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M. I. H. G Chapter 169: Escape

“Seriously, things go wrong, you two don’t bother you.” Yao Pan patted the table and said, “My life-long events throughout my life will depend on you.”

Looking at Yao Pan’s seriousness, Frank was also embarrassed to continue joking, and sat down and asked: “What’s going on? Tell me if I can help, I can help if you want help.”

“That’s how it is,” said Lin Xiaoxin to Frank. “Yao pan has had a vague affair for several years with a boy who is in the same profession as her and did not win it. Isn’t that right? Because Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming? So, we plan to help Yao pan to build a relationship with this boy before Chinese Valentine’s Day.”

“you haven’t won it for several years?” Frank looked at Yao Pan and said: “Are you sure that this is the object of ambiguous, not the object of spare tires because you have been raised by a strict family.”

Yao Pan said viciously: “Who dares to care for a mother’s child?”

“So, what’s the matter? It’s been a couple of years. Even if the dog and the cat are together.”

“That one…” When Yao pan heard Frank’s question, suddenly she felt embarrassed and didn’t know how to say it.

“He is.” Lin Xiaoxin said: “her ambiguous object is a computer programmer, and you know it.”

“Is that the kind of programmer who went out for lunch during a lunch break and got married and returned to work?”

“You don’t want also to be a programmer when you were being the two together?” Yao Pan said: “It has nothing to do with programmers. He is just a little insensitive to the emotional aspect and not active enough.”

“This has nothing to do with taking the initiative.” Lin Xiaoxin said to Frank: “Do you know last time, and Yao Pan blew her hair, wiped loose powder, sprayed perfume, used bright color pens, and applied lipstick? She bought pk107, brought invisible throws, and even covered her neck with cosmetics. She was a makeup case that could breathe. She was going for winning that guy in one fell swoop. Guess what happened.”

“What’s wrong?” Frank asked.

“He took me to swim.” Yao Pan covered his face and buried his head deeply.

“Well.” Frank said: “By this way, you might as well let him be single.”

“I think it’s very good.” Lin Xiaoxin said: “at least this kind of straight looking boy can’t hook up with others casually. Because even if he does, he cannot do it. so he feels he was more comfortable at home. “

“So how are events arranged for today?” Frank asked.

“After a while, we will go finding the guy, at first the four of us will go to dinner together, and then we will go to the secret room to escape. If we can get it done, we will retreat at night and let Yao Pan and the guy goes to the dorm and fly together and explores each other deeply. The depth of each other. If it was unsure, they will go to KTV at night to see if he can fight back.

“So it seems that the focus today is on the escape from the chamber of secrets?” Frank asked.

“Of course, otherwise what are we two doing there?” Lin Xiaoxin said.

The three finalized their plans and went out together.

Although Frank wanted to drive his Wuling Hongguang Batmobile directly to the destination. Yao Pan refused to take it because she thought it would be too shameful to drive a car cost tens of thousands of Yuan.

Although she didn’t know the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, she rejected the idea to go there in what might be the most expensive car on the planet.

When the taxi arrived at the restaurant. They went in and the three sat at the table and were eating the order which they ordered, and at the moment when the boy had not yet come with the third dish.

Lin Xiaoxin looked at Yao pan worriedly and said: “You’re not going to be pigeoned today!”

Yao Pan said without any worries: “If my pigeons were released today. I would return to my hometown immediately after graduation near my mother and find a blind date and never talk about love anymore.”

Fortunately, when the third dish was served, the boy finally arrived.

“I’m sorry.” He was a tall and thin boy, and he should be about one meter eighty-two, with his arms thinner than Frank.

“There was a problem at work. I rushed over when I finished.” The boy sat hurriedly next to Yao Pan and apologized to everyone.

“It’s okay, we didn’t wait long.” Said Yao Pan, who was already angry, and when she looked at the boy. Her expression eased a lot.

“Well, that’s good.” The boy immediately expressed joy when he heard Yao Pan say this.

Well, this kind of boy with a low emotional quotient, how did Yao Pan meet it?

Frank reached out to the boy and said, “Hello, my name is Frank.”

“Lu Chao.” The boy shook hands with Frank, and then went on to explain, “the server in the computer room is broken again. In a hurry, we were almost ready to kill a colleague for a blood sacrifice. Fortunately, we had good luck today, and soon got better again.”

“So, the two most hard jobs that people often say are: one is the late stage of video production, and the other is the programmer in the computer room. It is really not fake.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Xiaoxin asked Frank without understanding.

“One is easily eaten, the other is easily bloody.”

However, all’s well that ends well. Frank found that although Lu Chao hurriedly arrived. His clothes were neatly dressed, his face had just been washed and his beard was shaved. Which seemed to attach great importance to the party.

The four of them talked while eating. Although Lu Chao and Yao Pan interacted quite a lot and were very close, the relationship always felt separated.

Some things that Yao Pan hoped were not too active, and Lu Chao also did not react, Lin Xiaoxin was impatient to hit Yao Pan’s feet.

However, the matter of eating is unimportant, the escape from the secret room was the highlight.

Escape rooms are usually full of customers, so be sure to make a reservation before you go in, and you can play directly after you arrive.

Before the escape room for four people was released, the owner had told Frank that the front crew had continued for half an hour, from where the room staff had not yet cleaned up ‘at that time, so Frank asked them to wait.

After playing table games in the hall for a while, the boss informed them that they could enter.

The escape from the secret room they played was called the Book of Darkness, and the difficulty was not too much difficult, a total of five levels.

Of course, before the three of them came here, they had already checked the strategy. Now they are here to play the game. Only Lu Chao was there to solve the puzzle seriously. The three of them rowed the whole way. Only when it is critical, they can prompt the riddles that Lu Chao can’t solve.

Quickly arrived in the third room. The four found the key and opened a cabinet. There was a white Cupid statue with a card under the statue.

Lu Chao picked up the card, looked at the words on the card and read: “the key props leading to the next room are in the statue. And the four people who want to get through the statue and pass the customs must kiss each other for ten seconds.”

After Lu Chao read, he turned to look at the three people standing before him.

The three looked at him with bright eyes.

They have been planning this for a long time. After doing all this. You are here at last. It depends on your reaction, brother!

Lu Chao held the note and thought about it for a moment. He first turned his eyes to Yao Pan who was waiting nervously, then he blinked his eyes, He slipped his eyes to Frank and took out a piece of toilet paper from his pocket.

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