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M. I. H. G Chapter 168: Cooked Rice

Frank, after keeping company Chen Jian until the door, waited until one o’clock in the evening to send Xiao Tianzhen a happy birthday from the Penguin.

“Ah?” Xiao Tian returned innocently. “How do you know about my birthday today?”

“Well, to be honest, it’s not on the one thing that I didn’t tell you?”

Frank did not answer Xiao Tianzhen’s words, but asked, “I just want to know if my birthday wishes are the first.”

“You are the first in terms of time, congratulations.”

‘Satisfied.’ Frank returned with an emoji.

“Yes, why you haven’t slept so late?” Frank asked.

“Because I’m busy translating German material.”

“Is there anything I can help with? I am also good at German.” Frank asked.

“Is it true? Your English level is already very good, and you can also speak Russian. Now even German?”

“I can speak thirteen languages, and for each one, it’s like a native speaker. You still don’t believe it.”

“Blow it.” Because of this short special period of time, the two people’s brief conversation brought the relationship closer instantly between Xiao Tianzhen and Frank. And he was also willing to send some joking words to Frank.

“Send it to me,” Frank said: “I will help you translate it for you.”

Xiao Tianzhen really saw Frank was not joking with her, so she sent over a dozen pages of pdf files.

These pdf documents are slightly fuzzy, and it looks like they should be scanned directly from the physical book using scanning software or tools.

A lot of professional terms are involved in these contents. From the content point of view, they should be architectural knowledge.

For the ordinary sentences, Frank translates them very quickly, but when encountering professional terms, Frank has to hang VPN to the German website and directly look up the meaning and explanation of these terms in order to do a correct translation.

So, these professional terms severely took off Frank’s head hair, and it took three hours to hold something that could have been translated in an hour.

At four o’clock in the morning, Frank sent the translated document to Xiao Tianzhen, and Xiao Tianzhen returned to Frank in seconds.

“You translated it so speedily?”

“You must look at the quality first.” Frank got up saying these two words, washed his face, drank a bag of milk, and sat back in front of the computer.

At this time, in the dialog box between Frank and Xiao Tianzhen, there was only a large emoji package. The content of the expression bag is a girl who takes off her clothes and piles them up neatly beside her, then she is naked and kneels.

“Boss.” Xiao Tianzhen sent a message, “God knows how hard it was for me to find a reliable German translation recently. I didn’t expect we had a guy like you in our group.”

Frank said by typing: “Well, let’s learn a lot in our life.”

“Dear.” Xiao Tianzhen replied.” All my translations are learning materials. I only want to find professional translators to do it. The price of a thousand words is three to four times that of an English translation, and the cheapest thousand words are also more than four hundred Yuan.”

Four thousand words.

Frank thought about the number of words he had just translated. There were about 8,000 words, which means more than 3,000 Yuan.

It looks more than 1,000 Yuan an hour on average, which is much better than working for Dixie the fat yellow cat.

Of course, Frank was embarrassed to mention money at this time.

“Look at this” Xiao Tianzhen sent a message to Frank saying: “Can you help me translate some more, I still have about 30,000 words on my side to translate the content?”

“OK.” Frank agreed without hesitation.

Because he had already had experience before and knew many proper nouns how to translate them, Frank was faster than before, basically translating at the rate of 5,000 words per hour.

When the time reached nine o’clock in the morning, Frank had translated all the pdf German files and sent them to Xiao Tianzhen. So, she made a coffee and after drinking the cup of coffee she went to sleep.

“Thank you very much, thank you very much.” Xiao Tianzhen didn’t mention reward, and Frank pretended to be very enthusiastic.

The one who helped for free was a man who just not found sleep to sleep, then turned off the computer and went straight to sleep.

As soon as he fell asleep, the time passed quickly and it was four o’clock in the afternoon. At this time Frank felt his nose itchy as if something was arousing him.

“Come, kiss my husband.” Lin Xiaoxin’s voice came, and Frank’s eyes didn’t open, he opened his mouth and held out his tongue subconsciously, ready to enter the city at any time.

A bit of warmness stuck to Frank’s face, and a little tongue came in. Frank used his tongue and head to catch up with this naughty little tongue. But after catching up, he found that the tongue was a little uncomfortable, like a thorn on it.

And some warmth in the skin and obviously there was a lot of hair.

What the hell?!

Frank opened his eyes at once and then saw Lin Xiaoxin grimacing and holding Dixie the fat yellow cat, playing with his face, and Dixie also extended his tongue from time to time to lick his head.

“Lin Xiaoxin, I tell you; you are going to die!” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin, and the big man got up from the bed and flung directly towards Lin Xiaoxin.

Because the weather has been a little bit hot recently, Frank only wore one big underpants to sleep at night.

Now that he had forgotten this thing, Frank was wearing the big underpants directly caught Lin Xiaoxin and pressed her under him.

When Lin Xiaoxin was struggling, she pushed Frank away, and he was pushed backward and subconsciously she hit Frank’s flagpole which had risen early.

The scene was quiet and as soon as they looked at each other the both and blushed.

Then Frank got up and pretended to be all right, and began to get dressed, while Lin Xiaoxin pulled out of the bedroom with the big cat.

After washing his face, he has gone to the living room.

Frank found at this time that not only Lin Xiaoxin but Yao Pan were in the living room.

“Well, to not be coarse. How come you come to my house today with leisure?”

“Fortunately, I came with Yao Pan today. Otherwise, our little white sheep will be eaten.” Lin Xiaoxin said.

“Make sense?” Frank said to Yao Pan: “The situation just now should be reversed.”

“Ah!” Lin Xiaoxin couldn’t stand the content of the conversation between Yao Pan and Frank, and she shouted, “You two are enough embarrassing or not?”

“You all know it’s embarrassing, it’s amazing.” Yao Pan said looking at Lin Xiaoxin.

“Yao Pan, you still don’t want me to help you. Think. “

After hearing what Lin Xiaoxin said, Yao Pan hurriedly said to Lin Xiaoxin: “It’s all up to you, sister.”

“What’s going on?” Frank stared at the two women in fog.

“Today.” Lin Xiaoxin raised her hand and said, “we are going to have a plan for Yao Yao’s single battle!” Cried Lin Xiaoxin with two breaths on her face.

“Why, if I don’t want to be coarse, I need to borrow a wooden stick from Xiao Hei downstairs. When I find someone, I will go knocking it out with the stick and bring it back directly to cook mature rice.”

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