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M. I. H. G Chapter 170: Just have bad luck

When Frank saw Lu Chao take out a piece of toilet paper from his pocket, he had a premonition that something was wrong.

Why this man, was wanting to take a piece of toilet paper and pad it, then what was happen with him?


Frank preferred to kiss his cat than living such a scene in his life.

So he immediately turned around and hugged Lin Xiaoxin before Lu Chao spoke, and then take a small kiss at her. And then he went.

Lu Chao hesitated to speak and saw that Frank had gone to Lin Xiaoxin.

Now, only he and Yao Pan are left.

“Well, can we?” Lu Chao asked Yao Pan while looking at her.

“You say so.” Yao Pan snorted a heavy breath from her nose and said to Lu Chao.

“On the paper, it should be all right.” Lu Chao said and took out a piece of paper, and then said to Yao Pan: “one step by one, it’s safe.”

“No, I don’t feel well and don’t play.” Yao Pan had turned and knocked on the door from where they had come in, the door of the secret room.

“Boss open the door. I don’t play anymore!”

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin heard Yao Pan’s shout and hurriedly separated. At this time, the boss had opened the door.

“Well, if you leave in advance, there will be no refund.” The boss said while watching them the four.

“No.” Yao Pan pushed the boss a bit and then left.

“Well, Yao Pan wait for me.” Lin Xiaoxin saw Yao Pan come out and quickly ran after her to catch her.

Frank patted Lu Chao’s shoulder and said: “Man, aren’t you gone a bit too much like this?”

“No, what’s wrong?” Lu Chao was holding his toilet paper in his hands wiping his face blanked. He was at a loss.

Frank had looked at this man with a headache. This guy still looked really low in emotional intelligence. He still hadn’t figured out what happened.

Frank took a landing beyond the escape room of the secret room, and then called Lin Xiaoxin outside: “Let’s find Yao Pan first and then talk.”

Lin Xiaoxin said: “You sit for a while first. I’ll persuade Yao Pan to come back as soon.”

Frank knew that it was necessary for Yao Pan to recover her mood for a while. So, Frank walked with Lu Chao to a bench on the street and motioned for Lu Chao to sit down.

“Do you know Yao Pan likes you?” Frank asked directly.

“I know.” Lu Chao’s answer was beyond Frank’s surprise. He originally thought this guy didn’t know Yao Pan liked him.

“Then you just now?” Frank looked at Lu Chao and asked: “Do you have no feeling about Yao pan, and you just want to be friends with her?”

“No.” Lu Chao had thought for a moment and said to Frank: “I’m afraid.”


“Um.” Lu Chao said to Frank: “I’ll tell you my love history.”

“My first love was when I graduated from high school. Because everyone graduated at that time, so I confessed to a girl in the same class which I had a good relationship before.”

“And then.”

“Then I spent a week, and I have been very active. But one week later, the girl called me and said that she would still be a friend. She was not very suitable for the current relationship.”

“It’s normal,” Frank said: “Most of the love at the time of high school graduation was like this, and they would break up in a short time.”

“Yeah, I thought it was the first time that everyone had been in love, so they had no experience, which caused such a consequence.” Lu Chao continued: “When I was a freshman, a schoolgirl took care of me, and the two of us are getting closer and closer, and finally we are together.”

“But one week later, this schoolgirl also called me and said that the two of us are not suitable. Let’s break up.”


Frank had no idea how to comfort this unfortunate buddy.

“Did you have any quirks?” Frank looked at Lu Chao and asked, thinking whether this buddy has any quirks unacceptable to others.

“No,” Lu Chao said: “I feel like an ordinary person.”

“What about your size?” Frank was a little embarrassed to ask another man such a private question. But now he cannot find the reason. He asked Lu Chao cheekily after all.

“Um, you mean the function in that area.” Lu Chao said to Frank: “I went to the hospital to check, no problem, no worse than others.”

“I just doubt myself now, am I cursed and cannot fall in love.” Lu Chao said to Frank: “I’m really scared, you don’t know. Before I met Yao Pan, I had had a relationship with a girl student, this time is not a week, but two weeks.”

“We talked for two weeks, and we were suitable when she sent a message.”

“Have you thought about it?” Frank said on the shoulder of Lu Chao: “You just have bad luck.”

“Luck?” Lu Chao asked, looking at Frank in puzzlement.

“Think about it. In this world, there are people who have been struck by love thunder several times on the road. And it’s strange to meet three people who just want to try to feel how they are loved.”

“You just have three bad luck encounters in a row, it doesn’t mean that Yao Pan is the fourth person. Sometimes, luck really comes. You can’t wince, but you really regret your life.”

“Then, if it will be the same as before.” Lu Chao said.

“At least she can be a friend now, maybe she won’t even be able to do it in the future.”

“If it still breaks up for a week as before, then there is no big deal. Just talk to him.” Frank said to Lu Chao: “It’s hard to find a suitable thing, such as feelings. The injury is very difficult. It’s normal,”

“But this is up to you.” Frank said to Lu Chao: “Love or not, it’s all about life. It’s the most important thing to be happy. If you feel happy now, you have a mobile phone and a computer, and you don’t need a girlfriend. You don’t have to wait for them, just go to the internet cafe and play games. If you feel unhappy now. Try love, you can also break up, right?”

“But what if I can’t adapt and want to propose to break up.”

“It’s salad.” Frank said to Lu Chao: “It’s just feelings. It’s impossible to say who owns it. Everyone is looking for the right one.”

“If you have an object, you have to worry about what the other person is doing every day. What you need to prepare for the holiday, and you have to think about the other person if you want a good thing. And there is only one problem without an object, which is what you itch every day.

“Don’t think about saving your feelings and avoid hurting each other, at least you can be friends and the like.” Frank said to Lu Chao, “You consider yourself; you can find the other half first.”

After finishing talking, Frank stood up, waiting for the final decision of the landing super. Just then, Lin Xiaoxin called. “So, you are with Lu Chao?”

“He’s next to me,” Frank said.

“I’m at the cafe. Yao Pan decided to the showdown to Lu Chao. You will tell to Lu Chao to come. Then the two of us will retreat, and the rest was not about us.”

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