extremely serious at this moment, and Frank was about to laugh out of his internal injuries.

After dinner, Frank returned with Harley Quinn. But as soon as he woke up on Tuesday morning, Harley Quinn wanted to play a game with Chen Jian again.

Frank didn’t want to trouble Chen Jian at first. But Chen Jian took the initiative to call to say hello, Frank simply mentioned this matter, and the guy Chen Jian actually agreed.

The three agreed to meet at a shopping mall. When Frank arrived with Harley Quinn, Chen Jian was already waiting for them.

“Good morning, Miss Haquin.” Chen Jian said hello as he watched Harley Quinn.

“Good morning, Mr. Chen.” Harley Quinn looked at Chen Jian and said, “Do you still play games with me today?”

“Of course.” Chen Jian agreed.

So, Frank was like a follower of the class. Watching the two people run to the video game city and they started to play from the first machine. The two laughed like children in their twenties.

How can Frank feel something wrong?

Frank looked at Harley Quinn and Chen Jian who were playing the game together. Thinking that Chen Jian, who was meowing. Shouldn’t fall in love with Harley Quinn at first sight, although Harley Quinn was really beautiful.

But Chen Jian, brother!

If you think about it, you have to think about the characters you are facing. A clown who can upset the entire city without a word. Rich and beautiful, and can fight master Bruce Wayne also known as Batman. The shooter never killed the top killer with a second shot.

There’s no need to talk about any other miscellaneous fish. There are just only three of them, not to mention Chen Jian. Even if you pull over a group army, you may not be able to handle it.

However, Frank couldn’t say much now. He could only watch the two guys play with the electric game there and then leaned on a grid machine alone.

Well, why does not he ask Lin Xiaoxin what she’s doing?

Frank opened the phone and sent Lin Xiaoxin a message: “What are you doing?”

“I review the textbooks and prepare for the exam.”

“When is the exam?”

“Next week.” Lin Xiaoxin returned: “From Thursday to Saturday.”

“It’s a pity.” Frank returned.

“Why, we cannot see each other for only a week. Do you feel that life is bleak and that life has no meaning to continue?”

“Comrade Lin Xiaoxin, you have a lot of drama and give yourself an extra drama.”

“Well, didn’t you say what you hid in your heart?” Lin Xiaoxin gave Frank a proud expression.

“It’s right.” Frank asked, “are you convenient now?”

“OK, what do you want?” Lin Xiaoxin asked.

“You can think.” Frank clearly communicated his purpose.

“Go away, don’t use your shy thoughts to get this little fairy to see you again.”

As soon as Frank had finished chatting, he heard the noise of a group of children coming over to fly, and Frank looked up, and then found a thin, middle-aged man surrounded by a group of junior high school students who came over.

This middle-aged man, Frank, also just met him.

“Sima Pi.” Frank raised his hand and greeted the middle-aged man.

This thin, middle-aged man happened to be the Chinese teacher at the first middle school that Frank had saved Chen Wei before.

“It’s you.” Sima Pi came over and shook hands with Frank, and asked Frank: “You come here to play games too?”

“I am a companion.” Frank pointed to Harley Quinn and Chen Jian who danced on the dancing machine together, and then asked Sima Pi: “Why are you here?”

“Accompany the students to fight the King of Fighters.” Sima Pi said quite calmly and did not feel there was anything wrong with this matter.

Frank glanced at the dozen or so junior high school students who were beside Sima Pi. Glanced at Sima Pi again, thinking. The teacher is not afraid of being found out by any student’s parents and telling them to go to school.

Other teachers are afraid of their own students to play games. How could this teacher bring his own students to play games in the city?

“Teacher, let’s go. Let’s hurry up, otherwise, there will be no more machines.” A little fat student has called Sima Pi.

“Shi Peng, you don’t have to shout, you have no chance of having this machine. Do you often go to the black Internet Bar?” Asked Sima Pi, pointing to the little fat student.

“No teacher, I didn’t, I have never gone there again.” The little fat student immediately responded and said that he had leaked and quickly covered his mouth.

“No, I don’t believe it at all.” Sima Pi looked at the little fat student and said: “You can’t wait to remember if you can win me. The goal of the next exam will be improved very much.”

“Okay, teacher, you are optimistic.” The fat student said confidently to Sima Pi, “I have honed my secret new trick this time.”

The teacher and the student have reached the front of a King of Fighters machine. Sima Pi took out a lot of hard disks from his pocket and piled them on the machine. Then he took out four of them and put them in to the slot of two players.

Frank thought it was novel and interesting, so he followed in the past and stood aside to see what the student and Sima Pi wanted to do.

“Who’s beginning at first?” Sima Pi activated the machine and he turned around and asked the student.

“Teacher, I will begin first.” The fat student walked over, stood in front of the King of Fighters. And chose player two, while Sima Pi chose player one.

The two chose their own three heroes and then began to play.

The two picked each one their three heroes and then started to play the game.

The fat student did train hard. The several heroes are very skilled, but they are still not as good as the teacher Sima Pi.

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