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M. I. H. G Chapter 171: Jigglypuff

Early the next morning, Frank opened his eyes and saw Lin Xiaoxin sitting on his bed and singing a few blind words.

‘Zebra, zebra, you’re amazing, the Five Elements Mountains can’t hold you back, and a Sunwalker pops out.’

‘Wash, wash, take a shower, the baby’s golden water is indispensable, salute and shake hands, we are all good friends.’

‘Little snail, blow a few blind, the seagull heard a few blind flies.’

Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin and said: “Can you sing well?”

“Why didn’t I sing well?” Lin Xiaoxin said to Frank: “That’s right, will you sing little stars to me?”

“No, I’m not your father again.”

“Then I sing it to you.” Lin Xiaoxin sang loudly as she said: “The river is flowing eastward, and the stars in the sky are participating in the Big Dipper… You are not a small star, and you are one Big Dipper.”

Frank patted Lin Xiaoxin’s fart. He beckons her to stand up: “I’m going to get up, and I’ll put my clothes first.”

Frank got dressed, and Lin Xiaoxin made a bowl of simple fried rice in the kitchen. As he ate, Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin and asked: “Last night did Lu Chao and Yao Pan end up well.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank and said: “Why do you ask this for? It is not necessary to know the end of this kind of thing. Also, everyone has his own way of life, and it doesn’t matter if they succeed.”

Frank took a bite of fried rice and asked Lin Xiaoxin: “What will I do next week when you take the exam?”

“Will I allow you to find a little girl for you for a few days?”

“So generous?”

“Of course, I already bought the coffin anyway, and it’s good to let you relax in it at the end.”

Frank quickly promised: “Um, I will stay at home obediently.”

“I’ll be leaving in a while and review in a hurry. Next week’s exam is very important.”

When Lin Xiaoxin was gone, Frank originally wanted to translate the rest of the Russian drama, but Frank’s roommates called on his cell phone. When he took out his mobile phone and opened it for a bit look. He found his roommates were discussing the matter of hanging out.

“Brothers, we will officially leave school next week. Are we going to have a good getaway next week?”

“Where we will make some getaway?”

“I have inquired about a good place. There will be a game show in Jingling City on Tuesday. Don’t you get excited about the new works from Dachang that are officially on sale and soft and cute top girls, aren’t you excited?”

“I am very excited but I have no money.” Tang Rui answered very simply: “I have to save some money to go home.”

“Me too,” said Zhu Longlong: “The hotel in Jingling City is very expensive, and I will open a house when I go back.”

“You have only to pay for the toll,” Sao Wen said: “I rented an RV. the four of us will drive directly to Jingling.”

“What then?” Asked Tang Rui: “I know that there are only one hundred and thirty-nine Yuan for the toll, but three or four hundred for a night’s stay. We cannot sleep four people in the car!”

“I contacted people over there,” Sao Wen said: “A friend was willing to lend his house to me for a few days. Two bedrooms, four boys are absolutely enough.”

“It is almost the same.” Tang Rui thought for a while and agreed. Zhu Longlong agreed.

Frank asked: “We go for a few days.”

Sao Wen said: “Three days.”

Frank thought about it. If he guessed that the order of the guests arrived was good, then the next guest should be an animal.

Then it should be fine to bring it to the game show. Normal animals cannot be brought in of course. But he could give it a Cos Make up, and he could bring it in as part of his own Cos.

The premise was not a large predator like a tiger.

Frank’s roommates confirmed Tuesday’s schedule, and Frank began to wait for his guest. If it was really a tiger or a lion, it could only be an appointment.

At more than five in the afternoon, the door rang. When Frank opened the door, he found a huge cat box on the concrete floor outside his door.

Is it a cat?!!

Because the cat box is completely closed, only the air outlet and air inlet were left, so Frank didn’t know what cat was inside. It seems that the blue fat man was impossible, but things like Garfield and Kitty were still possible.

Picking up the cat box, Frank walked into the living room without rushing to open it. There was a card next to the cat box, and Frank picked up the card and read the content above.

Name: Jigglypuff.

Gender: No gender.

Originally a round pink spherical Pokemon with small cat ears and large eyes, it is a white lion cat due to certain impossibility of harmonious ability and scientific correction.

Special note: Don’t let it sing.

Well, it seemed that Frank needed to take care of big trouble this time. Frank looked at the cat box with anxiety.

Jigglypuff, a Pokemon series character, belongs to one of the super cute Pokémon. But with the long germination, Jigglypuff’s temper was not very good, easy to get angry and easy to have jealousy.

Of course, the most important thing was that every Pokémon had a kind of ability, and Jigglypuff’s ability was very simple, that is, it can sing a hypnotic song that enables any creature to sleep. Moreover, this guy didn’t know he had this ability yet.

On several occasions, Jigglypuff sang to half and found that all the people around were asleep. He thought they didn’t like his sing on their own self and got angry. And when he was angry, he would use a marker to draw all kinds of graffiti on everyone’s faces. Overall, this is a little guy with five stars and five stars in trouble.

Frank opened the cat box, and a white, tumbling cat immediately jumped out of the cat box. Although the original image of Jigglypuff has become a white lion cat, it is still beautiful and amazing.

Anyway, based on Frank’s experience of raising cats on the Internet for many years, he hasn’t seen such a beautiful cat. As for the reason for the rolling.

Frank looked at Jigglypuff then took out a box of big cat food, poured it on a plate, and gave it to Jigglypuff.

When Jigglypuff saw the food, he immediately saw that it was not so round. And his body became thinner instantly, but he was still very fat.

Even if this little Pokemon has become a cat, he would be full of anger when he became angry.

Looking at Jigglypuff who was eating cat food, Frank began to consider carefully whether he should go to the game show.

Jigglypuff’s desire was to become a singer, so when he sees something like a booth, he jumps up and sings. Um, if at the game show, this guy can hypnotize the whole show. The picture is too beautiful, and Frank couldn’t imagine it. Probably listed as the largest supernatural phenomenon of this century.

Frank looked at Jigglypuff who was eating cat food. Jigglypuff also looked up at Frank and looked at Frank with his royal blue eyes.

“Would you drink water?” Frank asked, looking at Jigglypuff and Jigglypuff nodded decisively after hearing Frank’s words.

Although it looks like a cat, it still has the same level of intelligence as a Pokemon.

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