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M. I. H. G Chapter 167: Little Gambling

“You do not want it yourself?”

The fat yellow cat said: “If you really want to open your harem, how about I can arrange for you every time the guests come here? Maybe that will suit your kind of girl?”

“Forget it.” Frank quickly refused, “I do not want to know what our little girlfriend’s shorty hair looks like.”

“You laugh the early death of the brother; the sincere brother does not laugh.” Before the words of the big slug ended, Frank grabbed the fat cat and smothered it into his arms.

“Just as much as you say, so much as you say.”

After being thinking for a while, Frank caught the big cat and looked at him and said, “Hurry up and give me my reward.”

“You are not tender at all.” Dixie the fat yellow cat complained about Frank.

Frank was heard the fat yellow cat and pointed at the beautiful cat and the puppet in the cat box, and said: “If you are half cute with me, you can see that I am gentle to you.”

“Protest against racial discrimination of the cat industry.” said the fat yellow cat, raising its paw: “Whether it is an ugly cat, a cute cat, a fat cat or a thin cat, as long as you can feed it, it’s a good cat.”

Dixie the fat yellow cat and Frank finished to exchange the talk, and then he said to Frank: “First, I give you the gift from Harley Quinn.”

Frank saw that there was a bit of a hint of gloat in Dixie, the fat yellow cat’s mouth, and when he wanted to ask what was going on, he saw that there was only one more card in Dixie’s paw.

Frank picked up the card, only to see a picture on it that looked like a man and a ghost, with a line next to it, ‘Mr. Frank is a good man.’

A good guy!

Frank never expected that he was actually issued only a card by Harley Quinn.

Even if she wanted to send a good card, she obviously should send it to Chen Jian!

Although Frank wanted to throw that card away. As a person with a slight squirrel syndrome, he still put the card in a card bag he had not used before and saved it.

“Let’s speak of what kind of ability can Harley Quinn give me.” Frank asked when he looked at Dixie: “Will not it is a baseball bat or something like that?”

“You think so wonderfully.” Dixie looked at Frank and said: “You ask for a lunatic what ability, of course, the biggest ability is not to play cards according to common sense.”

“Harley Quinn has left you with a total of thirty abilities.” Dixie looked at Frank and said, “You do not feel happy?”

“You first tell me what these thirty capabilities are.” Frank felt a hint of bad feeling.

“Some of these abilities are lifestyles such as women with high makeup, and some combat styles such as baseball bats and cheats. There are also some such as sacrificing their sanity at the cost of powerful power.”

“In general,” Dixie looked at Frank and said: “Good abilities and bad abilities. Useful abilities and useless abilities. Let’s discover them, five by five.”

Frank said: “You introduce them in detail.”

“Everyone said that lunatics did not play cards according to common sense.” Dixie, the fat yellow cat, looked at Frank and said: “this is not a happy one out of three, but one of thirty.”

“Meaning, this time I cannot take the initiative, I can only follow the lottery?”

“Yes.” The fat yellow cat nodded. “This was requested by Harley Quinn himself, so we have no choice.”

“Do not tell me, all the guests who have lived in my house before know that I can acquire part of their ability.” Frank looked at Dixie and the fat yellow cat said: “From the details, they do not even know you, Frank, exist.”

“You forgot that Harley Quinn, like Deadpool, can break the existence of the dimension wall.” Dixie shook his head and said to Frank, “It is normal for a lunatic to have one or two special abilities.”

“Okay.” Frank asked when he looked at Dixie: “I have a good chance of extracting unreliable abilities such as reducing my sanity and improving my physical fitness.”

“One-third,” Dixie said, looking at Frank: “As a reminder, this ability is not the least reliable. The most unreliable one is to fully develop your inner desire. For example, you cannot help going to the kindergarten to grab Loli and then die under the gun of the police. “

“You might as well make me into a metamorphosis directly.” Frank thought for a moment, said to the fat yellow cat: “Forget it, and the risk is too great, I give up this lottery.”

“Come on, the little thing becomes a big thing, brother.” Dixie looked at Frank and said: “After all, there are only a few unreliable abilities. You must know that Haley Quinn is an Olympic-level gymnast for a disguise. Master, if you can get both of her abilities, you will develop. “

“Small gambling is good, big gambling hurts and flies away.” Frank said firmly, “I do not want to be the group of brothers in the quit gambling. I obstruct firmly, I am happy now, not only the cat was sent by Loli, why should I bet, let alone one-third, I would not even go for it even if it was one-hundredth. “

“That’s okay.” The fat yellow cat looked sad, and he stood up and said to him, “Then I will go now.”

“Give me a hint first, next week’s guest.” Frank asked the fat yellow cat, “wasn’t it another animal?”

“It is an animal,” Dixie said: “Hints are singing and hypnosis.”

“Singing and hypnosis?” Frank just wanted to ask and saw that Dixie had already jumped back to his place in three or two times. Leaving only one little kitten looking at him pathetically. It seems to be hungry.

When Frank took out the cat food for the kitten and thought about how to deal with this cat, the doorbell rang.

Frank stood up and opened the door to take a look. It was Chen Jian.

“She is gone?” Chen Jian said.

“Well, she has gone home.”

“I will take this kitten back first.” Chen Jian said to Frank: “Before she left, she had said that she would let me take care of her kitten. Until she will come again next time.”

“Maybe.” Frank did not have the heart to fight Chen Jian.

“Do you really like her?”

Chen Jian, who was holding the cat box, came out and answer back as he walked.

“It can be regarded like that, there is still a gap with love.”

“It is true the story of staying away from girls for rich children. I always thought that only the story of Mary Sue’s story was written on this subject.”

“You said whether I liked it or not.” Chen Jian said to Frank, “As a person who has been strictly supervised since childhood, it is not normal for a completely realistic and hypocritical girl to have a good opinion?”

“In addition, I have rarely seen such a simple girl these days.”

Although Chen Jian’s evaluation of Harley Quinn’s simple girl made Frank really want to vomit.

But really speaking, Harley Quinn could indeed be regarded as a simple girl.

It is probably equivalenting to, ‘I rob, I set fire, and I also like to use a baseball bat to knock someone’s dog’s head out, but I am a good girl.’

It is not artificial. It is purely unpretentious; it is different from the beautiful and cheap goods outside.

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