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M. I. H. G Chapter 165: I can’t suck the cat

Of course, the little girl didn’t respond to what the blue-pink double-ponytail girl had said in front of her.

But it doesn’t matter if she did not speak. Harley Quinn was a very playful person and she said to the little girl: “You don’t speak. I will assume it as an OK.”

“What the hell!” the eagle hook nose man saw his brother was caught and immediately wanted to kick Harley Quinn’s waist, and has taken out his pistol, ready to open the insurance.

Harley Quinn has thrown away off the brother of the eagle hook nose man. After this, she had hit the man with a fierce blow elbow on his face.

Frank said with a worried face to Chen Jian: “I bet, she will beat all these people down for five minutes, believe it or not.”

“You did not say she had a mental problem?” Chen Jian said looking at Harley Quinn.

“What’s wrong with mental problems has nothing to do with combat effectiveness.” Frank has spread his hand: “Ten more are not enough for her to beat them.”

Harley Quinn had put down these people faster than Frank imagined. In just four minutes, this solid group of thieves was defeated by Harley Quinn alone.

Until he was paralyzed on the ground, the eagle hook nose man did not even open the insurance of his pistol and was directly KO.

“Ah, are you bad guys?” Harley Quinn looked at the people lying on the ground and said: “No one can fight?”

Well, Miss Harley, you seem to have crossed the red line with someone else.

“Oh my god.” The little fat student covered his face and looked at Harley Quinn in front of him and said: “Handsome girl!”

Harley Quinn clapped her hands. Then looked at the little girl holding the cat, gently held the cat out of the girl’s arms, and took a sharp breath.

“It’s nice to have a cat.”

“Do not move!”

“Get down!”

“Put your hands up!”

Hearing contradictory sounds, Frank looked at these sounds.

It turned out that the policeman downstairs had heard the shouting sound above, hesitated for a long time, then sent someone to see what was happened upstairs.

Unexpectedly, the policeman’s sent saw a drug dealer lying on the ground and a blue-pink double-ponytail woman holding a cat.

Harley Quinn saw the police rushing up, holding the assault rifle, raised one of her hands, then laid the cat in his hand flat, let it lie on her hand, and stood still. Then she told the policeman.

“Well, is this acceptable?”

After confirming all the robbers had been laid down. Frank and his party went downstairs under the special protection of the police and went to the second floor of the video game store.

Frank saw the acquaintance here at the police’s temporary command center.

Policeman Li, his own brother Fang Cheng, and Director Li.

“I can see you, there where the matter was.” Director Li came over and waved for a few police officers to comfort the children of Sima Pi and the girl who had been taken as a hostage.

“Isn’t this a coincidence?” Frank said.

“It’s too special.” Brother Li walked over to the other side and joked, “If I don’t pay attention to you, you can move to another place.”

“Don’t make fun of it.” Director Li immediately felt relieved when he found no one was injured.

The mistake of not arresting drug dealers has led drug dealers to flee to the shopping mall full of a large number of people. This has already been a major mistake. As there was no further injury in the public, it was inevitable the Director must remove his hat.

Now in this situation, he has cheated in his heart.

In this accident, except for the little girl who was taken hostage for a while, no one was hurt psychologically. So, after asking some things, the police allowed Sima Pi to take the students away.

After all, even the police can’t stand a group of teenage junior high school students talking about Harley Quinn.

As for Harley Quinn.

Fortunately, the yellow fat cat has arranged an identity for Harley Quinn, and the police can find Ha Quin’s personal information in the system.

The whole family was boxing enthusiasts with a mild mental sick, but there is no tendency to disturb society in her character.

“Sister, can you return the cat to me?” Said the little girl to Harley Quinn, looking at the cat.

I don’t know how the yellow fat cat put down these words in Harley Quinn’s ears without conscience.

“No, haven’t we already made a deal?” Harley Quinn said to the girl: “I saved you, now the cat is mine and you have no cat.”


This time, the little girl who had never cried. She cried completely, and the crying had made a tearing all hearts. So, the surrounding policewoman could not comfort her.

“Is it like that?” said Chen Jian embarrassed and walked in front of Harley Quinn. “If you return the cat to her, I’ll buy you a new cat.”

“Is it true?” Harley Quinn asked Chen Jian with a surprised look.

“Of course, it is true.” Chen Jian agreed.

“Then I can have two, one little and one puppet.”

“Yes.” Chen Jian simply agreed.

“Pussy cat.” Harley Quinn loosened the cat and let it go after tickling the cat for a while, while its original owner little girl stared at it aside.

“Oh, you are so good.” Harley Quinn returned the cat to the little girl, hugged Chen Jian, and kissed him sharply on the cheek.

Frank knew, of course, that Harley Quinn was a girl who loved hugging others and didn’t care about the details.

But Chen Jian did not know.

Chen Jian’s original white face suddenly turned red at the speed visible to the naked eye.

When the people arrived at the police station to give notes. Fang Cheng looked for another opportunity. He called Frank to the past and spoke alone.

“Your friend shows she’s a city woman, how do you know her?”

“We have known each other online for a long time. She said she would come here to play, and I received it.” Frank told Fang Cheng.

“Oh.” Fang Cheng asked about the origin of Harley Quinn, and then said to Frank: “I just called my dad and said something about it.” Fang Cheng looked at Frank and said, “My dad meant to find a famous master to do a magic work to ward off evil spirits from you”

“Well,” Frank looked at Fang Cheng and waved his hand and said: “We are the successors of communism. What are the rituals, don’t worry.”

“Although I don’t believe it, you are really a bit in front of an evil door.” Fang Cheng looked at Frank and said: “What has happened for more than a month ago?”

“It’s just a coincidence.” Frank said indifferently, “according to a well-known law. ‘The more accidents a person encounters when he is young, the greater his success in the future.’ “

Frank looked at Fang Cheng and said: “Brother, this means your brother will be developed in the future.”

“What is the name of this law? How have I never heard of it?” Fang Cheng looked at Frank and asked.

“Frank’s law,” Frank said with a smile: “I just made it up.”

“Do you think it’s your elementary school writing your own celebrity quote?”

“Hey,” Frank said to Fang Cheng; “Brother, just ask your dad to explain to you, and he did not let me do anything to prevent evil.”

“At that time, you explained to him yourself. You don’t know my father? If you don’t agree with me, you will beat others. The key is that I can’t beat you.”

While Frank and Fang Cheng were talking the Director Li came over.

“Frank.” Director Li said to Frank: “Before Xiao Li made fun of you to move away, don’t take it seriously. That kid’s mouth doesn’t mean anything.”

“Not seriously, seriously.” Frank hurriedly said.

“Since we are there.” Director Li looked at Frank with a look of enthusiasm. “I heard you were going to an internship, right? I have a friend who is the head of the forensic department at a 211 medical school in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. You see, even if you have an internship now, a large hospital with a regular undergraduate degree won’t want you. Why not transfer to a graduate student in the forensic science department and come to us after graduation?”

If you don’t talk about it, we are still good friends.

Frank decisively rejected Director Li preposition.

In the evening, the crowd finally went through all the procedures, and Frank and Chen Jian and Harley Quinn could go home.

“On behalf of our Haiping Public Security Bureau, I thank Miss Ha Quin for her righteousness.” Director Li looked at Harley Quinn with a smile, and then presented a certificate of merit.

On the certificate of the award, it was writ: To grant Comrade Ha Quin the right to serve the city of Haiping as a good citizen.

“I am so happy.” Harley Quinn looked at the certificate happily, and then said to Director Li: “It is the first time to get a certificate of good citizenship.”

“Miss Ha Quin is fully qualified for this certificate.”

“Really?” Harley Quinn was still a little disbelieving, looking at Director Li.

Director Li pointed to his hat and said to Harley Quinn, “I swear with my badge, it’s true.”

“Wow.” Harley Quinn saw the action of Director Li. She hugged the certificate of excitement and said: “I’m going to keep it in my safe and keep it. I also want Mr. J, Mr. Wayne, and Pamela to have a look at the medal. “

“What kind of person is she talking about?” Chen Jian asked Frank.

“All are her good friends.” Frank has no heart to tell Chen Jian that these are two boyfriends and a girlfriend of Harley Quinn.

“All names are foreigners?”

“Well, yes. She has more foreign friends.” Frank said.

Because it was late and Chen Jian was going home, Frank asked Chen Jian to leave first, and then he took Harley Quinn back to the taxi.

“La la la la.” In the living room, Harley Quinn held the certificate and kept spinning.

“Mr. Frank.” Harley Quinn looked at Frank and asked, “Can you lend me a safe, I’m afraid I’ll lose this certificate.”

“I’ll find a plastic bag for you. Put it in the plastic bag. You can find a safe by yourself.” Frank said, took out a plastic bag for documents, and put the certificate of good citizenship in it.

“I want to wait for me to go back. My friends will be happy to see I have received such a certificate.” Harley Quinn shook her hand and imagined the picture in her head.


Frank thought in his heart. It’s estimated that clown, Bruce, and the poison rattan girl will think the head of the city’s police department is a bit of a mess when they see this certificate.

Officials of the Arkham Asylum, members of the suicide squad, and everyone who knew Harley Quinn would laugh to death when they saw this certificate.

Frank put the certificate in a plastic bag, then found a roll of plastic wrap from the kitchen, and stuffed the certificate into the core of the plastic wrap.

“It won’t be damaged in this way,” Frank said as he watched Harley Quinn.

“Thanks a lot.” Harry Quinn looked pleased.

Frank let Harley Quinn play in the living room, went to the bedroom by herself, and then called Chen Jian.

“Some things were difficult to say in front of the others, but now I can only say it by phone.”

“Did you find out, the origin of the drug dealers?” Chen Jian asked Frank.

“There was a woman in the group who was trying to kidnap your sister before.”

“These drug dealers have nothing to do.” Chen Jian said to Frank,

“I have got their personal data here. They are all from a mountain village in the next city. They stole marijuana from the mountain and sold it. In origin, it is clear the police searched for them for a long time. This time, because the woman tried to kidnap my sister before. She was recorded by the street camera, which was leaked.”

“No one will kidnap your sister for no reason, will it be temporary?”

“Certainly not.” “But so far, in the results of the police interrogation, the woman insisted that she was walking in the street and wanted to kidnap Chen Wei back when she saw her lovely face,” Chen Jian said.

“The only thing I know about these people is their boss, the eagle hook nose man we saw today, he is called Feng Long.”

“That Feng Long?” Frank hesitated for a moment, remembering that because he was holding a gun. Harley Quinn was also the fiercest to hit him. It is estimated that this man is still in hospital for treatment.

“Then let us wait until that Feng Long was interrogated.” Frank couldn’t conclude any information.

Frank and Chen Jian had finished talking and they are about to hang up, but Frank did not expect Chen Jian’s voice came over again: “Do you can help me by asking her what color the two cats should be?”

Chen Jian could only speak of Harley Quinn.

Frank thought, could this Chen Jian really fall in love with Harley Quinn at first sight?

Anyway, Harley Quinn will be gone for another two days. So, Frank didn’t worry about what sparks could be caused by the two of them. So, he called Harley Quinn and gave her the phone to let her said to Chen Jian about cats.

Frank watched Harley Quinn talked about the cat cheerfully on the phone, turned his head and looked at his fat yellow cat, thinking that this world is really a drug addict but not a cat addict.

The next day, before dawn, someone knocked on Frank’s door.

Frank stood up lazily, opened the door and took a look, and found that outside the door was Chen Jian carrying two cat boxes.

One cat box contained a beautiful chocolate-colored beauty short cat, and the other cat box contained a mountain blue puppet cat.

“Let it go, let it go.” Chen Jian squeezed in with two cat boxes, then put the cat boxes on the tea table, then magically pulled out a large breakfast bag.

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