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M. I. H. G Chapter 172: Xiao Hei the singer.

It’s easy to do a discussion with good intelligence. Some things can be discussed. For that reason, Frank sat flat opposite Jigglypuff and said to him: “Jigglypuff, let’s discuss something good.”

After hearing Frank’s words, Jigglypuff opened his eyes and looked at him in doubt. Although he didn’t know what Frank wanted to say, he was ready to blow up his hair at any time.

“Well, we are going to travel outside soon. I will prepare all kinds of delicious food for you. I have only one requirement which is; Can you stop singing?”

Jigglypuff shook his head decisively. He is a fat cat, right. He is destined to be a big singer; how can Frank deprive him of singing freedom.

“Now I can find you a place to sing, enough to sing. Once on the road, you cannot sing. And when we come back, you can continue to sing.”

Frank said that and took out a bag of high-grade cat food, dangling it in front of Jigglypuff’s eyes. So, Jigglypuff shook his body a little pale, then nodded hesitantly.


It looks like there was no problem. Frank picked up Jigglypuff and gave a swipe to it, and then Jigglypuff twisted and ran out of Frank’s arms without giving Frank a second chance at all.

So proud. Frank watched Jigglypuff jumping on the coffee table and waiting for him to keep his promise. So, he called out to Xiao Hei: “Xiao Hei, do you know where there is such a soundproof practice room nearby?”

“Why, some friends want to use it?” Xiao Hei asked.

“No, I use it myself, I’ve been hooked on singing recently.”

“Poof, you are funny. You have to learn to sing in your broken Gong voice.” Xiao Hei sneered at Frank and then said: “Come to my house directly. I have recently set up a much higher song training room at home.”

‘Did Xiao Hei have a singing room at home?’ Frank thought about it. ‘There were three houses in total. One was for the dwelling, and the other was a storage room, and the third was for movies and games. But since Xiao Hei said it, let’s go and see.’

Frank brought the box of cats and let Jigglypuff bore into it. This little guy was arrogant. He came downstairs carrying the cat box. The little Xiao Hei had already opened the door at this time. Frank went in and went through two houses to find Xiao Hei, who was playing a game.

“Well, have another cat?” Xiao Hei looked at Jigglypuff.

“Foster… foster.” Frank carried the cat box the lid was not closed. So, Xiao Hei could see Jigglypuff inside it.

“What a beautiful lion cat.” Xiao Hei glanced at Jigglypuff all in saying: “Why did you bring the cat with you as you want to sing?”

“This little cat is afraid of life. When he first came to me, I was afraid he would be alone.”

“If the cat is afraid of something, he won’t bite the furniture. At most if he is angry, he gives you a slap on your face.”

“You look very experienced.” Frank teased Xiao Hei.

“I’m an expert in raising cats in the cloud.” Xiao Hei reached out and tried to tease Jigglypuff, but Jigglypuff looked at Xiao Hei’s fingers, like looking at a mass of air again. He didn’t respond at all and ignored it.

Xiao Hei saw the performance of Jigglypuff and he was embarrassed and retracted his finger.

Frank looked at Xiao Hei and asked: “By the way, where is the practice room? You would not say you bought the kind of jukebox from the mall and put it at home?”

“How can I use something like that?” Xiao Hei said to Frank with a ring finger: “Come with me.”

Frank carried the cat box and followed Xiao Hei, passed through the place that was supposed to be a bathroom and came to a new three-bedroom, one-story house of more than 140 square meters. At this time, the house was completely transformed into another house. Professional practice room, but also with the meaning of a recording studio.

Half of the house was a soundproof room for practicing songs, all surrounded by transparent glass-like sound-proof materials. The other half was a bunch of professional recording equipment.

“When did you do this?” Frank asked Xiao Hei.

“Last month, the owners moved to other cities. So, I bought this house and changed it to a practice room. “

“What are you doing with this?” Frank looked at Xiao Hei and asked: “Even if you have a pain in your spare egg, you won’t just buy a house and play around.”

After Frank pointed out that the wall was open, “You changed it, didn’t you smash the load-bearing wall? I don’t want to bury the ruins with you. I still have great youth.”

“You can rest assured; can I have no brain in my head?” Xiao Hei explained, “the designers I have consulted have examined the architectural drawings, and the load-bearing wall was not smashed.”

“Well,” Frank looked at the super-luxury indoor singing room in front of him and said: “I can see you bought the whole building in my lifetime.”

“If you live long enough, you will find the earth was mine at that time.” Xiao Hei said, touching his chin: “then I got a Loli control detention center at that time. People like you are all locked in, and then let you see day after day how your little Loli became a mother and grandma. “

“Poof, Loli eats your rice. It’s so hateful.”

Frank said to Xiao Hei: “Hurry to get out now. I’m going to sing.”

“Don’t, together, there is no reason for guests to send out their hosts.” Xiao Hei said to Frank: “I made the singing room here to practice my singing voice so that I can become a big singer as soon as possible.”

Frank patted Xiao Hei’s shoulder and said: “Brother, wake up, the sun is rising from the east today.”

“Anyone with a dream is great.” At that time, Xiao Hei took out his mobile phone and said to Frank: “Do you know why I want to get this song training room?”


“Look!” Xiao Hei took open his mobile phone, and then opened a singing software produced by Goose Factory to show it to Frank.

The page of the software is Xiao Hei’s personal account, which shows that Xiao Hei’s account has more than 100,000 fans. In addition, every song released by Xiao Hei has a broadcast volume of 230000 and hundreds of thousands of flowers.

Frank looked at Xiao Hei in shock, but he didn’t really think that this guy was an internet star?!

“How’s it?” Xiao Hei said proudly.

“Can I listen to your level?” Frank opened a song that Xiao Hei sang. Then he found the special Xiao Hei’s song was not a song at all!

Have you ever seen anyone who sings the words into a poem and recite them? Xiao Hei simply recited all the lyrics with both voice and emotion under the accompaniment of music, and the voice was still a few awful.

Isn’t this the way people who can’t sing are forced to go to KTV to sing?

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