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M. I. H. G Chapter 163: Teacher

“What else can I say?” the little fat student gloated: “Turn the water over the water.”

“The scalp is numb and uncomfortable,” said Sima Pi, looking at Frank. “I didn’t expect you to be a master.”

“Wherever, Teacher Sima is also the best I have ever seen to play with the King of Fighters.”

Frank and Sima Pi talked a few words. Sima Pi is about to take the students away. After all, a group of children is very difficult to take care of. It is better to bring them back early.

Frank and Sima Pi said goodbye, just going to ask if Harley Quinn and Chen Jian had played enough. And then they heard a burst of shouts coming downstairs. And a lot of people screaming from the first-floor Clothing and jewelry area began to run towards the first-floor from the second floor.

“What’s wrong?” Frank looked at the crowd, not knowing what happened.

Five minutes ago, on the first floor of the mall, a van rushed directly into the lobby of the mall and then slammed into the hall’s pillars. Several men and women rushed out of the van and were preparing to go out, but the police car was very timely. When it arrived, the police car has completely enclosed the outside of the mall.

If Frank was present at the scene, he could clearly see someone of these men and women had met him before.

“Brother, what to do.” A young man asked another hawk-nosed man.

“Go up the stairs and walk on the third floor. A suspended corridor on the third floor is connected with the latter shop. The first floor of the shop is a car washing room. We will rob one car and run away.”

“The whole city is closed. Where shall we run?” Said a strong middle-aged woman looking at the man with a hooked nose.

“It’s a death penalty for drug trafficking!” Said the hawk-nosed man, with a somber face, “would you wait here for death yourself or ask for a chance?”

“I, I did not sell drugs!” Cried the middle-aged woman, crying, “I just cook for you!”

“Did you forget that you had been a trafficker?” The hawk-nosed man shouted at the strong middle-aged woman. “If Lao Tseu is caught, no one of you can run away. It is all a crime of drug trafficking. We run together.”

People heard the roar of the hawk-nosed man and never dared to negotiate, and began to run together.

But the process didn’t seem to go well.

First of all, a younger man with an eagle nose ran towards the elevator and let the hooked nose snarled.

Although the elevator is really convenient, if the mall security sees these people on the elevator through the surveillance video, the smart point will directly turn off the elevator.

A group of them can be on the list of fools.

Besides, on three floors, things are the same for a few minutes.

So, the hawk-nosed pointed at the frightened crowd over there and motioned for his younger brother to take a few hostages and take them along.

The two younger men heard the boss’s instructions and rushed towards a younger woman who was hiding in front of a jewelry counter. Trying to grab the woman and take her up the stairs together.

But as soon as the persons walked by. The woman took out a bottle of anti-wolf spray from the bag and sprayed it on the faces of the two people. Although she did not cause much damage, it also greatly delayed their action.

And just at this time, a jewelry salesman in uniform appeared suddenly behind the jewelry counter, and a stool hit the head of the younger man in its forehead.

“Well, dare to resist.” The young man’s brother saw that his brother had been beaten, and pulled out his gun from his pocket, trying to shoot.

“Don’t shoot blindly.” The hawk-nosed man snatched the pistol from his brother’s hand.

It’s really useless to shoot at this time. Once someone is killed, the degree of their serious harm to the police will rise in a straight line. At that time, the police may directly arrange snipers to shoot them. It is not worth it.

And even if he took out a gun to deter others from not resisting, the person would be scared and stiff and would have trouble moving. Taking such hostages will actually slow down their escape speed.

Seeing the police car has been parked outside, the police are about to rush in. Their two younger brothers are not even sure about a woman, so they can only shout, “go first, don’t take hostages.”

Seeing the police car was parked outside with big eyes opened, and the police were about to rush in. Two of these younger men are not even sure about kidnapping the woman, so they can only shout, “let’s go first, we do not take hostages.”

The croup-nosed man rushed up the stairs and said to the strong woman next to him, “If you see a child in a while, hold it as a hostage, don’t look for an adult.”

“Okay.” Although the strong woman was also a little scared at this time. Whoever the person who let her get on the thief boat look her now as a grasshopper on a rope.

At this time, Sima Pi with a dozen students watching the elevator for a long time. It could not go down, and the surrounding crowd became more and more chaotic. But no one knew what was happening.

Some people said someone was robbed, and others said it happened a fire.

But Sima Pi glanced, no sparks could be seen, no smoke at all, it must be no fire, it is estimated that an unlucky man slipped.

“Teacher, what do we do now?” Hu Liya asked Sima Pi in horror. “Teacher, where do we run from?”


Hu Liya reminded Sima Pi, anyway, running out of the mall is the most serious.

Most people now run down the ramp of the mall. After all, it is faster, but there are crowds on the stairs and they all run down.

Sima Pi is surrounded by over a dozen students, and cannot run with the flow of people. Otherwise, there will inevitably be situations that cannot be taken care of, and it is easy to lose one or two students.

Suddenly, Sima Pi thought of something.

“Once, we go up the stairs to the third floor. The third floor can lead to the back. Let’s go from the back.” Sima Pi said, leading a dozen students on his own, going toward the stairs, and then started up the stairs.

“Teacher, what should we do if robbers come up the stairs?” Xu Huang asked as Sima Pi ran.

“Who can run upstairs?” Sima Pi said to his students, “you think the title of” one bully of Zhongshan Bridge “is white. I have a lot of experience in dealing with it.”

“Which hoe head will run upstairs.” Sima Pi said to his students: “You think my title of one bully of Zhongshan Bridge is white, I have a lot of experience to deal with this high level.”

Sima Pi looked at the students and said: “If they are robbers, they will take hostage downstairs and run away from the back door, why do they come upstairs?”

Sima Pi was talking, and he saw in front of himself, three people standing in front of the stairs on the third floor.

“Mr. Sima, I didn’t expect to meet you again here.” Frank stood at the exit on the third floor and waved hello to Sima Pi with a smile. While Chen Jian behind him was pulling Harley Quinn and advised her not to He tried to break a chain wrapped around a bag with his bare hands.

“Look, teacher, you are so stupid.” The little fat man took Sima Pi’s clothes and pointed to the three followers of Frank and said to Sima Pi.

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