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M. I. H. G Chapter 166: Attentive

As soon as Chen Jian was coming into the house, he said: “This is the breakfast, and I just bought it, he is still hot.” Then Chen Jian asked Frank, “Did Miss Ha Quinn get up?”

“I did not hear anything; I am still asleep.” Frank looked at Chen Jian and said, “You are too diligent.”

“Am I?”

“Yes.” Frank nodded affirmatively.

At the time where Frank and Chen Jian were talking, they heard a crunching door.

The door of Harley Quinn’s bedroom was opened, and while wearing short sleeves on her body, she was yawning. Harley Quinn was full of wildness and seductiveness. A charming body appeared in front of Frank and Chen Jian.

“Good morning my two gentlemen.” While saying this, Harley Quinn put on her short sleeves, but the beautiful scenery before wearing was still appreciated by Frank and Chen Jian.

“That’s right.” Harley Quinn looked down at her lower body, wearing only underwear. “Where is my short?”

“You went to the bathroom; didn’t you take a shower last night?” Frank said.

“Oh yes.” After finishing speaking, Harley Quinn twisted herself, covering only half of the fart, and entered the bathroom.

Frank explained to Chen Jian who was stunned: “She does not pay much attention to some details.”

Chen Jian heard Frank’s words, smiled, and whispered: “It is a special girl.”

In a few moments, Harley Quinn got dressed and came out.

“I told you on the phone yesterday, egg pie and banana porridge.” Chen Jian pointed to the breakfast he brought to Harley Quinn, “Now eat it while it’s hot.”

“Wait a moment.” Harley Quinn came over, opened the two cat boxes, looked at the kittens in the cat box, and said happily: “Oh my God, I am so happy.”

After the three had finished breakfast, Frank borrowed a games console and a projection screen for the two to play, and he had to do a translation of the Russian drama.

By the way, Calcium Oxide in the group also assigned Frank a translation task and asked Frank to help him translate a not too hot American drama.

Fortunately, there is no need for Frank’s timeline in this American drama, and he will do it himself.

Frank has only uploaded three episodes of this Russian drama ‘The Diary of the Fighting Nation’, but the traffic is amazing. It quickly became one of the first three dramas of the subtitle group to click, which was very well received and welcomed.

Although the show was released with the official title of the subtitle group, Frank did not receive any feedback here, but looking at a lot of comments and support below the video, Frank was still very happy.

Most art workers naturally were in loneliness, whether it is something that only requires one person to complete such as writing, or something that requires teamwork such as making manga.

Everyone involved is actually someone who can stand the loneliness. Only withstand loneliness can we temporarily separate ourselves from the huge social network of society, forgot ourselves, and used the public’s vision to make something that the public loves.

What attached the authors back to this network was the readers’ praise, comments and support of their work.

It is false to say that the artist does not need much communication because the communication of the artist is merely transferred from the superior and subordinate colleagues to the audience. This communication is produced through the interaction of both parties.

Therefore, although Frank did subtitles without any compensation, looking at the popular comments and support, he has obtained the greatest satisfaction.

At this point, Frank finally knew that it was tiring and hard to do subtitles. There are so many people pouring into this industry, and they are sad because they cannot enter.

This is indeed a job that can get the most spiritual satisfaction.

After Frank was sighed, he sent a message to the subtitle group.

“Is there any good guy who knows that he can earn extra money for translation-related jobs? I am proficient in 17 languages, each of which is close to the level of my mother tongue, it is cheap and high-quality and ready to take away.”

“Puff.” O’Neil in the group went back to Frank and said: “I guess your language level is so high, how can you come to our salted fish like subtitle group.”

It turned out to be our innocent connections. “

“What kind of innocent connection?” Frank replied, “I’m just bored and playing casually.”

“Oh, okay.” O’Neil posted a diving icon, then stopped talking.

Of course, Frank did not speak anymore. After receiving the information, he wanted, he spent ten Yuan on soft sister coins for Comrade Lao Ma, opened a yellow star diamond next to his Penguin, and then chose to use The incognito visit visited the little naive penguin space.

Little naive penguin space has little content, and there is no such thing as sharing or reposting. The only few talks about it are the kind of casual shooting, and they are all scenes and things, no selfies.

However, Frank saw a conversation under one of them. Someone asked Calcium Oxide what he wanted as a gift for his birthday five days later.

Frank looked at the time of the conversation. It was two days ago, so three days later is Calcium Oxide’s birthday?

Frank checked this date and found it was not the same as the birthday on the Little Naive Penguin, so he concluded it should be the real birthday.

In the next few days, Chen Jian ran to Frank’s house every day and came to find Harley Quinn. And there were various intimate gifts or teddy bears.

Frank could only sit and watch the two stickies together to play games or go shopping with them and experienced what it felt like when they were eating dog food.

By Friday afternoon, he did not know if Harley Quinn had told Chen Jian in advance, so at noon, Chen Jian left, and after leaving, Harley Quinn did not leave Frank. Instead, holding the two cats reluctantly said goodbye, then took the good citizen certificate issued by Haiping City, and left.

“What about these two cats?” Frank looked at the two cats left by Harley Quinn, one of which was Mei Li and the other was a puppet cat. They were both very cute.

However, Frank didn’t plan to raise them, because the fat yellow cat at home needed a lot of food, but it was very worry-free to raise. As long as he had plenty of food beside his cat’s nest, he would find it by himself every day to eat. Go to the toilet by himself.

But these two kittens have absolutely no such ability.

This means that every time Frank went out, he had to hand over the two kittens to Lao Bo and Xiao Hei.

But this kind of thing is okay once or twice, not more times, even if the others do not say anything, Frank himself will feel embarrassed.

Just as Frank thought about how to deal with the two cats, the fat yellow cat jumped to Frank’s eyes.

“Meow, meow.” the fat yellow cat meowed several times in succession. “How is it going, this time, it’s a good visit? It’s full of benefits.”

“It is a good fart,” Frank said to Dixie, “If it takes longer, maybe someone will be run away.”