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M. I. H. G Chapter 164: So Cute Cat

Frank came here really by accident. Although the mall looked messy, he was not worried at all. After all, there was a character with a powerful fighting force with him.

And Harley Quinn just focused on the game and didn’t even think about leaving. But Chen Jian couldn’t bear the fright, and for the sake of safety, he forced the three to retreat with him.

Harley Quinn was quite dissatisfied with Chen Jian’s proposal, but Chen Jian was too good to accompany her to play the game for two days, so she was still dragged by Chen Jian to the elevator.

As a result, before reaching the elevator, Harley Quinn saw the stairs, walked incuriously, and ran upstairs like a little deer.

Frank and Chen Jian followed Harley Quinn to the third floor, only to find the door on the stairs leading to the third floor were locked, while Harley Quinn was unconvinced and struggled with the big lock for a long time and did not open it.

“You also come to take refuge.” Sima Pi asked the students to go up first, and then walked to Frank and said, “The heroes have similar ideas. I also think it’s safer here.”

“Unfortunately, the door is locked.” Frank pointed to the locked door and said, “We can’t go out now, we can only wait for a while to return.”

“It’s okay,” Sima Pi said, looking at Frank: “I had expected the third floor to be closed.”

“It’s safe because it’s closed.” Sima Pi slaps his legs and said to Frank: “We are here now, and can only exit from below. There can be no danger from the side or above.”

“Teacher, what if a bad guy comes in from below?” The little fat student asked coarsely under his head.

“Impossible.” Sima Pi shook his head and said to the fat man, “Here is a dead end. Wouldn’t it be a bad thing for the bad guys to come over?”

“But the bad guys don’t know it’s locked here.” The little fat student asked.

“You see, you have no spirituality at all.” Sima Pi said to the little fat student: “I don’t believe it…”

Before Sima Pi said, the crowd saw five or six men and women rushing up from the stairs on the second floor. These people had daggers in their hands. The leading eagle hook nose man looked a little vicious, It doesn’t feel like a good person.

The eagle hook nose man rushed up first, and as soon as he was about to continue upstairs, he saw Frank and his party.

He never expected there would be such a large crowd here.

When they rushed up, they did meet a lot of people, but they didn’t even need to pull out the guns. These people obediently gave way to him.

But I didn’t expect there were so many people at the stairway on the third floor!

But they didn’t expect that they were meeting people at the entrance of the stairs on the third floor and there were so many people were there!

“This is exactly what the teacher said. The heroes think like this way.” The little fat man pulled a sentence out of time, and Hu Liya hurried to him so that he didn’t talk nonsense.

“Get off!” Although the eagle hook nose man saw a group of children and wanted to catch a few hostages, they now have a hostage, so let this group of people give up the way at first, and they can escape.

“This door is locked,” said Sima Pi, pointing to the chain-locked door of the third floor. “Will you go back to the second floor and take the elevator?”

After hearing Sima Pi’s words, the eagle hook nose man knew that Sima Pi said probably the truth. After all, if the door was not locked, the dozen children and adults would have run out already long ago. But they still need to stay here to wait.

But if they go back now, it seems that it is too late to escape. The police estimated they would have the opportunity to stop them on the second floor.

“Brother, give me the gun, and I will hit the keyhole with the gun.” Said the younger brother of the eagle hook nose man.

“What do you think? It is not a movie!” The eagle hook nose man slapped his brother on the head: “Without a shotgun, you can’t unlock it where is your brain!”

“Boss, the cops are climbing up the stairs!” A little man glanced downstairs and shouted at the eagle hook nose man.

“The hostages!”

“Here!” The sturdy woman pulled out a little girl who was only six years old. Although she was scared and her legs were getting soft.

She did not dare to cry loudly, and the palms of her face proved she had suffered a lot before.

And the little girl was dragged by the strong woman by one hand, and on her other hand was holding a small kitten with an arm very small. The cat looked very cute and meowed from time to time.

The eagle hook nose man glanced at the little girl, and then looked at Frank’s group composed of more than a dozen people and instructed his younger brother: “You stay at the stairs and tell the police that we have a dozen hostages, if they dare to step up a step, we will directly kill a person and throw it down. Anyway, those of us who are caught will also be sentenced to death. Let’s see if they dare to gamble!”

“Okay.” The younger brother heard the words of the boss of the eagle hook nose, knowing that although he could not run out, the situation was more awkward for them.

This is a dead-end. There are a dozen hostages in their hands. Although they cannot run away, the police are absolutely afraid to come up.

If they delay, maybe there be another chance.

But at this moment, Harley Quinn, who had been struggling with the door lock, suddenly poked her head out and said, “Wow, what a cute kitten.”

When Frank heard Harley Quinn’s voice, he knew she was stable.

Although he had a watch anesthesia gun, he only had two anesthesia needles and could only lay down only two people on the opposite side.

Therefore, he alone cannot ensure the safety of everyone.

But Harley Quinn’s shot was different.

Although Harley Quinn doesn’t have any superpowers, the combat effectiveness is absolutely excellent.

The only drawback is that this blue-pink double-ponytail is probably had a bit similar character to that of a husky. It’s possible to reach a happy consensus with criminals.

Harley Quinn is wriggling her striking figure and was about to go. Chen Jian quickly grabbed her and asked, “Don’t go, it’s dangerous.”

“But there is cat below,” said Harley Quinn looking at Chen Jian. “That kitten is so cute.”

Harley Quinn said, shaking her arm, she loosened Chen Jian’s hand and continued to descend.

While Chen Jian wanted to stop her, Frank grabbed Chen Jian’s hand and said to him: “It’s all right, believe me.”

“Little girl, I want you to give me this cat to hug it?” Harley Quinn said to the little hostage girl with tears on her face.

The hostage girl had not spoken yet and the younger brother of the eagle hook nose man on the side looked at Harley Quinn who ran up. Although he was not sure about the situation, she slaps her up and scolds her. “

The slap was given in the air by Harley Quinn, who was still looking at the cat in the little girl’s arms at this time.

“Little girl, how about us make a deal with me, when I will run off these bullies, how about you give me this kitten?”

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