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M. I. H. G Chapter 162: You Know Nothing About Strength 1

“Phi, Lipi, Liguapi, Lili sofa !” Sima Pi whispered, while is witty and his hands are quick to operate, the little fat student had no power to fight back.

Soon, all three characters of the fat student were defeated.

“Did you lose?” Sima Pi asked, looking at his little fat student.

“Lose.” Although the fat student was unwilling but loses, he lost. So many students looked at it, and he didn’t face to deny it.

“That’s good.” Teacher Sima Pi turned to a female student and asked, “Hu Liya, how many points did Shi Peng score the last time.”

This female junior high school student named Hu Liya helped her glasses. Then took out her notebook from her pocket, looked at it, and said to Sima Pi: “Mr. Sima, Shi Peng’s total test score was 300. Forty-two points. “

“Twenty points this time, and the next exam will have a total score of 362 to pass.”

“Okay.” Hu Liya heard Sima Pi’s words and began to write this down in her notebook.

“Isn’t it good?” The little fat student stared at Sima Pi, opened his mouth wide.

“Didn’t I mention ten to you just now?” Sima Pi pushed the little fat student so that he stood to the side first. “Anyway, you can remember it well. If you can’t make progress in 20 minutes, I will show the video of playing video games for your parents. Think about the consequences yourself.”

The little fat student stood to one side with a bitter face, and then Sima Pi looked at the other students and asked, “who wants to come to win? If you win me, you can play freely. I’ll pay you for it, surf the Internet, and let you skip class.”. If you lose, you will get ten points better in the next exam. If you throw in the towel, you’ll get a five-point improvement.”

Of the more than a dozen junior high school students. Half chose to admit defeat directly, while the other half was given success by Sima Pi, and none of them could win Sima Pi.

In less than 20 minutes, only one of these junior high school students had not played against Sima Pi.

“Squad leader, it’s up to you.” The next little fat student pushed a guy who looked a little bit beautiful with temperament and said to him, “Don’t you say that you fought online and never lost, this time it’s up to you.”

“Yeah yeah, squad leader you are our last hope.” Other students followed suit.

But the young teenager, who was called the monitor. Looked at his teacher and finally said: “or I can give up and lose directly so that I can get five points. If I lose, you will deduct ten points. Next month, I will get almost full marks.”


When Frank heard the first sentence of the boy, he wanted to say the boy didn’t have any confidence at all. There was a gap between five points and two multiple-choice questions.

But he heard the last half-sentence of this boy.

Well, Frank didn’t know how to vomit.

The invisible outfit is the most deadly.

Stay away from tyrants and cherish life.

“Xu Huang.” Sima Pi looked at the young student and said, “why don’t you try? If you win, I will cancel the previous gambling contract with everyone, what?”

“You can think about it, squad leader,” said the little fat student hurriedly to his squad leader. “Our happiness depends on you.”

“Teacher Sima, if I lose.” Xu Huang asked looking at Sima Pi.

“Either your next exam will be full marks except for the language, or all your target scores will be increased by 10.”

“Then I’ll be thirty.” The fat man raised his fingers and forgot about it, thinking that things were not good.

“You guys said, I can’t make it yet.” Xu Huang looked at the students around him and asked.

The little fat student was a little in retreat now, after all, thirty is not a score that can easily rise up. But other students only need to go up by 20 points, some of them are 15 points.

Still very decent,

So other students held a gambling mentality and let their monitor go up against each other.

So, Xu Huang got on.


“You don’t know anything about power.” Sima Pi smiled at his group of students, saying: “Your teacher was known as Zhongshan Bridge. And I relied on the King of Fighters of this hand. You play with the teacher first, and you have to practice for a few years.”

“Hu Liya.” Sima Pi pointed to the female classmate. “Everyone has to remember the points they will add, and we will collect them when we take the test next month.”

“Teacher, I know.” A large group of students made a frustrating voice.

Frank watched it with a lot of fun, and he walked over and said to Sima Pi: “Mr. Sima, let’s have a play too.”

“Okay.” Sima Pi was glad to see Frank coming. He turned to his students and said, “You are optimistic, I’ll give you a classic boxing teaching.”

Both Frank and Sima Pi chose their three characters and then started to fight.

Arcade game, Frank has not played much since the start of high school and his level has dropped much from the normal level, he must be below Sima Pi.

But he can still cheat.

Athena’s vision turned on, and Frank’s pupils scattered a little bit of golden light, the had to a beyond human limits.

Every time Sima Pi made a move, Frank saw it through.

In the beginning, Sima Pi still had time to talk to his students about how to carry out a series of moves and how to find a chance to sneak attack on each other, but the cold sweat on his face soon came down.

The first character was killed by Frank directly.

“Oh, one to zero, the problem is not big.” Sima Pi said to his students: “This is the first time this person has beaten me, I will let him be one, and you must be optimistic next.”

“The second character is my best one. It’s very comfortable to see how I can even kill him.” As soon as Sima PI finished speaking, Fang Ze controlled his characters and rushed to ancient times. Then he set up a series of infinite moves.

Sima Pi’s second character was defeated.

“This wave is not bad; I have seen through his methods now.” Sima Pi continued to his students, “Next I will perform a series of three if he still fights with me using the previous routine, that is unwise.”

Sima Pi confidently picked up a set of combos and fought with Frank.

Indeed, with this set of combos by Sima Pi. Frank really had no choice with him, and the two hit a 50-50. However, to a large extent, e-sports competitions depend on who makes fewer mistakes and who can seize them.

Frank quickly used Athena’s vision to find a mistake by Sima Pi. A seamless set of moves took Sima Pi’s last character directly.


Watching his teacher fail, Xu Huang quietly asked, “Teacher, what do you say now.”

(Your support is my greatest motivation.)